Which singer introduced The Snowman animation on TV? The Weekend quiz

From North Korea to nock, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

1 What was planned at the Christmas court at Gloucester in 1085?
2 Homo stupidus was a proposed name for which hominid?
3 North Korea called which comedy film a “blatant act of terrorism”?
4 Which carol is about almsgiving on 26 December?
5 THC is the main psychoactive constituent of what?
6 Where would you find a merrythought?
7 Rediscovered in Surrey this year, what creature is the great fox?
8 Which singer introduced The Snowman animation on TV?
What links:
The Greek; angelic friar; little dyer; little barrel?
10 Joan of Leeds; Arkady Babchenko; John Darwin; John Stonehouse?
11 Erithacus rubecula and Dick Grayson?
12 Head; shaft; fletching; nock?
13 Teresa Palmer; Elizabeth Montgomery; Melissa Joan Hart; Alyson Hannigan?
14 Wave; Buzz; Meerkat; Yik Yak; Vine?
15 Rome; Corinth; Ephesus; Philippi; Thessalonica?

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