New Year Party Tips


How to Throw A Great End of Year Party for Your Employees in Four Simple Steps

It’s been quite a challenging year, with the COVID-19 pandemic changing working methods all over the world. Research by Bain and Company shows that employees who are inspired or engaged are 125% more productive than the average satisfied employee! Your employees certainly deserve to end the year in style. Are you wondering how to throw a memorable end of year party for them? Here are a few steps to consider.

  • First things first

One main aim of your end of year party is to get as many of your employees as possible to attend. Therefore, you need to set a date that will be convenient for at least the majority of the employees, if not all. Exploring options such as forming a party committee with different employees on board is a great way to get staff input. You should also determine which venue will work best so you can prepare or book ahead of time. Especially in this time of the coronavirus, you can consider a virtual hangout instead, which could still be fun. Don’t forget to start sending out invites to your employees early enough to help generate some excitement towards the day.

  • Consider a theme

Having a theme will help you plan better towards things like the menu, dress code, music, décor, and your program outline for the day. There are so many exciting themes to choose from for the Christmas season, including Secret Santa, Gingerbread House, just to name a few. Whatever theme you choose, make sure it’s within your budget and is a theme everyone can easily relate to.

  • Prepare a variety of activities

An end of year party is one of the best ways to get your employees to interact with one another. You, therefore, need to develop activities that will keep them engaged throughout the event. What kind of entertainment are you considering? Are there going to be games, icebreakers and contests? A few ideas include movie night, Christmas karaoke, charades, and treasure hunt. All these play a role in how fun or memorable the party will be. 

  • Show appreciation

A study by Achievers revealed that 44% of employees switch jobs due to a lack of appreciation in the workplace. That is certainly a statistic you need to avoid. An end of year party is the perfect time to recognize employees who have especially put in extra effort throughout the year or achieved milestones. You can also consider giving souvenirs or simple gifts such as motivational frames, so no one feels left out. 

Hopefully, with these tips, not only will your year end on a high note, but you’ll also have the opportunity to get to know your employees better and make them feel appreciated. Don’t forget to observe safety protocols and have a contingency plan in case of any emergency. To help you do this, visit this website for some safety equipment such as first aid equipment and sanitizers.

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