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In 2020, COVID highlighted the fragility & interconnectedness of our global ecosystems, illustrating how actions in one place can have ripple effects all around the world. In the same light, it has also shown how if we work together we can rapidly develop groundbreaking solutions. 2020 gave us a unique opportunity to highlight the importance of keeping this global spirit and developing the tools, technologies, and processes to drive true change for the long term. Brinc’s belief that business and entrepreneurship is the only thing that can change the world has never been stronger.

That is why the Brinc Accelerator Programs are tailored to provide you with the necessary support, curriculum, and mentorship to help you succeed. Brinc boasts a proven track record with over 130 companies receiving investment capital, originating from more than 35 countries.

The venture capital & accelerator invests in game-changing innovation that fundamentally changes the way we move, what we eat, how we feel, and where we live for the better. With 10 accelerator programs across multiple verticals, Brinc is seeking the innovations of tomorrow, today.

Brinc is looking for startups from all over the world that are currently in the Pre-Seed to Series-A funding stages.

What’s In It For You

The 3-month intensive, remote accelerator program helps cultivate your startup into the best possible shape. Each cohort culminates in a Demo Day where the startups present their refined pitches to the local startup ecosystem. By participating, you access:

  • Mentorship: Brinc helps you get the early stages of your business done right
  • Network: Brinc connects you with its global network of investors & partners
  • Curriculum: The program curriculum is customized to your needs
  • Perks: Brinc’s partners offer their tools & services for you at discounted rates
  • Continuous Support: Brinc supports you throughout your startup journey, even after the program is complete

Moreover, Brinc also offers you the chance to receive investment capital to launch or scale your startup, boasting an average follow-on investment of US$ 1.1 million. Brinc’s total portfolio value currently exceeds US$ 400 million.

Empowering Game Changers by Investing in the Technologies of Tomorrow

Brinc has published key criteria that all future investments must commit to in order to receive investment and support. This is part of their drive to only back businesses that showcase a commitment to building better alternatives and understand the importance of climate action in their business decisions. Choosing a plant-based diet over animal-based diets, choosing climate-conscious brands, and reducing unnecessary energy usage are just a few examples of their criteria, which spans sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

Brinc’s investment goals will be driven predominantly through their accelerator programs. Brinc currently runs 11 global programs that invest in approximately 100 – 150 companies per year. They plan to scale this to 20+ programs over the next few years with similar investment volumes, enabling its ability to drive impact in over 1,000 investments over the next five years. Current programs include:

  • Alternative Protein
  • CleanTech
  • Food Technology
  • Food Waste
  • Logistics
  • MedTech
  • New Materials
  • Hardware & Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Mobility
  • Property Technology

Investment Round-Up

In 2020, Brinc had 26 teams raise follow on rounds with the average follow on growing to 1.1M USD (up from 800k in previous years). The portfolio also got a lot more global, as Brinc was able to source & work with teams from all around the world with the accelerator programs going online last year, now with founders from over 35 countries.

Overall, in 2020, Brinc accelerated and provided support to 84 startups through its programs, invested in 40 startups, and secured management of a new portfolio of over 50 AI companies. This pushed Brinc’s total investment portfolio to 149, from 109 at the end of 2019.

For the coming years, Brinc has big plans: The world is facing unprecedented problems and Brinc believes that by investing in the people willing to invest their lives to do truly great work, they can provide world-class returns to investors and fix major global issues at the same time. That is why Brinc has made plans to invest in 1.000+ climate-conscious startups in the next 5 years.

For more information on the companies that Brinc invests in you can check out their website or discover selected solutions below.

To join Brinc’s Accelerator Programs yourself, apply by 15 February!

Selected Brinc Investments

Australia Program:

  • Space Industries (Australia) — Space Industries is developing mining technologies to produce Helium 3 for use on Earth along with other elements to sustain life on other planets including the Moon.
  • Wildfire Energy (Australia) — Wildfire Energy’s solution is called MIHG, a simple process that converts waste into electricity and hydrogen, with negative carbon emissions. Wildfire Energy has developed modular plants that can be rapidly deployed and used to convert waste into renewable energy products at a very low cost. This makes Wildfire Energy’s solutions ideally suited for improving waste management in outer urban, regional, and remote communities, where landfill is currently the only option.

Hong Kong Programs:

  • Laava Tech (USA) — Laava Tech develops and manufactures smart LED lighting solutions for a variety of industries including vertical and hydroponics farms and insect protein operations. Their proprietary combination of hardware and software optimizes the light output of LED grow lights to give each plant optimal growing conditions. Their technology helps indoor farmers decrease lighting energy consumption by up to 90% compared to existing systems as well as increase yield by up to 20%.
  • Z Imaging (USA) — Z Imaging develops surgical navigation and robotic tools for emergency neurosurgery. Their platform Zeta provides surgeons with an unparalleled ability to easily operate on patients with complex pathologies such as stroke and hydrocephalus. The company was born at and is partnered with Harvard University/Brigham and Women’s Hospital and has been backed by investors such as Y Combinator and Plug and Play.

India Program:

  • Arcapsis (India) — Arcapsis is an IoT and Cloud-based Health Care System Designing Company with the capability of combining the electronics, mechanical, and software aspects of healthcare products. Arcapsis aspires to create technologies that can be used to ease living for millions of people. It enhances Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, along with Advanced Sensor Technologies and Seamless Connectivity.
  • Bagmo (India) — Bagmo Pvt Ltd is a Kochi-based startup solving healthcare needs using engineering innovations and operation management techniques. They have an innovative patent-pending technology for the blood supply chain to eradicate the non-availability of blood in rural parts of India. Bagmo Pvt Ltd is a spin-off company of BIRAC’s (Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India) Innovation Immersion program on maternal and child health.

MENA Program:

  • Xeleqt (The Philippines) — Xeleqt is the first IoT-powered platform that helps and allows business owners to dynamically manage, mobilize, and match their assets and resources with every customer-demand through safety protocols and embedded interaction-policies.
  • Iris (Tunisia) — IRIS is building the future of precision beekeeping. The smartbee device is hardware fully equipped with sensing capabilities, specially designed to meet beekeepers’ needs: efficiency, security, and better profitability that comes through sustainability.

China Programs:

  • Hao Food (China) — Haofood is developing plant-based chicken to help foodies in reducing meat consumption without losing pleasure from comfort food. Through their proprietary technology and formulation, Hao Food is the pioneer in using peanut protein as key ingredients for a great product texture and laser focus of designing products as popular fried chicken.
  • CellX (China) — CellX is a biotechnology company specializing in cell culture meat. CellX hopes to use tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting technology to skip animals as carriers, and to sustainably produce cell culture meat in vitro, thereby promoting food health, protecting the ecological environment, and improving animal welfare.

Managed Programs:

  • Freehub (China) — Freehub is an e-commerce trading platform for flexible employment skills services. The platform provides standardized skills services such as agency operations, KOC/KOL, customer service translation, copywriting design, financial law, etc. for enterprises in the consumer, e-commerce, and live broadcast industries.
  • Orange Technology (China) — Orange Technology has created the Orange series toothbrush is the world’s first oral hands-free electric toothbrush. It is also a toothbrush with any combination of soft and hard bristles that can freely match the color of the bristles. Orange Technology has more than ten invention patents, appearance patents, and utility model patents. In terms of manufacturing, the copper-free hot-melt tufting line equipment is also the world’s first, with innovative technology leading the domestic and foreign industries for at least 12 months.

Poland Program:

  • Dynamic Air Cooling (Poland) — Dynamic Air Cooling’s (DAC) technology is a new ecological way to generate cold for industrial or residential air cooling and refrigeration. Technology created by DAC allows to decrease the temperature by 60°C but at the same time has no impact on the environment — it uses no synthetic coolants and has neither thermal nor CO2 emissions. DAC’s technology is an effective and economical solution — it’s up to 50% cheaper compared to traditional A/C or refrigeration technology.
  • CityCharger (Poland) — CityCharger’s vision is to help accelerate the transition and adoption of electric vehicles by providing components for accessible, reliable, scalable, and affordable EV charging infrastructure elements along with open and flexible e-commerce (B2B, B2C, C2C) software platform called CityCharger.

Head over to Brinc’s website to check out all investments.



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