Improve Your Sales This Year by Following These 3 Guidelines

If you made any New Year’s resolutions this year, how many have you already broken? Resolutions are often made but then quickly forgotten. What if you resolved this year to focus on one important thing: to improve your sales? Here are some helpful sales guidelines you can follow to get better sales results.

Sales guideline #1: Focus on the process, not the results

A resolution often focuses on the end result, but that’s not empowering. Instead of focusing on results (sales numbers) focus on the sales process. You need to think like a quality engineer who sets guidelines that improve processes.

In sales you could create guidelines for the types of prospects you will call on: “I will only call on prospects who match 80% of my ideal customer description.” Of course, that means you first need to have a prospect description that clearly defines who your ideal prospects are. (Write one now if you don’t have one.)

Once you’ve done that, set guidelines to use while you prospect. They could be getting digital materials organized by type of customer or making a list of questions to ask during a sales call. Come up with guidelines that are focused on the process instead of the final result.

Sales guideline #2: Assume a neutral attitude when you hear a problem

For some of you, it becomes “red alert” when a customer calls with an issue. Your heart starts beating faster and you assume the absolute worst. In contrast, some of you are always calm in the face of a challenge. For those who are cruising for a heart attack, you need a guideline for dealing with the unexpected.

One good guideline to improve your sales is to always assume a neutral attitude at the start of a challenging meeting or phone call. Tell yourself it’s not going to be a wonderful situation, nor will it be a disaster. This guideline will serve you well and can help your selling.

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When you have a neutral attitude, you will respond calmly when a customer calls with a problem: “Please tell me more and I’ll take notes while you speak.” A calm response can pacify someone who is in an emotional state and de-escalate a potentially troubling situation. Another benefit of a neutral attitude and keeping the conversation calm is you avoid wasting energy.

But what if the conversation does escalate? At least you started from a calm place and have further to go before getting agitated. That will serve your health better, too.

Sales guideline #3: Do something each week that brings you joy

All too often, sales professionals who work hard tend to put their customers first. These salespeople will also put everyone else before themselves, too. This must change. It’s important for you to receive some joy in your life on a regular basis.

Imagine how you would feel if you ate a steady diet of junk food every day. You wouldn’t feel all that great. If you don’t nourish your spirit with some joy on a regular basis, you won’t feel so great either.

Start with something that makes you happy. Your guideline can be: “I will do what makes me happy at least one time each week.” Schedule an activity if you think you won’t follow through. It’s important that you take care of yourself this year.

Improve your sales by setting sales guidelines

Forget about setting sales resolutions this year. Instead, set sales guidelines that will actually guide you to make more sales.

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