A Letter to My President and Madame Vice President of The United States

Hope this letter finds you both doing well!

If I were to put into words what January 20th meant to me this would be a memoir of my life. At the point in history for me which came in November, was the day that I saw my vision for a better America become realized! It was on that momentous day that what seemed to be an impossible occurrence was highly probable!

If I were to echo the words of Amanda Gorman, “Unity is the Path forward”, it is Unity that has always been the path forward. I have lived long enough to know that division is a threat to humanity.  I have experienced a few occasions where I, as a woman of color, had to defend me for being me, who God has created and will never change.  

I found myself standing for what I believe in with times of tiredness.  With a question that I often asked myself, “is their something wrong with me?”, the answer each and every time was NO! It’s not who you are it’s who they are. And because I am I have a moral compass, principles, standards that I do not deviate from, like you as My leader in these United States, that sets a tone for how it should be.  Reverence for one another with a mutually collaborative humanity.

A Vision of Hope and Unity

You were my hope, Mr. Biden, you were all of our hopes and when I first listened to who you are in 2019 on an Oprah SuperSoul Conversation podcast, and agin in 2020, and when you decided to run, I saw hope, change, and unity! I believed in you then and you have not disappointed!  I am firstly proud to be an American now, I am proud to feel the way I need to feel and express myself in a healthy healing manner that is authentic to me, and I am proud to call you My President, and yes, Madame Vice President Kamala Harris, with no hesitation and an unwavering confidence! I trust you both!

The image that you see here attached (part of my merchandise designs) to this post is my vision on how I saw you both in an America United where we live in a mutually inclusive world where all people are created equally.  That’s the way it should be.

  • P.S. I was glad to be a part of your Transition Team, I write and speak a lot about the need for people to transform to become part of a healthy society and transition is key. It was time and I am so happy to witness and be a part of history and humanity, finally!

I love you all and nothing but best wishes on your journey ahead, I will be following you all and taking part in something I had something to do with and as a culmination of what a healthy and non judgemental society with two amazing leaders at the helm, with incredible partners and children by your side, leading and shaping America as it should be!  

Godspeed!! Nothing but love for you all!