Wealth Building-How to make money with Listicle Blogging

A listicle is a blog post or article found on the web which is outlined in a bullet point or numbered fashion. Listicles have become the current rave and now we have entire websites and blogs made just out of them. Though listicles have been around for a long time, they have only regained mass appeal in recent time. They serve a purpose to engage readers and provide information in a quick approach. The term “listicle blogging” is dedicated to entire blogs made solely of information presented in a list format.

Studies have shown that when people search for information (like you are doing reading this guide), they prefer such information presented in a quick step format such as a list. It is believed that this format allows for easy perusal and digestion of the information.

How is Money Made?

Like normal blogging, you can make passive income from advertising, affiliate marketing, and most of all, selling a product or service.

The major selling point of a listicle blog is the catchy nature of it. For instance; you must have seen articles titled in this fashion:

15 Top Reasons to Visit Brazil

7 Mistakes Most Bloggers Make.

5 Reasons to engage in listicle blogging

What emotions does it elicit? Curiosity. You want to find out what the writer has in store. It also tells you what to expect; if there are seven mistakes bloggers are making, then you know when the list of mistakes are going to end; you can estimate how much time it’ll take you to get through the article, and how much information you’ll have to process. It is curiosity that brings in the readers and has made listicle blogging one of the fastest growing blogging niches.

Getting Started

Like with regular blogging, finding your passion and niche are the keys to success. You want to start off with something you are quite comfortable with and can continue to update regularly.

There are major things to note when embarking on a listicle journey. The right approach is necessary to achieve maximum value and retain readers.

A listicle blog is set up like a normal blog; all steps to set up a blog as covered earlier in our write-up on blogging should be applied here to listicle blogging. The only difference would be in the blog posts; this would be in listicle formats. For instance, 10 Steps to Wash Whites and Get That Sparkling Shine!

After setting up your blog, it is important that you follow these steps to help get off to a smooth start. These steps may not cover all that is required but it will serve as inertia to helping you find that desired freedom in 2021.

It is worthy of note again that listicle blogging is profitable because of its unique potential to incite curiosity, but it can be made more profitable if approached with a sound business mindset. Like other businesses covered, always look for other ways to diversify inflow of income. That way your freedom in 2021 is guaranteed!

Creating Your Listicle

In quick steps, we shall be examining 7 rules to follow when setting up a listicle blog.

  1. Find your niche. It is desirable to know your niche and passion. It will allow you to constantly provide updates and help you keep readers as you gradually become an authority in your chosen niche.
  2. Pick your topics carefully. Ensure you have adequate information and resources on whatever topic you chose to write on. It is advisable you think broadly about the information you want to put out as you need to make your post clear and concise. Be sure to pick unique and interesting topics or elements, a topic that your readers may not know about, or are interesting in knowing more about. Bring new insights to your post and make your readers look out for your next post.
  3. When you have picked your topic and have found adequate information, it is suggested that you don’t build fences. I understand that you may have set out to write about 10 great ideas, but if on gathering your resources you find out that you can now write convincingly about 30 great ideas, please go with the flow. The more the merrier. Studies conducted by industry leader Moz on what type of content is able to generate links back and social shares revealed that long form content (articles longer than 1000 words) received more shares and links than shorter-form content. This is especially true when the larger content was more detailed and easy to follow.
  4. Choose the format for your blog. There are three main formats, namely:

Ranking: This process determines the position of items on the list. The list should be based on merit, or it can take the shape of a hierarchy (e.g. from worst to best), or deadliest, or most interesting, or least creepy, etc.

List Theme: You can write about a particular subject of appeal, but make sure that it has a theme. Let the theme reflect the essence of the article.

Random list: Lacking in both theme or ranking, this is where you just throw ideas around and leave the readers to draw their own conclusions. This is best left to a good writer as it can sometimes lead the reader to become irritated by the lack of conclusions.

  • Write with the conscious intent to engage. Content is still the main attraction. Let your writing style be catchy, witty, joking and informative. Use pictures to better tell your story. Post articles that get people excited

and motivated. You can also share an inspirational post on your listicle blog to capture your readers.

  • Get controversial. Get controversial, instigate a conversation. You can latch onto a controversial topic and lure your audience in to get them emotionally attached and discussing on your blog. But please be careful, do it in moderation as it may earn you some backlash and make sure you are properly and fully educated on the topic you choose to take on.
  • Finally, keep your post titles short and sweet. This is one of the reasons Twitter has grown in popularity. An average internet user has an attention span of about 7.5 seconds. Most importantly, try to do away with high sounding titles that hamper your message and confuse your audience.

Following these steps guarantees you a shot at success. Information on how to set up a blog has been extensively covered in the previous sections. Also covered is how you can monetize your blog for better revenue outside of Google AdSense. The same rules apply here, just apply it and you would be on your way to freedom.

Try for yourself and use Listicle Blogging as part of your online content marketing strategy!

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