Embracing Change in a Work from Home Environment

“How to embrace change in a work from home environment”

Episode 1

“With change comes transition and an opportunity for growth”

Annette Thomas

There’s a difference between having a general interest in a #homebasedbusiness and being able to do one.  Before you quit your day job or the line of work you’re in, ask yourself this question: am I truly ready to transition into this type of environment?  If this was a forced transition am I able to handle mentally and emotionally, what it takes to do so and do it successfully?  Here’s where I can help.

This is what this 5 part podcast series is all about.  It is to assist you in transitioning from a traditional office to a home based, telecommute work environment. If you were now or ever forced to face this reality and you really don’t know how to navigate this environment, you really need a guide that has “been there, done that”, and has done so successfully!

My hope from this 5 part podcast is to be able to enlighten you on the many creative and practical ways that a home at work environment can be beneficial now and in your future.  The “work at home or telecommute” idea for business is not new.  It has been around for many years, but with change weather forced or not comes the opportunity to embrace something new.

Change is the only way we grow and out of this we can look back on this and say , “this was not that bad”. I started my brands out of change. The change was not a forced change but a change in the way I saw my future.  I made a decision several years ago to change my future by starting to learn what online marketing and business was all about and with that came education, learned skills, wisdom, and this podcast, The Digital Vibe, you are listening to today. I am proud of that!  What you are experiencing now can definitely be beneficial for your future!

The first thing you need to do is to be realistic about setting things up. You just don’t jump into a home office you have to plan and prepare for one.  In situation like these, no preparation no advance warning, you have to plan each day the day before what you are going to do and how you are going to achieve the outcome you want. You have to start to think in a way that is conducive for change.  If you have change experiences in you life then use that as a opportunity to draw wisdom from and apply that to working from home. Your personal life experiences are your best friend right now.  If you have no experience to draw from, I would not think that you have none, then use this podcast as a training tool for you to begin to learn how to adapt to change in any environment.

For a home business to start and become successful you have to believe that it will. You have to think that what you do now will have a lasting and beneficial impact on your now and your future. Having some level of self assurance at this time is very important when it comes to business and without some level of personal self assurance, you cannot go far. For a home business to become successful you must believe that it will flourish.

Where to begin

You ought to likewise ask yourself whether the forced change or your ideas to start a business at home would be suitable for self employment. There are times you can feel a little over confident about your ability and feel you are ready for such a transition and at other times you feel scared and uncertain about what a change like this will take as it is a challenge. This is normal.  Once you begin to think and affirm that YOU WILL become successful, you will start to feel, act, and implement a strategy for a successful outcome.  Be honest with yourself!

Think about the way you “normally” work at your office and ask yourself whether you can complete your work regardless of the situation. You also ought to ask yourself can you work hard in the presence or absence of others. Your boss will no longer be watching over your shoulders and you now have to rely on the approval and self awareness of yourself more so that others at this stage in your life.  This is the time for self assessment and honesty with yourself.  When you can answer these questions honestly you are ready to move to the next phase of the work at home transition.

The other question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you or your team are familiar with the technology of a work at home environment and the challenges it brings. You have to be willing to become an avid learner of the Internet and how it is used to interact with vast communities worldwide.

You have to be able to acquire or outsource the skills that are needed to handle a business that will be local in nature but with an impact globally.  You have to able to see the “big picture” and open your eyes to the many opportunities that the Internet for business brings.  We have been in the age of the “Internet of Things” and we have to be able to adapt or die.  It is not just interacting and engaging on Facebook or watching videos on YouTube for fun, it is more than that. If your expectation is to become a successful individual in this new environment, then you MUST !  You now have NO choice!

This series is to let you know the pros and cons of a home based business. You ought to be able to look at your living standards and your current lifestyle now that you have a transition to deal with and a change that you were forced to make. Starting or having an already existing home based business in order to make a profit now takes on a whole meaning. It now means that you will have to make changes and adjustments that you have to familiar with.

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As of this episode I initially released in May of 2020, so much has changed in the world today as a result of people doing what is need to get the world and humanity moving in the right direction. The beauty of change is that it will bring the desired end despite any obstacle, change for the better! Ifyou feel like celebrating like I do check out the The Digital Vibe’s merchandise on “Celebrating Unity” in America! See the design here on this website!

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