Wealth Building-Making Money with Google Adsense

Google AdSense is an ad network owned and operated by Google. As of today, it is the biggest and highest paying ad network on the internet. Google AdSense is the program designed for website publishers who want to display targeted advertisements on their web pages and earn money when visitors view or click the ads.

Getting Started

To earn from Google AdSense, you will need to have a website or blog, though not all websites do well with AdSense. There are basically 2 key factors to consider if you want to make money with AdSense: you need great content and a lot of traffic.

There are also two types of website content: the one that attracts new visitors and the other that brings visitors returning daily. The ideal website for AdSense is one that is a balance of both. This ensures that just as you are attracting new visitors (traffic), you are also retaining loyal ones.

Examples of websites perfect for AdSense include but are not limited to: blogs, news blogs or websites, forums, niche sites, listicle blogs, how-to websites, online discussion boards etc. All you need is to find a layout that works well with displaying contents and AdSense ads.

It is important you also understand the kind of ads that AdSense will place on your website. Because advertisers have the options of creating ads in various formats (text-based, images, and/or video), you will need to create layouts that will accommodate the various formats, but ensure that they do not interfere with the content. The user always comes first.

Aside from display ads, AdSense offers another feature: custom search ads. This allows visitors to search specific contents on your website using AdSense. This is great because ads are displayed alongside the results of such search.

Benefits of Google AdSense

There are various benefits of using Google AdSense aside the fact that there is very few content restriction, it is easy to use, you get to earn consistent revenue from your websites as there is always ads displayed on your platform and AdSense pays regularly and they do so on time.

Possible Challenges

There are a few challenges that can limit your chances of earning money from Google AdSense. For starters, getting approved these days has become a herculean task. The criteria are quite stiff. Your website has to meet certain standards of quality and traffic.

They have very stringent terms of service, revenues are constantly fluctuating, lower revenues generated on mobile due to its limited space, the challenge of ad blockers and the worst of all, ban!

When your account is banned for whatever reason, you lose all the money accrued to your account. All your efforts are wasted.

How to make money for AdSense

To make money from AdSense, we have to first understand how AdSense calculate earnings; we have to understand what CTR and CPC means, the formula AdSense uses and how to optimize your website or blog to get maximum benefits from AdSense.

CTR = Click Through Rate

This is the ratio of the number of users who click on an ad within a Web page to the total number of visitors who visited the web page within a particular time frame. This is usually used to determine the effectiveness of advertisement on a website.

CPC = Cost Per Click

This is the amount earned by a website owner anytime a user clicks an advertisement on his web page. The earnings vary and it depends on the advertiser and niche, as some advertisers are willing to pay more than some others.

The AdSense formula has 3 variables; Traffic, CTR and CPC. The formula is recreated below.

Traffic x CTR x CPC = Revenue.

To ensure you continue to earn from AdSense, you have to seek ways to increase any or all of the three variables.

You can increase your CTR by placing your ads above the content, the higher your ads, the likelihood of higher CTR. You should also consider variables like text colors and size.

You can increase your CPC by targeting high paying niches (Medical, Law etc.).

1. Ad Placements

Where you place ads on your website determines how much you can benefit from Google AdSense. There are several locations on a Web page where you can place ads for maximum visibility.

The header: this is above the content on the web page. It allows for maximum visibility and is most likely the ad with the highest CTR.

Between Paragraphs: This is also a great location for ads. Ensure you use 300×250 for mobile while the desktop should be 728×90.

Sidebar: Ads placed here also functions well. Use a 300×600 unit for both top and bottom sidebars.

Bottom of content: Many website owners have reported great results from ads placed at the bottom of the content, especially when it was relevant to the content of their post.

2. Increase Traffic

Traffic is the major determinant of how much you can make with AdSense. The more traffic you get, the greater the likelihood of better CTR. Other tweaks to increasing revenue are available but the most stable; free from the possible ban is traffic. There are several ways you can increase traffic and they include:

Create great content. Give people something worth their time. You don’t have to be a master at writing quality articles or creating a great post, just be good at what you are offering. If it is a how-to video, know your niche. Be knowledgeable and let it show. Your content doesn’t have to be long, but let it be real. There are great travel blogs raking in big money from AdSense; they just share their travel experience but also make it very interesting and educational. This converts to great traffic when users share and invite others to visit, and those people become regular readers, inviting some more people themselves.

3. Keywords

Using the right keywords in your content would help drive organic traffic to your website. It’s a shame after investing in a great content, proper ad placement and all the necessary tweaks only to fail at attracting organic traffic due to lack of appropriate keywords.

Research keywords appropriate to your content, find their ranks, and apply the appropriate keywords to your content to help you generate organic search traffic.

4. Map out an Efficient Strategy

It is ideal you have a strategy that works for you. This helps you to keep focus on what you’re interested in and what direction you want your business to take. There a couple of strategies you can adopt.

You can choose to create lots of content with string keywords that help you generate organic search traffic, or you can choose to focus on filling little contents with “monster keywords”. Whatever you are comfortable with and what works for you would be fine. In my opinion, creating great content with string keywords is usually the best approach. Aside from the value it creates

for your users or visitors, you are likely to have repeat visits more often than from content with “monster keywords”.

5. AdSense is Not the Only Ad network

Ad networks such as Media.net, and Alpha are gradually carving a niche and reach in the ad network ecosystem. Diversifying your ad network also helps in the case of a ban from AdSense. That way you don’t lose all your money. These ad networks these days are at times outperforming AdSense.

6. Explore Other Offers

Do not get stuck working your website or blog to serve only AdSense. This practice of incorporating other online products and businesses is a good way to diversify and take great advantage of your platform. Do not aggressively pursue affiliate marketing to avoid the AdSense hammer but try still to diversify. Create content that promotes affiliate links but don’t overdo it.

Mistakes to Avoid

There are a few mistakes to avoid when designing your layout to allow for AdSense.

Avoid placing ads adjacent to images, next page buttons and in any way that would attract accidental clicks on your web page. This would help to avoid a penalty called the Nessie penalty.


AdSense is a viable way to make serious money online with a website. The key is to building traffic and implementing the measures we have highlighted here. You are also required to regularly update your knowledge bank and implement a lot of strategies to find out what works best for you. AdSense is big business, treat it as such. Do check out other networks like Linkshare.com, Shareasale.com, Commission Junction.com, Clickbank.com and so many more! Do a search and you find many more networks that you can join today! My best recommendation? Try Shareasale.com Here.

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