What Truly Is An Entrepreneur??

The Entrepreneur Has One Main Role – The Visionary

Yes, in the beginning you may be filling many of the roles to get your business off of the ground. However, all the while you’re creating a business that fits your vision, you’re planning how to capitalize on your own personal strengths. You’re leveraging the strengths of others, outsourcing and delegating when necessary and possible and you’re building your business. Each and every step taken is based on your vision of your business.

What Is Your Vision?

Now, if you’re tackling this report as we’ve suggested, you’ve already documented your definition of success, right?

If you haven’t, please consider going back to the introduction and taking that action. If you’re feeling rebellious or contrary, then fine, don’t do it, but this next step is going to be more difficult.

A vision is defined as what you want for your business. It is different from a mission statement, which we’ll get to next, because your vision is all about you. Your vision statement defines what you want your business to become.

It may answer the following questions:

Who is your ideal customer?

What is your business product or service?

Do you have a geographic reach – for example, “I offer the most comprehensive website about self improvement in the world”.

Your vision statement will also be stated in the present tense – as if it is happening now even though you may be looking a few years into the future.

Your vision statement will be emotional. Remember this is about you and your definition of success. If you’re not emotional and passionate about it, no one else will be either.

Your vision will be powerfully descriptive. Add as much detail as you can muster. Know that this isn’t a test. There isn’t a right or wrong answer. Your vision statement is personal. You can write out a very rough draft and then hone it to make it fit your vision perfectly.

Since I am being transparent with you I would love to share my vision statement for The Digital Vibe Podcast and Network. If you are stuck in defining your vision statement maybe this will help.

Who is my ideal customer?

My ideal customer would be anyone who wants to improve their lives with educational and inspirational material that will enhance their lives. I (The Digital Vibe) produce content that includes podcasts and written content along with social media posts that will be creative and have a lasting effect on its reader. My sole objective is to inspire, motivate, educate, and get you to to take action.

What are my products and services?

Podcasts, written content on a blog, digital ebooks, and books.

Geographic Reach?


What is a Brand like a podcast and blog if it cannot go global. Global is where its at!

What is my Vision Statement for The Digital Vibe Podcast and Network?

In a nutshell. It is my tagline. “Inspire. Motivate. Educate. and Entertain!”

It is my hope that I have inspired you to take action and make this world a better place!

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Annette, Yes, I did say that twice..intentionally!


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