The importance and benefits of stepping back

One of the most effective ways, if not strategic, is to schedule time to take a break and step back.  We are so inundated with so many things around us that our ability to focus is difficult.  We often end up on the wrong path simply because our thoughts and attention have strayed in a different direction.  Most of the time this includes every day things like dealing with our families, news, business, and a host of other things.  When you are in situations like these take a huge breath and step back.

In a society that we live in that goes at breakneck speed, we can find ourselves  caught up in the day to day traffic of society as it goes from one event to the  other, often leaving ourselves depleted with no energy for our day to day lives.  Distractions like these must be dealt with in order to have a clear path for the success of your vision. With no clear path due to distractions your likelihood of success is reduced significantly.

What can be done you might ask?  Here are a few tips I suggest that will reduce your chances of becoming distracted from having the success you desire.

“Where’s theirs clarity theirs power”


Meditation.  Meditate daily to bring yourself into awareness of your vision, mission, and goals. Spend time daily each morning or before you go to bed at night on some “alone time” that will give your mind free space.  Clearing your thoughts is a great way to remove those unwanted distractions that creep in on a day to day basis.  Avoid things like watching the news before you go to bed and use your commute time to to listen to an audio or podcast, like mine, to keep you balanced.

When you practice meditation, another word for mindfulness, you are more aware of your surroundings and are better able to see where your going, access your path, and ensure your likelihood of success. Mindfulness is not new. It’s a way of using time to your advantage and make it “stand still” in order to gain insight into your life.  Mastering the art of meditation takes practice.  Like anything else practice makes perfect. If you can be patient and be still for at least a half an hour, at the least, you will still your mind long enough to hear what the Universe is saying to you.

The insight you gain from mediation is invaluable!  The knowledge you gain from these “whispers’, is knowledge you need to push forward with clarity and confidence. I find most people are so distracted that they take no measures to slowing down or even taking a breath for a moment.  It’s in those precious moments that the likelihood of you gaining an answer to your question or insight into your goals that you will be able to make an effective decision weather it pertains to your business or your life.  

Never underestimate the power of mindfulness and make it a practice in your everyday life.


If you don’t know where you’re going how will you know if you have arrived?

Annette (yes, I am the originator of this one)

Planning. Prioritize your calendar for each day, month, quarter, and year.  This needs to be done on a year to year basis. Always look at your goals and plans each week so you can see exactly where your going. If you fail to plan you will plan to fail.  It’s a choice. Planning your life brings with it many benefits and the benefits can affect your life in a very positive way. Planning literally makes “sense out of nonsense” and gives you the means to effectively and efficiently devise a course of action that will enable you to achieve measurable goals. The effectiveness of any goal can only be measured by planning.

Release.  Knowing just when to let go and move on is so essential to succeeding in business and life.  The two are intertwined and they have a direct effect on each other. By release, I mean the ability to let go of an idea, partnership, or goal that’s no longer is serving you.  Let’s go back to meditation and mindfulness; I eluded to the fact that you must make time to slow down long enough to hear the silent but intruding whispers in your life. If you don’t you won’t hear what you need to hear and you will never be able to know when these things are no longer working for you.  

Release those things like partnerships that are no longer in line with your vision, mission, and yes your goals.  Release those objectives that no longer have a clear path to your success.  Yes, even those relationships(personal and professional) that are no longer needed that have a way of pulling you down or bring negative thoughts, release those too if you want to be able to live a life that is not only effective but bold, meaningful, and life giving!

Remember this too, even those goals or habits that you want to see become a reality might be a distraction or impede your overall balance of work and life.  Letting go from those every once in awhile or permanently might be a positive solution to those things that get in the way. The point I am getting to you is invest only in those things that make you come alive and are worth breathing life into.  Never waste one of life’s precious commodities, time, on things that really don’t excite you, you don’t love, make you happy, or make a difference. It is why you were put on this planet!

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