Why Entrepreneurship? Why I love it..here are just a few reasons..

Episode 2


What is entrepreneurship without freedom? Just merely existing. Why? As an entrepreneur, you can write your own paycheck! You are the one that at times has the sole responsibility to see your vision for your business endeavor become a reality. You are literally carrying the “baby” that YOU want to see come alive! Can YOU handle the driver’s seat”? It’s a fun ride!


The opportunity that entrepreneurship affords is fantastic! Where in the world can you as an individual choose such a profession that can open your world into a sea of opportunity? Nowhere! The moment you choose to become one, you open yourself up to so many possibilities, and dependent upon what you want and what industry you’re in, that can be tremendous! The sky is truly the limit!


Yes, entrepreneurship is all about that and then some. When you leap to become one, you are taking on the obligation to become a valued asset to you, your community, and the world around you. Remember this: entrepreneurs are “heroes” and with that comes responsibility. Never think of entrepreneurship as a one day or once a year thing. It’s never that easy and if you think so, think again. It’s a lifetime commitment to becoming a valued asset in the world around you as you make a conscious decision to be an active participant.


The beauty of entrepreneurship, yes to be in a position to create not just your idea of wealth, but to utilize your creative mind and see how far it may get you. Why not open the doors to these possibilities and see where it takes you. It may take you places you really want to go. If you decide to do so, watch your creative juices open up because of the freedom it gives you to express yourself!

The American Dream:

The Dream as well as a universal dream becomes alive when entrepreneurs decide to come together and do whatever is best, which is to CREATE! Do you realize how many of your favorite brands that you buy from each have come from ordinary people living extraordinary lives by deciding to contribute to this world in which we live? The world’s economy as well as the dream of billions is really something special. We all have within us the desire, but we all never see it realized for various reasons. The World’s economy moves and turns as entrepreneurs decide they want a “piece of the pie”, which is our “right” as well as our “responsibility.”

Giving Back:

What better way to not only be responsible, but to have the ability to give back to those who have impacted your life in a way that having your own business will do. You can give back in oh so many ways pick one! Entrepreneurship is what we are all about and that is giving back where we see the need. It’s not just for the money, but what the money can do is what it’s all about. You can impact people, places, and profit in ways that can cause great change and in a positive direction!


While it’s not all about the money, it does help. We are not in the business to not make a living. Entrepreneurship is why we see our dreams come alive for a profit. We are business people who have come to the marketplace to showcase the wares that we hope that you will buy. Profit is at its best when the entrepreneur is at a place where they can enjoy the money that comes with hard work. The profit that a business owner makes, gives him or her the ability to further realize their dreams and possibly the dreams of others. It’s a personal thing and a communal one at the same time. And yes, the money is nice, that’s why we do it. Have passion and you will profit from what you love and do best!

The Need For More:

Yes, we need more entrepreneurs. I would not say pack up and quit your day job or night for that matter, but I would say follow your dreams and your heart! If YOU feel the tug to do more and want out of life perhaps entrepreneurship is what you are seeking. If you are sick of watching millionaires and billionaires make a huge amount of money then, why wait any longer, become one. It is one of the greatest experiences in the World!

Do you think you have what it takes? You might be surprised by the answer. Never underestimate yourself and your experiences, it is in those experiences that there is the hidden treasure that is buried deep. These podcasts may just be “the trigger” you need to realize how capable and talented you are!

Enjoy these “50 Steps To Startup” on “Conversations With Annette” and become an Entrepreneur that changes your world and the World!

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  • This is an archived podcast done several years ago. I thought you might want to listen in and hear my Entrepreneur’s Journey!



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