A never ending story..more to the story, entrepreneurship!

Michael Gerber, in his acclaimed book The E-Myth and The E-Myth Revisited, identifies three critical roles entrepreneurs play in their businesses. The E-Myth, according to Gerber, is the “flawed assumption that people who are expert at a certain technical skill will therefore be successful running a business of that kind.”

For example, if you’re an excellent writer that you’ll automatically find success opening your own writing business. Or if you are an excellent website designer that you’ll automatically find success owning a website design business.

That is because to own a business, you’re required to fill many roles.

In addition to being the technician, the writer, or designer, for example, you’re the visionary, the lifeblood, and seer of the future. You’re also the person, at least in the beginning, to answer all the emails, make the phone calls and take care of the day-to-day administrative tasks.

And you have to coordinate those tasks. As an Entrepreneur you have to be:

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