Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 6

Dangerous Intruder

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Thank you for listening p s. Thank you for your purchase. Guess what we’re going to do we’re going to get back to the show later, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello! How are you out there doing? Okay? Are you ready for another episode of why woman kills season? Two? Are you ready, because this episode episode six really gets spicy? Okay, so i hope you’re ready for this one, because this is a ride, a thrill, a minute on this one. All i can say is you have to, like, i said, get your favorite blanket, a glass of wine if you prefer a cup of tea. If you want to coffee, it doesn’t matter okay, because right now we’re going to leave we’re going to start when we left off were almah, timid, frumpy, shy, housewife alma begins to transform and metamorphosizes into something you’re not going to believe this. So you simply must listen. So she let we left off. She was made a fool of by rida, castelo, embarrassed, humiliated d, told her that day. I know that lady that’s read up and now alma knows why rita has it in, for her d is also pregnant. He is in love with dias in love with burn ver like sir kalsar gal bertram is confessing constantly to his former priest, catherine in scooted, air, hmm, catin and scooter doing their thing, but he’s only pretending, because rida has his buttons. Meanwhile, carlos carlos stricken carlos is trying to get the word out that the boy toy is read as boy to way and he wants the word to get out. He knows that reading those ready knows he knows and they’re just flaunting this stuff. All over the place. Catherine is feeling like she’s, a woman. Now now that scooter’s giving her some attention, she’ll, take it she’ll, take any kind of attention and read at is up ter old tricks. As usual alma goes up to read his house visit her home and tries to make a deal with the crazy vindictive lady who’s. Already crazy as it is, you can’t outdo evil right well, almah is still in growing pains, she’s still trying to metamorphosized into something of a crazy lady killer. Like her husband bertram, so she is about to meet her match. I think red is about to meet your match. Okay, so rita, says you can’t outdo me, you can’t outbent me, okay. She ripped up her garden and vowed to tell her that she’ll pay. You can’t don’t mess with me because i’ll get you okay. So let’s begin episode six, so the newly untimid alma has this very shake presence about her. This is a lady killer, now she’s all dressed in red with fingernail polish all dude up this girl is good to go. Okay, you don’t wear a red if you’re not ready to kill okay, because that’s what red is for. That’s a dangerous color red is why women kill, remember the colored, so timan alma, showing off her newly polished nails, her coffret, hair, looking so good and bertram bertram hasn’t really got it yet that his wife is so different. Now so she’s just enjoying this new found essence of the, what shall i say, the evolutionized alma so she’s, carrying on a conversation with bertram, so you know he’s gotten back from visiting the priest, so they have to talk in the in their car after she picks him up at the bus station nother having some words and she’s asking him. You know i she’s trying to act now, she’s pretending to be well she’s, really getting into the rule of a lady killer. Now so she’s going to use him to advantage. Okay, that’s her secret weapon, so she’s having some words with vernon asking. How was the past couple of weeks? Everything was fine, you know and she’s. I know people already dying and since you’re in the business of alleviating people’s pain, i know of some one that is in need of your services, and you know what bertie my darling husband, you could be there savior you could be their hero now here is this alma? Who, in a couple episodes ago, was frantically crazy, was out of her mind to have married this guy who’s a killer, but because she was so rejected and humiliated by rita and and just will do anything to get into the garden club, the elysian club. She is willing to use him at all costs. The part is just getting started. Okay, so you could be their hero bertie. You know he says no, he said i’m confused, you know and then she said i couldn’t comprehend it before bertie. But now i understand why you kill the people that you’ve killed. I understand it now. He said i’m confused, but she says now. I understand why now honey. I understand i get it. Okay, you are doing god’s work. I understand it now, after rita toser out of the club and he humiliates her. She understands it now she’s about to play hard ball. So she says you know you’re helping people the only way you can. You know, and she says you know i know of some one who’s, the need of your services. He says: oh yeah, o. You know somebody and she says well. Yeah guess who it is you’ll be doing god’s work. My love, that’s what she says my he row: oh rida, castelas husband. Yes, the lady, the club yeah, oh, it is rita ill, no, not rita, but her husband is his name. Is carlos and he’s in so much pain? Can you help him out? Alma pilco had truly changed. She was no longer the shy housewife. She was batting those devious eyebrows and using bertram as your sacred weapon. That’s how we’ll begin episode. Six of why woman kill season six? Okay, so here we go so what the castile home literally almas, asking her husband to kill carlos castillo so at the castilla home, devius rita, is having a talk with her daughter and they’re exchanging. I contact while rita sticks out her tongue because she knows he knows she knows he knows he knows she knows and catherine meanwhile, no something’s going on so then the phone rings and guess who it is it’s scooter scooter now is he about to have a date with rita? You know what no he’s guess what he’s calling her for. He says she’s, not catherine, not such a bad girl. After all, you know i’m kind of like her. You know she’s. Okay, i, like her ethen catherine walks in rita, turns around and kathi’s wanting who’s. She talking to on the phone, so she’s nervous, catherine’s suspects, so they’re still on this plan to get catherine in bed to divert her attention away from everything else. That’s going on so she’s playing it off like it’s. No, nobody on the phone, but it’s scooter and they’re still planning. So you know she says wow, you wended that telephone call awfully fast. Well, no! I wasn’t. It was just something really quick, nothing important, but then the phone rings again and guess who it is the guy who just called the first time a couple seconds ago, scooter all part of the plan says scooter. It’s fucking to catherine and catherine is like oh my gosh. She turns a different shade altogether. Her persona just goes totally different and she says you know what let’s go on to morrow night. Well, she says: no, i can’t, and then he says it’s my birthday. I’d like you to join me for my birthday, she says: well, i don’t know you meet on a date and it’s in dennis is yes a date with me on my birthday, oh sure, okay and then read us in the background enjoying the moment that she planned and carlos is looking at his wife, knowing she’s up to no good but catherine doesn’t know anything she doesn’t know what’s going on and carlos is trying to tell her. This is what’s going on. What’s going on, is the boy is messing with my wife, so back at the conversation with alma and bertram she’s still trying to get him to kill somebody none other than carlos honey? I want you to do cards work, i mean what you do is helping people and then, and then birth bertie is saying, wait a minute. You two have grown so close and just the past couple of weeks wait a minute just oh, yes, we’ve we get along just fine, we’ve become good chums. Well, did she invite you into the garden club? Oh no. She didn’t well, i’m so sorry alma, but you know that’s how it goes. You know really rita, has really gone out of her way to be kind to me and he’s sucking all this in you know he sucking all this in gullible as he is. Please can you can you help her husband? Can you help him she’s, giving him that? Please please, please, can you help him? Well, then bertram says you know what i was on this trip. I visited my former price and i had an epiphany alma says and he and i pephantai you talking about now. I realized my actions were selfish and misguided and driven on guilt that i had from my past. I won’t ever do it again. I won’t ever, do it again and then alma says: well, you won’t do it again after after you do it to carlos okay. So just this one more time you can do this he’s vowed not to do it again, but she says: wait a minute. Don’t have to stop right now: honey you on a roll you’re in a roll. So don’t stop right now, don’t quit you’d be doing god’s work, so you need to continue just one more last killing you and your trusty syringe in your bag. Do what you do carlis that mean pretty do what you do and then she gives them to this vindictive. Look: timid, former, timid, alma, we’re not done with this. I want you to kill him ima. My mind is made up. I’m not doing this anymore. Okay done we’re finished. He i got to find another way alma says to get this man killed. So meanwhile, on the other side of town, a frenzy d is meeting vern and vern is perplexed because he doesn’t know. What’s going on so he’s he’s saying: what’s going on what’s wrong, what’s wrong, she said i’ve gotten myself into some trouble and he says: well, you know this trouble. We can all get we can get out of this trouble. I hate to spring this on you, but it’s really too much. He says nothing’s too much. He said i can’t do this. I can’t do this with us anymore. This is why i can’t say: oh god it he said. Is it me? Oh god knows she says, then what is it? This is something we can fix. No, it’s not it’s not something we can fix like this is a problem. It has nothing to do with you. I promise, but he doesn’t understand she says. Look we can work this out, wait. We can work this out whatever the problem is, and she says you’re such a good guy, vern you’re. So good. I think you deserve better than this and all the happiness in the world. So she kisses him on the cheek for the last, for the last time and walks away d d, wait don’t go but she’s gone so athy filka home almost getting her yard cleaned up because, as you remember last episode, it was destroyed by rita, so she’s bringing some gardeners to help her clean up her yard and then grace comes over. Remember grace her friend, she says o that i thought you could use some uplifting after you were so humiliated at the garden club, and she says you know what that’s okay, i’m fine believe. You me well, let’s just go in and have a cup of tea she’s, okay, because she has a killer husband. It’s going to do all the work for her and then grace is you know having a conversation with her telling her, i feel so badly for you, but almah is so bodacious and deliciously crazy. She gives her this look and says: oh no, it’s okay, my dear it’s okay and then grace as confiding in almond, saying you know what carlos he beats rita he’s an ogre she’s been trying to get away from it for the longest time he used to beat her almost what hmm hmm more information. Well, that is just awful. Please go on so at the castia home, or should i say no at the bertram’s home that evening guess: who’s baking, a cherry pie alma decided to bake a cherry pie because she wants to soften bertram, get him ready and prapped for what he is about to do that he doesn’t want to do, but we’ll see she says i apologized i honey for i treated you this morning. So that’s why she baked the pie, and you know i should have said that. I’m sorry, i’m so sorry. She says i don’t care about carlos at all. You know i don’t care is wait a minute. You don’t care about him carlis! It’s such an awful man. He beats ride, but the whole thing is a lie. He doesn’t beat read at all says, rita wept and cried so much because carlos has been hurting her. So you can imagine that, as she says, to a ready, she’s going through so much pain, drinking and neglecting and neglecting her health, because carlos has been abusing her and then bertram says that poor woman, that poor woman, but but you but but wet, but you can help her. You know what to do. All i’m asking for is one final act of mercy. Alma says one final act of mercy to put both of them out of their pain. Please, oh pretty! Please save my friend. She needs saving, guess what bertram agreez i’ll do. What he says falls right into her plan. Then she gives him a piece of the cherry pie with glee on her face walks away with a knife in her hand, licking that cherry pie and licking her lips. I said i just got that sucking to do what i wanted him to do and he humbly eats his cherry pie. Her devious plan worked, she manipulated bertram and to believe in that carlos was abusing rita when in actuality he wasn’t doing that at all. But you see bertram doesn’t know that she’s been using him. She is using the fact that he killed all these people to her advantage to get into the the garden club where all the sheik. Ladies hang out, she is transforming literally metamorphosized before our very eyes into somebody to be reckoned with as a killer, because that’s the worst kind of killer, it’s the ones that the ones that were nice before and now they’re, not so nice, and they get a nice kind person who says he’s not going to do anything anymore. They get a nice person to actually do what they no longer want to do. So. At back at scooter’s house, the apartment he’s a chilling out laying back with guests who none other than rita and they’re planning what to do with catherine. So you know he says you gotta, you got to make her feel wanted, get her in the sack. I need you to screw her and then he’s like scooter says: she’s, a nice old, lady she’s, not so bad. Once you really get to know her. He says all i need for you to do is to jump her bones, make her feel satisfied and she’ll do anything, and he says you know. I thought she was a old biddy at first, but i kind of like her and vida rida vindictively says: oh ri. What do you mean you’re starting to like her, and then he says: are you jealous? Are you jealous? He says no, i’m not not of catherine of catherine honey. She doesn’t have anything on me, okay, but she is jealous. She is jealous. She wouldn’t have reacted the way that she did if she wasn’t so she and scooter having little bit of roll in the hay and having some fun and guess what happens while he’s in the shower a very short shower somebody knocks at the door, you want to guess who it is well you’re not going to believe this wait, for it literally wait for this guess: who’s at the door. I’ll give you a guest. The name starts with the letter d. Rita says: who are you? What are you doing here and she gives her this look and she says what are you doing is she said i need to talk to him. I need to talk to him, there’s something we have to discuss and she gives her gives her. This look and, as as any woman would know, woman to woman there’s a glow about d, but not a good glow, something’s wrong, she’s distressed. She has a talk to scooter. What is it about and then rita gives it the look o my god you’re pregnant. You can’t tell you can’t tell scooter, you can’t tell him and then she gives rida a slap in the face for what she’s done to her mother and that was a slap in the face honey, a deep slap that literally spun her face around he said. Did you get all that, because i can repeat that i’ll come back later and tell scooter we need to talk, then guess what happens? I can’t imagine what happened when i saw this guess. What happens? Shoot rita comes out. The door closes the door behind her, tries to follow d and she said wait a minute. She says i. What do you think he’s going to do? Do you think he loves you and he’s going to leave you for me just because you’re pregnant? Do you think he loves you because honey? He doesn’t love you and then you see moments of reda trying to be what wait a minute. Let me say this word nice she’s, trying to be nice. She says he’s not going to marry. You is that what you want? Well, that’s not going to happen a and then read that gives us some advice. She says: wait a minute you’re not only going to be raising his baby but you’re taking care of a baby and scooter. So instead of one baby, one infant you’re going to have to she said he’s not capable of being a father or a husband he’s, not even a good boyfriend, and she says he says i don’t have a lot of choices here. I don’t know what to do and then rita reader says you’ll. Think of something did she wow? You made a mistake, but don’t let that ruin the rest of your life, so she’s now giving her some counsel. Does she like de? Is she start to transform too for the good? You made a mistake, but don’t let that mistake ruin the rest of your life and she looks with her with pity stickon grants. He says, he’s all yours and she says. Oh, thank you. I wait a minute. Do you need some money? Do you need some money? Anything i can help you with as she walks back towards the door, so you can have em honey. I don’t want him, you can have him. Do you need some money wow? What a me what wow so she’s? She looks at it with pity, but then she walks right back in the door and says you know what she forgot all about it scorsese the door. I don’t know nothing as she undrape his towel off his hips. So at the felcar home you know, remember, alma has changed and she’s transforming into this nice person with an agenda and bertie is saying you know what we’re getting along a lot better. Now we’re having an understanding, oh bertie, you’re, so clever, you know she’s just feeding to him right now, making him feel like a man she’s, just priming him for the kill. Damn that’s clever, he said now. It’s she’s gives him this map and this is a map of the castillo home. So my question is: how did she get a map to the castillo home? Now i don’t know if, back in the day, back on s, nine hundred and forty nine, they had maps for homes. I don’t know because i mean we have google maps today and all that stuff. You can all that stuff up on the internet, but how did she get an inside map the layout design of the castillo home? Hmm, so she lays it on the table. Shows it to bertram. Hey, take a look at this honey. This is the carlos home. This is comes his own. There is that room over there read his room over there and oh over there that’s carlos’s room. She makes sure she points that out. So you go up the stairs and you go to the left and make a ride right there right around the back come around the back of the house. It is oh, it’s! No that looks easy. I she says what would happen. What would happen if you do this, would the police find out anything? Would there be an autopsy she’s asking these really interesting questions? All of a sudden? She cares because she’s a she’s making sure that she doesn’t get messed up. She is not concerned about bertram she’s concerned about herself, so she’s asking all these questions. Will they be an autopsy? You know go through this entrance. Wear gloves all of this. You know, because, knowing that possibly not topsy, police will be involved and then bersham says well, no, it depends upon how you hide something they have to actually be looking for something to find it. So it’s how you planned something: okay, so they don’t just go looking around certain places. They look around because, of course, bertie is a killer, so she’s just scritti and happy and happy and grinning. She says after you know, and then she says well, after thirty something debts you’re pretty good at this huh. You know you know it’s like you know. It seems odd that bertram is getting compliments all of a sudden, so he’s baffled by the fact that he’s getting these compliments when he never got them before now hint hint. How come he’s not picking this up he’s not picking this up he’s getting these compliments. He didn’t get him before, but he’s getting them now, because alma has an ulterior motive. Shall we continue so she goes on and on and on and just making him f. You know this will make our marriage stronger. Oh dear, yes, it will so huh. She goes about her busy day and he’s feeling like a man and we go over to a vern’s place, not his place plays, but where he works, rita walks in she says i need you to do some more work for me. I need you to do something else. I have to fight back. This is oh wait, a minute. Wait, a minute. Vern says: wait a minute! You want me to follow your jigo wait a minute. This is confusing. You know so he’s still having she still having him followed. So guess what happens as rita grabs a cigarette. She says i want you to get rid of this. I want you to do something to him to stop him from seeing her because they no longer seeing each other, but i want you to still follow him and then rita says you know what she says to savern. Remember the large girl you were, he was seeing and then vern says yeah. I remember her. She showed up at his place to day to give him the bad news, and then he says in trying to play it off. Wait a minute. The waitress. Now that’s its girl. He says the waitress acting like he doesn’t know. What’s going on the waitress, what a minute she’s having a baby, yes says rita. I convinced him. I convinced her not to tell scooter she’s so dumb that she doesn’t see that he would be a lousy father, but wait a minute. Vern now knows that d is d, it’s pregnant, so he says i if you know reda, says if you’re not going to take the photos, then i’ll have somebody else. Do it perplex and confuse vern is still trying to swallow this piece of information. You know i’ll offer you more money. She says she says it’s not your money, he says, that’s not it! So then she says: well, we can discuss the prize because anybody can be bought with the right price. So guess what he does after hearing that piece of news he decides to take the money he decides to take the money, so he doesn’t have his scruples as much as he thought he did at one time, because now it’s getting a bit personal to him, so his emotions are getting involved because he loves t, but now he finds out that scooter is having a baby with his girl. So what the castia home carlos is having a meal, catherine is having a discussion with him and rita, sits by in the back just watching and observing why the exchange looks between husband and wife. These evil looks across the bedroom. This is you know why katherine’s going to have sex tonight with a man you don’t approve of, and you know what honey says rita to carlos. If you hadn’t tried to disinherit her, she wouldn’t be doing what she’s doing, but now i have the goods on her, so i can blackmail her and sent her back to texas, where honey is just you and me all alone in this big, huge mansion, and we can really get to know each other, my god his face looked so scared. Doesn’t that sound like fun says ride? He says i’m going to have to kill this woman, so he begins to use his fingers as he touches to catch up because he’s having some french fries to edge out a letter in the napkin. Don’t know what the message is just yet. You have to wait for that. So cabin’s having dinner with scooter is his birthday and she says. Well, i couldn’t let you celebrate alone. She had some a special gift and the special gift. It’s a gorgeous set of diamond necklet. Cufflinks then vernas that vern scooter are these real sis? Yes, they are. You know katherine confided in him, and she bought those for somebody else. Another man who no longer was interested in her, so she gives them to him. So she asked him: do you like him? Do you like the cufflinks? He says? Oh, my gosh. This is my best birthday ever so they have a glass of wine and they salute and vern is doing this thing because he’s he’s done what we don’t want him to do so he’s following scooter, while he’s hanging out with catherine, he has nothing to lose so that message, oh, that messsage, the carlos was etching in the ketchup. The maid gets it and guess what the message says. I want lawyer, so the maid seized a message and she frantically takes the message into her hand and says: oh, my god. What do you think happens next, you’re just going to have to stay tune because it’s more to the story, so cathrine is having a great time it’s scooter over glass of wine and some elegant dining and they having a ball and she gives scoot the sad news that rita is only using people because she does this thing wet when she’s finished with you, she’s done you’re, literally literally out on your ass. So when she’s done with you she’s going to cut you off, say bye, bye, thank you and that’s it so scot is worried. Oh my god, my meal ticket it could be over. For me he doesn’t know what to do my mule ticket. It could be over oh, my gosh, so he doesn’t know what to do so, but vern is just doing what he does and he’s just watching and observing. What’s going on with scooter that he’s playing both women, he says i got you, i know what you do when you jig’ll you playing both women. You have a you know: you haven’t! You want to have your cake and eat a too because he’s upset now he’s really upset. So i think i see you home. Remember the maid. Remember the maid and the note that was in the napkin. I need lawyer said carlos guess what she takes that message to up stairs across the hall into missus castilla’s room. Well, she says i’m glad you found this message, because if catherine found that message what would happen next and then the may says, what are we going to do? Well, i don’t know- and in the may says this is no joke. What are we going to do so very cahuze with each other? She says once we get, this done, catherine will go back home. Scooter will do his thing, she’ll be back in texas and we’ll go on our merry way. So they all had this planned she’s worried that he could start talking, that carlos will regain his strength and start talking and then he can go to the police and he could tell them all kinds of things because he’s getting stronger, so she’s kind of nervous. We just getting scared, she says well. If he screws me up he’s going to screw you up too and then we said well, okay, let’s not panic. Let’s not panic! If once catherine is gone, we can do what we do. We can watch him like a hawk and we’ll do what we have to do for we have to then the maid comes up and says: distatant. Well, you know what we can do. We can kill him. Isabel says rita. Well, you know what we’ve gotten away with this before, so we can do it again. So back at the bertram home before they get ready to wile, do sama, murdering berchmans packing his bags. The mercy killer packing his bags. He packs what he normally packs a syringe, a vial all that stuff and some gloves she says dear. Are you ready, you know and she’s having a party with this? He looks at her honey. Where are you going you’re not going with me i’m doing this alone, but she’s all dressed of the nines, all in black i’m going with you now you’re, not it’s far too risky, and then she says you know what you’re going to need. Somebody to do a look out. You need a look up person just in case something comes along. You can need somebody to help you on a case. You gets stuck upstairs now: honey, don’t forget his chili at grab the jacket on the sofa, as a loving wife would say before her husband is about to kill an innocent man and he’s just oh dear. You do so worry about me. So much aren’t you jester sweet wife, yes, honey! Well, let’s get off our way and then guess what she does. She takes a peek into his doctor’s bag. She takes out the sarrange she takes out the vial. She puts it in her back guess what happens next well you’re going to have to hang on in there to find out, what’s going to happen next because what’s going to happen next, oh your love! It’s what’s going to happen! Next! It’s going to be so interesting that you must take a take a bathroom break if you have to get some snacks, if you need to put down that phone, stop remember what i said put down that remote turn off the tv you’re listening to a shew okay. So i wonder, what’s going to happen next now that alma has taken taken, the vial out of bertram’s bags switch that you know not switched to bass but taken out put it in her purse. What is she about to do with that file and this a wrench well they’re on a killing spree apparently to the castillo home? So it’s a midnight murder they’re, going on a midnight, murder, ride and she’s just having a ball because she’s finally saying to herself now i can get rid of well. Who do you think, as any vindictive killer would do she’s learning the tricks of the trade from her husband? So you remember her discusses with rita, so she’s going to do whatever she can to make sure that read a pace so won’t get to that just yet. So what the diner de is having a conversation with one of her co workers and they’re having this heart to heart, talk and she’s asking her. What did you do when you had your predicament and the predicament was that she was pregnant? She went to saint anne’s and apparently saint ann’s as a hospital where they take babies and give them up for adoption sisa. How did you do that? How? How did you do that? Well, the guy i was seeing was married. I know there was no chance of him leaving his wife, so i had no other choice. I was going to put him up for adoption, so dees asking all these questions. Like you know, what was what is it like the birth? I mean: what is it like? Well, when you hold the baby, the nurse tells you don’t look at the baby, because it’s painful to watch that you’re giving up this baby. That’s that’s been a part of you for nine months or sooner, and she asked well what happened to the guy that i was married. Oh he’s he moved to utah he’s with a fat family and what happened to the baby that you know they adopted the baby. So you know she’s. You know wondering what to do because she’s in that same situation now so he said, you know what my life still goes on. The good news is you: can you you’re still young you still young, you can make the right decision. So friend is telling her. You know my life isn’t over, but you know what her friend gives her a last piece of advice before she walks away from the table. Since you know what listen to the nuns listen to what they say, don’t look at the baby’s face. Don’t look at it, don’t look at it. So isabel is the maid’s name and rita have been having their own crimes spree discussions about killing carlos and reja says you. You know i’ve been having this long discussion to myself about killing carlos for the longest time. Don’t you think i’ve thought about this before says rena? He says i thought about drawing it, drowning that so be in the tub. Last month, just last month i could have drowned him in the hot water. Then, why didn’t you said isabel? Why will she had a moment of what a moment of love isabel with a drunken glass? She told it his glass not drunken but she’s drunk at this point. She saying you know what we could kill him now we can still kill him. We could shoot him and then we this is now. I don’t want to do that. Well, you know what we could poison him. You know what there’s a lot of poisons out there in the market, but then says red, but then, if the police find us, what are we going to do, then i don’t want to change my identity again. So you see what they’ve been doing. They’ve been going from state to state killing people and changing their identities. She said us, but the last ten years, perfecting rida castillo because, of course that’s not a real name. I mean the castia was her husband’s name, but her real name is something else, but you’ll never know i’ve woide invested ten years. It’s perfecting this role of ridicalous, not giving this up. So these two, ladies, are having a ball while they’re drunk having this discussion. You know we’re not going to solve this problem tonight, so you know we’re going to do we’re going to wrap this up. We’re going to solve this problem another time and as she rests her head, isabel on rita’s, shoulder yes, cousin. We’ll do this another time we’ll talk about this in the morning and then rita says. Promise me promise me that no matter what happens you won’t leave me and isabel says i won’t. I won’t. I love you isabel says rida. Apparently they related. They related, not just partners in crime, but they related their cousins. They’ve been doing this thing for a while to perfect an identity for ten years. They’ve been doing this a while from state to state so back at are the other crime. Spry, bertram and alma are casing the joint. Could you believe, alma a was casing the joint and she brings a cup of coffee along for the ride. Okay- and i was not i was- i was surprised that she didn’t have snacks to, because, if you’re going to do a crime and you’re going to do it, you need to really do it. Okay, so easy! You know she’s telling him you know honey. I want to make this easy for you. You know so she’s devising this plan. You know what he might see you. He might be a little startled of first but bertie, you can do this, so they have this moment of solace where they say you know what, as they look up at carless room. Well, we’ll be doing god’s work and given this man such mercy and all is going to be well how about a chocolate chip cookie bertie? So of course he eats it. So you know is is crazy. So the crazy thing is is that the humble timid alma is no longer she’s, manipulating her husband to kill carlos who is not in pain, he’s not ill or anything like that, but she’s setting him up to take the fall now. Whoever knew that alma had it in her, it was only until she was humiliated and embarrassed in front of the ladies at the garden club, and then she finds out that she got d in some trouble. So that was enough for her to do what she’s about to do so. She super she’s having a cup of coffee outside while vern goes up stairs to do the dirty thing and rita still drunk in bed. Laying down is in the room. Isabel is on the other side of the room. Getting over the hangover somewhat the lights go off and birdie says, show time and gives the flashlight to bertram. Bertram takes the flashlight and alma says: oh honey. Take the flashlight, so you can see you way up to doing the dirty work for me and killing carlos you’re gone you’re, going to need the flashlight all right, okay, honey, i’ll! Take it! Okay, so he says you know how will i know once he goes upstairs he’s going to need a signal so he’s selling her hunt the horn to let her know that he’s upstairs so as honey hung the horn, that’s the indication and then she says hwere having quite an adventure, art way and she’s just having a balls. So this is this is this is almost as if it’s rekindling their relationship so they’re having fun they having an event? Oh? What on of adventure? Oh yes, you know- and this were quite the bonny and clyde, so bertie goes upstairs getting one more cooky got to have a chocolate chip cookie before you do the deed, and he goes up stairs in the middle of the night in the middle of the rain but unbeknowst to them. Vern has pulled up. They didn’t expect that so vick bertram’s going upstairs he’s going to carlos’s room. He has a flashlight in hand. He goes right into carliss room with the flash lying on and, of course, he makes a signal he’s putting the flash line on he’s. You know flashes, as you know, as she’s. Seeing him do that and as alma watches him, she gets a flash out of her own okay. Now she was supposed to do what she was supposed to hunk the horn to let him know something, but she did not hunk the horn. What she did was she went ahead and got her own flashlight, because she was up to her own little plan, while he’s upstairs doing what he does, because she manipulated him. So he’s working the upstair she’s working the downstairs, but he doesn’t know that so he’s getting the vile ready, all prepped syringe in his hand, and he just steps ever so closely to carlos and then guess what happens. The floor begins to squeak the floor. Squeaks at the very moment that bertram steps towards carlos carlos wakes up opens his eyes in terror. He said oh you’re, awake, i’m sorry! I startled you, i’m not sure you remember me. I’m doctor phillippot your vet. Meanwhile, a madon stairs, she sounds stairs he’s up stairs with her flashlight and as she walks into their home into the castillo home. She walks over to what she knows is rita’s bag, and then she plants, the vile and the syringe in to rita’s bag. Upstairs bertram is going through his spiel of saying your in a great deal of pain and i’m about to relieve your suffering as he wheels this huge syringe and carlos is looking at in dismay. Oh my god. Oh my god. What are you trying to do to me? So he gives him a sedative. Now, like i said, there was supposed to be a signal between alma and bertram. No signal happening not yet so she’s planting the vial and the syringe in the bag of rita and, as i said, an unexpected surprise, vern private investigator ern is outside now. What does she do? What is a killer to do? Well, first time killer. She sees the car coming up, not just, but she sees guess who catherine and scooter just finish from their date. So she runs back into the house. She can’t risk getting caught, so she stuck inside the house under the stairs of the stair well in the house, and then bertie gets scared because he hears a door shut and then he’s talking to carlos now he’s getting red to kill him mister carlos. Did you hear something, as is about to kill him now? Wait a minute wait, a minute carlos he’s talking to college. Did you hear something? Cars is like he can’t talk. He cannot talk so he’s. Looking at him like this man is crazy, wait a minute he is carrying this vile, so guess what he does next to save his very own life, carlos grabs bertie by the balls, excuse expression by the crutch, trying to get away from him, but it was too late. He was able to put the needle into his arm. It was too it was already in there. So meanwhile, very, like i said, is outside and catherine is inside the house vernus taking all these pictures. So we thinking all these pictures, so we can bring a right back to to ride so it gets crazy because you remember, after all, this is happening and and almah finally gets out of side of the house. She never she never ever ever ever humped the horn to give him a morning, because he said somebody came into the house honey. Won’t you supposed to give me a warning to. Let me know to give me a head sup. She did that intentionally. She could have warned him, but she didn’t because she had her own plans. So we go to vers house after he’s, he’s taken, pictures he’s nervous de goes over to his house and they have his heart to heart talk. She says i have something to tell you, but i don’t know how to tell you and i don’t know how to tell you i’ve done something. I don’t know how to fix it. I have a problem and then she tells him she’s pregnant, but he says you know what that’s okay, i don’t care if you’re pregnant, i don’t care. If that’s another man’s baby, i love you and then guess what happens next? What happens next is he gets down on his knees and he put any proposes to her and says: will you marry me and as any blushing soon to be bride would be? Was just in love says? Yes, so it didn’t matter to him, but the episode closes with the police knocking at the door and finding out exactly what’s going on at the castillo home, because carlos is now dead at the hands of bertie or almah. She set him up. She planted the vile on her hus on anri, so alma, quite quiet and calm alma is not the vindictive killer with an agenda, so she gives a one last tip. She makes a call and she makes a call to the castillo home catherine answers and she she says you know i’ve. I’ve seen all this commotion in the in the cassio neighborhood what’s going on and she and she says well, my father just died and then she said well. I heard something i heard a bit of a bit of a gossip almost as a bit of gossip. The ladies in the neighborhood apparently were talking about how rita might have been responsible and reda wanting him. What wanting himm dead that was fuel for the fire for catherine and almah, with her delightful new look, is trotting her stuff as the maniacal, manipulative vindictive killer. You want true crime. You got it soon. 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