Beyond The Vibe Live! The Secret Behind The Door

The Secret Behind The Door

Enjoying the show, i know you would that’s what i’m here for for you to enjoy some amazing stuff here on the vibe of course, siami hoson et, and i will be giving you amazing stuff here on the vibe like some music and join the music by the way i personally select that music, so i hope you’re sitting back and chilling back and enjoying that music. You know it’s great for the airs everybody it’s great for the airs, you’ll love it so keep tuning into that, but there’s more to the vibe than meads day eye. Okay, the vibe has stories. Okay, those of you who like to listen to audio books like i do you love a great story: morto, listen to a great mystery! Well, the vibe hass that too, not just mysteries but other types of stories, so those are going to be coming up on the vibe. So it’s not just going to be music. That’s not what the vibe is all about, because variety is still the spice of life. So, but here’s what’s new for those of you who are not able to access to show, i don’t want to leave you out. So here’s my number six twe one, three, five, nine, eight, two one! Six again, six, three one: three, five, nine, eight, two one six! So you get to listen to the vibe like everybody else, oh leslie! If you love the show right make some noise leave some comments. Don’t hesitate to show your love, but you can also show your love by donating to the shell. Okay. You can do that too. I don’t mind. I don’t mind, oh lastly, before we get on with the show you can subscribe to the show, as a matter of fact not to the show, but my other shew, my podcast. So when you visit the website at w w w the digital vibe com, you can subscribe and guess what you’ll get you’ll get some goodies in your in box. So you might want to subscribe to the show, or should i say my podcast ante you’ll get a some great surprises so glad that you’re enjoying the show. Thank you for listening now. Let’s get on with us, show: hey everybody, hello, hello, hello. How are you huh doing? Okay? Is it all right? Well, you’re, just in time for something fresh and something new on the vibe, or should i stay be on the vibe? Let me say that be on the right be on the vine on the digital vine, something fresh, a premier episode, as a matter of fact of one of my favorite shows you remember what the beyond the vibe is all about. Well, i may leve me remind you, let me reacquaint you what it’s about it’s about a little! It’s a fun variety! Okay, because variety is the spice of life. So it’s a little bit of music. Oh a whole lot of music every once in a while, a movie or two some tv, which is what we’re going to do right now. Has some book reads which is not work, god what we’re going to do right now? Okay, so i am literally and love with the show. I love it so much that i didn’t think at first when i, when i watched it for the first time that i would really enjoy such a show, but it’s any kind of show that gets me to express and explore my hidden talents which this one does and the gosh you know and when you’re a writer. What can i say? What can i say, but as i watch the show and i’m not gonna tell you the name of a just chat, wait for its wait for it. It is just beautifully written outstanding writing and i, like creativity, i’m a writer myself. So everything else you know writing sets to tone for everything else. If the writing is not good, then forget everything else. So forget everything else: okay, if the writing is brilliant and creative, and this one is then everything else you know goes along with it. Have you ever watched shows any tv shows and that you you ever look at the you ever really take it in and see what the writing is all about and when you write as a writer you just kind of drawn to shows that really have that. So i have that. I just have that i’m a writer and when i see creative writing, sometimes it’s just like hey, so i kind of saw this show and i thought you’d love it because i love it. Okay, i just simply love it set back. I one thousand nine hundred and forty nine okay we’re going back a little bit and for those of you who were born back in nineteen forty nine. This should bring back some cool memories for you, but we’re going to go back a lite in thousand nine undred and ninty nine hollywood style. Okay, we’re going to do some hollywood. So it’s that the the title of episode, one was the secret behind the door, because there is a secret set back in nineteen. Forty, nine! Are you ready? It starts off with such mystery. The show hollywood standing lady just comes out. None other than rida castillo played by lana perlo. You may have heard of her and once upon a time gorgeous lady in this vivant, okay revant, like raval red dress, so she comes out there, stunning in the garden club, because that’s the place to go in to hollywood b, n osan, nine hued and forty nine everybody watches her. She is simply to die for i will. I will get we’ll get to that later. Okay, meanwhile, alma filka on the other side of the window. You know it’s kind of heart, breaking when you’re, not a lady of class. So as these garden club ladies set, you know set themselves down for an uneventful evening, i’m a filka you’re going to get to know i’m a filka. She is the lady on the other side. Looking in wishing, she were part of the garden club, humble alma filka play by allison towman. I know you might remember alison and some really great shows like fargo and the well. Whatever happened to the show, calling merchants well sad to say: that’s gone down the dray, but this one this one’s good. So she wishes she were them. So she just looks looks in the window at the garden club of the ladies having fun she’s, not a lot in there she’s not aloud, and they let her know that, so she walks along her merry day. Maybe one day she’ll be beautiful, as they are goes off to her frumpy lifestyle does everything a housewife would do goes home, catching the bus, getting the groceries coming home. All of those things the typical housewife does when she has nothing else to do. But you know what alma is tired simply has had enough she’s, tired of waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for her seat at the table, simply tired of waiting to get noticed to be a part of the club. This episode is title, the secret behind the door. So, as alma goes on about her day as a housewife, she gets the newspaper as any normal housewife would do and she opened a newspaper says local philanthrope’s dead at seventy and she screams, oh with ecstatic, ness she’s dead and her husband, her husband in bed lying next to her since who’s dead is telling. Oh, oh, this philanthropy is dead at seventy. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, the competition to get into the clumb the club. Now i can get into the club what club her husband sits at club. She is thought i think i’m going to apply to be in the club, but her husband says i don’t think you should be part of a club. I love you just the way you are but she’s just so i just so want to be a member. I want to be a member of this club and and then he says: well, you don’t want to be part of this society. You’re, not a professional you’re, just a house wife! Well then she says: okay, i guess so. I’m all right forget about it! Sorry that i mentioned it, i’m just a housewife wow that she goes back to her normal day looking and staring at the window with nothing to do nowhere to go her daughter, d steps in the door and she just can’t wait to help her fix her dress. She has nothing else to do after all, so she says well, wot, you know want to be. You know, i think you ought to get out there more. I think you ought to trying for the club for the garden club. I just i can’t do that. They won’t accept me i’m too and how they won’t accept me. Well, she says: hey, why don’t you just do one thing just go to the ladies at the garden club and ax them. If that’s something you want mom go, ask them invite yourself into the club, but no i can’t do that they so shake. I can’t fit in. I don’t fit in t. Come on. Look at me, look at them. I don’t fit in, i don’t fit in and they have to vote anyway. They have to vote somebody in and read a castillo was the club president. So talk her tess talk to her talk to her, but i could introduce myself now. You know that just i could introduce myself, but i won’t do it because i don’t i just don’t think she’ll know she won’t notice me and again her daughter says why, don’t you ask them? Well, maybe maybe i will maybe i will well ask them so guess what alma filka does well. She somehow gets up the courage from her daughter to invite herself in taking your daughter’s advice. Make them remember you give them something to talk about at the garden club, so she has something to do. She has a project, but meanwhile her husband, bertram philcox, goes off about his merry day. Greeting everybody in town. Everybody knows him, he’s the person that everybody knows in town he’s a veterinarian very good at it apparently really good at it. So he takes his patience one by one and he says who’s next, so, like any other good doctor would do. Is it yet he actis patience? How can i help? Well, my dog he’s ill he’s sick and, of course dr bertram doesn’t like to see anybody in pain, so he invites himself invites himself to help his owner says it’s time. It’s just time so he played some music for the dear little dog and gives him some last minutes. While he’s here on planet earth, his owner starts to cry: maisie. Okay, as she watches on as her dot as her dog gets euthanized by bertram. He feels his doing god’s work, so she watches along with bertram, as he kills her dog. Yes, you guessed it the secret behind the door. Well, that’s just one of the secrets actually and bertram gives the dog a little memorium he’s was a kind dog. He will always be remembered. You brought joy into this world. You were loved, yes, you were well, then he closes his eyes and says, and you will be remembered as one of the best dogs on the planet, so maisie his owner looks on all is well. Meanwhile, at the garden club. The ladies are hanging out shitting and chat and drinking some wine as typical. Ladies, do not just in thousand nine hundred and forty nine, but we all do that still and they’re having a ball, but guess who walks in amo, fil cot, so sorry to intrude and she talks about her garden. She just talks about her garden that she loves and invites the ladies to what enjoy some of her gardening skills, and then they look at him. What disgusted and this this this look and it’s just horrible and she’s, inviting yourself and saying hey, i thought i could be invited into the garden club. Would you accept me? Please please, please accept me and you know what they do. They just look at her with simple and utter discuss like who is she? Who is this woman? Who is this and then rena says? Do i know you and she says? Yes, you do and then what of the ladies says yeah? That’s a veterinarian’s wife, alma filkins. Yes, i’m amo fil cot, oh arita, says oh, how nice huh and who cares so she says i’ll. Just leave you, ladies a couple of roses, but reda didn’t get up and she looks so gorgeous as as ever and she says we won’t be needing that. She said i’m inviting you to the party. Okay, we’re calling it a memorial and she said, should i wear something special yeah, but she escorts her out to where the other people hang out and then alma just sits there. Looking at the ladies again in the window, thinking that she’s invited to the garden club, meanwhile rida castile has a secret, your private life. Nobody knows anything about this, but the private investigate ses about to hire vern loomis, the private investigator in tail. He says yes, who are you? She introduces herself as redact. She says to oh yeah, okay, i know who you are well. He takes her case, decided to treat it as very discreet and she says m. Ah i hear your specialty is investigating people. Well then, she says he says: vern says yeah. It is then she says i want to investigate. Wait a minute, wait a minute. He says: wait a minute. Are you working for your husband? No, i want you to investigate my lover, your lover, wow, that’s one of the secrets. Meanwhile, bertram good old bertram, the man with the needle in his hand, is again speaking to maisie the owner of the dog, who just died and she’s, hoping that one day that she could have more than just a visit with bertram, because she herself is ill but bertram as any respectable husband would do says. No, i’m not interested in that and that about you, but she was hoping for one last time to feel like a woman. Meanwhile, back at the office, vern is hired to what investigate rita’s lover, none other than scooter a has been wanting to be, could be, never will be actor and she says i want to to investigate him, but to please again be discreet, so he says that’s funny here you are coming from you, you’re married, be discreet and you have an affair with this guy and you want me to investigate him. Who are you to tell anybody about discretion on ten she hands over the money, and then you know how that changes things man must do his job. So are you liking it so far? I knew you would i knew you would so, let’s get on. Meanwhile, back at the field cuts home alma is dying to tell the next door neighbor what is going to happen. She was just invited to the garden club, or so she thinks the neighbour kindly tells tells her you’re not invited to the garden club by the way. No, oh, that that event that comes up once a year, the party yeah that party. Now you know what they want you for wow. Let me tell you what they really want you for it is just an animal fundraiser. Okay, it’s for the animals to raise funds and they’re. Just simply using you. It’s just a fancy way of saying we’re inviting the other people into our place. They have no intention inviting you into their club. So then alma looks with the jackian and says: wait a minute. No, that can’t be that can’t be. I can’t be they’re going to nominate me. No, no honey, you’re not fit for that type. You’re, not if you want to fit into their kind because you’re, not their kind. You’re. Really going to have to step it up a little bit: okay, your housewife. You have to dress for confidence from your head to your toe it. It’s like honey, you don have to die it up, and now it okay. You got to die list thing up and really present yourself as elegant. So get some shoes. You know, dress up, look good! Okay! So if you’re going to do this, do it right? Do it right? Because if you want to get into the garden club, you must look the part so then an a says to herself hmm wow. I got something to do so she’s going to be busy about getting herself together, ready for the garden club and she doesn’t really care. You know she doesn’t really care how she gets into this garden club as long as she gets in. So even if they humiliate her, it doesn’t really matter it doesn’t really matter. So, even if they humiliate her, it means nothing to her she’s willing to sacrifice herself and look bad in front of all these people in society just to be invited into this club. So it all costs she’s willing to do anything anything and when i say anything i literally mean she’s willing to do anything. That’s desperation, that’s desperation, that’s some one who really really is desperate to be seen to be seen, because no one’s noticing well she’s about to get noticed. So meanwhile, at the garden club well at at the garden club, i shouldn’t say that rita comes home. Comparing for the big event in the garden club and she’s. You know deciding what you know what to have, what to drink. What to do. You know how the inflorentia are going to be, and then we get introduced to her husband, okay, this home, that she has is simply amazing. It’s gorgeous it’s hollywood style. This hollywood and carlo her husband, well everybody’s about to be introduced to carlo carlo, was naked from head to toe, and then she just hustles herself to go cover him up. Carlos is almost eighty years old and he doesn’t care who notices him. He doesn’t care. So he says: oh yeah, happy fancy shin dig. I don’t care because he’s paid for her already eighty year old man with a woman, half his age, you know figure that out so meanwhile, at the fil con home alma is just so excited telling bertram. What do i wear? What do i do? I want to look pretty and she’s really begging him literally telling him hey. I want to look pretty and she’s kind of telling him i want to be seen, but he’s just not getting at just yet so he says well of you know she says i would need to dress. I would need some heels. I’m going no need a hat, i’m going to det all that i’m going to need to up do my hair and then he says: well, okay, you know right! Oh yeah, i gotta get it. I i get what you have to do he’s playing games with her and she’s just disgusting with him, it’s not a time to play games. I really want this. I look drab! I look miserable. I want to look better, you know and i a as any husband, loving who who wants to keep his wife at a certain level. Okay, you honey. I you look, you look fine just the way you are just the way you are. You don’t need anything else. You look fine with me you’re, okay, and she says you know. No, no, that’s not what i want. I i want to be more than just a veterinarian’s wife. I want to start making an impression. I’m tired of wearing the dowdy old blue dress, i’m sick and tired for once in my life i want to look beautiful. I want to feel beautiful, so he hands over his wallet to her and and says here. Take it all take it all spend every last cent. I want people to. Remember you! Oh bertie, i love you. Thank you. Thank you. So much thank you and bertram is thrilled and he thinks he’s getting some, but that’s not about to happen to night. No, i’m off to what i got to do, i’m going to shop. Yes, yes, yes! Well, she is so happy. She says. Oh my gosh, my birdie, my birdie you’ve made me so happy so happy, but he’s not getting tone to night, so he decides to go out for some fresh air, some fresh air. You know you know, rather than take a cold shower. Let’s you know, go out and take some n get get some fresh hair, but guess when he goes, he takes a walk all right, but he walks over to the club were maizie is remember maisie with the dog. He goes over to the club to visit her. That’s what he takes. His night walk to the club with maisie’s singing so secrets right secrets, so they sit down for a while have a drink, and she says i don’t believe you know my name. Well, i told you her name so she’s just looking at him, hoping that this is going to be an opportunity for to feel like a woman one last time, because the thing is maizie’s about to die, she’s dying, she’s dying from cancer believe from a serosity of the liver, so she wants to feel loved and attractive and she’s hoping somebody finds her attractive because she doesn’t really look so well she’s, hoping that a man will give her the love and attention that she wants one last time so hoping- and he says: well, it’s okay, all right, knowing that she’s dying. Remember that that’s the key thing she’s dying and bertram’s in the business of euthanasia. Meanwhile vern the detective. Remember him: okay, he’s following rita’s lover and he’s following rita’s lovers: scooter the handsome cad talking to the ladies, while he walks and stretts the stuff. She follows he follows him. So, like any good detective ul, do he he excites steps himself and continues to follow. You know called gum shoes back in the day, so we decide to step into the diner where d the pilco daughter works, she’s a waitress. So that’s where scooter is sitting down at the table, but he’s really checking out scooter watching him. So the waitress d is looking over. Oh yeah, okay, so he just orders his evening meal and de spicy d. You know has a little bit edge. He likes. He likes a lady like that. Silly old is on the menu, gets himself introduced a d and gets to know a little bit more better she’s, more than just a waitress and he’s more than just a detective. So they have a little bit of an exchange. He likes a woman with spunk, so back at the back at bertram, bertram and maisie yeah. Let’s get back to them, guess what they’re doing they’re taking a night stroll, but you say he has plans unbe no as to her remember, she’s, dying and he’s in the business of usanas a and killing people. So he has plans, so he doesn’t mind taking a stroll with her it doesn’t he doesn’t mind going the extra mile, so she invites him up for night cap. Oh, you know what he’s going to do he’s going up for night cap he’s going up for a night cap and she’s hoping more than a night cap more than just a night cap, but wait a mint wait. A minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! What on it, wait a minute so he’s looking around seeing if anybody’s, seeing him in her neighborhood and he’s going up the stairs to her home for a night cap? Well, no, wait a minute! Note wait. Is he no? He doesn’t he doesn’t that’s what a faithful husband does. He doesn’t go up the stairs for a night cap right, but he kills buddy but he’s in the business of wanting to know about people’s lives. So he can do what he does so he’s not that really concerned about about masie. For for reasons he has his own agenda. His agenda is one thing, hers, another she’s dying and he couldn’t care less, whether she is or not, and she wants to feel like a woman one last time. One last time but bertram, like i said, has a different agenda. Yeah he’s the man with the needle okay picture that one the man with the needle is not interested in maisie for sexual reasons. It’s not about that he’s about something else. So it’s not about getting into her. You know what no it’s not about that! It’s not about doing that! It’s about his agenda and his paranoia an obsession with killing people that are slowly dying and close to their death. That’s what he’s fascinated with literally a fascination with him. Meanwhile, alma goes to the house of magda hot katoo, where everybody in the neighborhood, who dresses with exception, goes to get a dress. So she starts to eye this dress and another dress and another dress, looks at the price tag. Well, you know what they say. If you have to look at it, you can’t afford it so well and they and the manikins literally, are looking and saying wait a minute baby. You can’t afford this. You can’t afford us huh, that’s not for you. Let me that’s not for you, so they send her over to the other sections, but not what you think this gorgeous gorgeous few should dress eight hundred dollars. Oh wait! A minute, wait a minute, eight hundred dollars. Well, she says everything here is so stunning. Oh my gosh, i don’t think i can afford this. I mean it’s slightly out of my price range. Just a little bit out of my price rage, i’m on a limited budget. Is there anything that you can possibly recommend? Well? Well, the lady kindly escorts her over to well this suggestion. Well, she can’t get the eight hundred dollar dress, but here’s one thing a housewife can do. She may not be able to get an eight hundred dollar dress, but what does every say at home housewife know how to do with her hands. You guessed it. She knows how to sell. She decides to make or shall i say, remake the eight hundred dollar dress in the window and she’s so super excited to make this dress. She thinks she can make it okay. Hah, we’ll see meanwhile, carlo and rita are having a discussion at the dinner table and they really laying it out what they’re there for he’s there for the sex she’s there for the money sex money, they couldn’t care less about each other. There’s no love here so he’s just telling her look. I bought you so she’s telling him about her day. He doesn’t know she has a lover. You know he simply doesn’t care and she said he says you have a lover. I know it. I know it that she says. Oh, no, oh lord! No, i don’t have a lover. Kenny says, look, i know my wife, he says. Look, i don’t care you’re, pretty you’re for sale. Who cares wow as i’m getting old. He says you know, i can’t do it up any more, so you’re for sale. He doesn’t care and she says, oh what of you, son of a bitch and then she said, i’m cutting you off you’re, not having any more, and this is what it was. He says. Look you it! Please! I can catch. You it’ll cost you everything! I can take you for what you’re worth and then she says drink that bottle. I don’t care because they were having a glass of wine, so he knows she has a lover but she’s not going to tell him, but she says i’m cutting you off you’re, not getting any more. You know any more, but he couldn’t care less. He says i’ve always known that you’re for sale. I couldn’t care less. I couldn’t care less what you do with your body as long as i get them, i don’t care. So meanwhile, guess what you’re not going to believe this? She invites scooter over to her house you’re, not going to believe this, like, i said scooter to a lover: okay! Well, let’s not get into that! You want to get into that night. Yet! Alma, meanwhile, is making the dress. It’s not working out quite like she wants it to so she decides to go up stairs into the attic to get some more sewing material, but she finds something else. She finds some dust or something that looks like something red a red stain under the dresser. She starts to dig and she digs and she finds his tag, a tag that says ena dolan february, fourteenth nineteen, forty nine. What does that mean? She doesn’t know, but she holds the tag in her hand wondering what it is. Then she asked her daughter as d walks in do you know what this is. He says no february fourteenth. Nineteen. Forty five excuse me well, ina dolin, that’s all! Well! If it’s up in the attic, it’s pretty old the says: well, i’m going to bed good night, so amas holding this tag in her hand, but meanwhile, as she holds, that tag scooter, like i said, was invited by rita, come on over honey, hello lover and then says: are you sure you want to do this? Carl is asleep. He doesn’t know. What’s going on, you know, and she said i hate to waste this time. You know come on. Let’s do this and he’s what if i get cat, what if we get caught, what if we get caught and then then then he says: well, money. Is it the money she said, you know he’s attracted her all right, but it’s her money. He loves even more so then they start to get started and meanwhile upstairs in the bedroom they have a cat and the cat is about to meal. Because he’s waking carlo up he’s waking carlos up and carle decides to get up in the middle of the night because the cat will come up. We should, i said the cats me. I woke him up and he’s getting up with his cane in his hand, walking down the stairs and that excuse me, the expression they’re banging, while she’s looking at a picture of carlos she’s banging scooter, and then oh, my god, carlo calls her name up. Rita rada and an e says. I hear a man, i hear a man and she’s, oh, no, no, no! No! That’s just the radio, that’s just the radio, and he says i got you. I got you, i got you, i got you as he tumbles down the stairs. Tumble bumble rumbled down the stairs. Oh, my gosh really gets her. Clothes on scoter gets its pants up. Carlis is lying on the floor. Oh my god. Oh mg moment oh m g moment on my women kill. So are you enjoying the show huh man? Let me tell you something: this is where the vibe really starts to to really get into it. You know i love doing this. I love great tv and i love to have fun with shows, and especially when it’s lady drama, it’s dramedy. It’s stories. I love to share stories. I love stories. I love great stories. This is a great story, so i’m sharing with you a great story because it just gets juicy. I mean you, you can’t make this stuff up. It’s too good, it’s just good stuff. It’s a good googoo, the good stuff, all right, it’s the good stuff that she said. Oh my god, what that’s? What this show is all about, but you really this. These are the reasons why women kill okay dying to get into the club at anycost. That’s why women kill so meanwhile, stepping out stepping out the day has arrived for the event of this century. An alma pilcocks steps, steps with her hand, made gown looking up at rita, cat’s teal in this simply gorgeous red dress. As the garden ladies come to her and says, we’ve heard about your husband, oh my gosh! Is there anything we can do for you? Well, oh my god. No, no! It happened so suddenly, my gosh he has a stroke and then they ask is: is he going to live? Is it going to live yeah? Well, i don’t know, but thank you so very much for being there for me and she wipes her tears and as the garden ladies look on she walks away and then she’s met by the bartender. Oh my god, oh wow, fine as he is so she plays the oh, the oh gosh. The housewife has been hurt, rida cassio, ah, ah, not so so. Alma feel cat is stepping out with a fused ess that she had made and having a ball. Then she did. Oh, my god. No, no! No! No! She tips over and falls right in front of rita cat step. Oh oh, my god! Oh my god and she just looks with the light. I say oh look at that dress. Oh well, did you make that i know you didn’t bite that at the store honey you couldn’t afford that and alma just sits. There say laughingly trying to brush it off. Well, no, i love your party splendid party, i love it love it and she says. Oh, my husband just had a stroke last night, so you know hey and then alice says well. Well, emma looks on with concern and she says: well, you god bless. You almah, look at you with that dress. So even he you see how schematic she is she’s, a schemer okay, but meanwhile vern across town. It’s investigating scooter, reades, lumber but reek, but guess what scooter has another lover? Oh m g again again and then again and then vern is looking at this lady, an old lady in maycup, walking up to his stairs guess who this is you’re, not going to believe it alma filkin’s daughter, d, the waitress, oh my gosh, so back to the party. So then one of the garden ladies comes up to alma and says: are you all right say? Yes, are you alma filka? Yes and then she says: oh, my gosh she’s she’s, captivated by by her brooch, oh, but her dress. She said, oh you made this: oh okay, it’s, but it’s cute, it’s beautiful, but she notices the brooch and she says: oh my gosh, my aunt had a brooch like this and she says what my mother’s sister died four years ago in nineteen forty five on valentine’s day and an amal says: wait a minute february fourteenth. She says yeah, it’s a reminded. It’s a reminder. She says because that’s when we found her, she died on the sofa get this. She died on the sofa her mother, one of the garden. Ladies, her aunt died. Remember the date. Nineteen forty five february, fourteenth alma asked februa. Fourteen, are you sure she says? Yes, fibre, fourteenth nineteen forty five four years ago, because we were in nineteen, forty nine. She asked how did she die while she die on the sofa? So but anyway she says beautiful, brooch, beautiful brooch and amos says. Oh my god, i was beginning to wonder. What’s going on, she looks at the brooch. She says to enid love jack. Oh my god. What’s going on, what’s can you piece the puzzle together here so meanwhile, back at the castelo, the doctor is kindly forming rita that her husband and she’s grinning grinning with the like. Oh my god, he’s he going to live he’s going to live. I hope not, as she says another twenty years he’s stronger than ever. She says. Oh no. She says he could live another twenty years as she bangs the phone. Bang, bang bago, hell, no say it ain’t, so he’s going to live he’s going to live. Oh no! That’s the woman who really loves her husband huh. So meanwhile, at the garden party alma gives the brooch to one of the garden. Ladies and she says so here you can have it read the inscription she says and she reads inscription and she says i don’t understand how how did you get a i bought it? I bought it from a rummage sale at the local church. That brooch belongs to her aunt and she says so. Oh my god, oh my god, she says. Can i pay you for it? She says: no, that’s silly! No, it wasn’t honour to give it to you. I have to go. I have to go so she scurries off to go. Meanwhile, the garden lady says: isn’t that the veterinarian’s wife yeah the sweetest little thing the sweetest little thing. I wonder if she would be interested in joining our club. I wonder if she’d be interested in joining our club. I don’t know how’s that going to go over how’s that going to go over with club president read a sto. I don’t know so. Meanwhile, rita’s lover, scooter and d, the waitress are getting it at getting it on really good. He has a girl friend, that’s his girlfriend, hey. They can’t have too many huh, so kind of weird. You know kind of like one crazy thing after another, so scooter finally, perhaps might be getting a job who knows he’s already doing one job with d, so he says hey well anyway. He may not get the acting job, but he still has a job he’s somebody’s lover and somebody’s girlfriend again name your price name, your price. So he says you know what at least i have you. He says. That’s a d, at least i have you somebody that can, but no bang up. No excuse me count on somebody i can count on when i don’t get what i want, but she’s, okay with the huts she’s. Okay, with that she says she’s. Okay with that, so he says that i really don’t like the fact that you have to dress up like an old lady to see me, but you know you know one day, you know i’m gonna get a job i’ll be famous, but she says i don’t care. I said: do me a favor. Don’t make me promises, you can’t keep so the old lady gets dressed up and vern is on the other side of the corner, he’s taking pictures. He looks up. He looks up with his camera in his hand, he sees the old lady. The old lady sees him, but wait a minute. It’s not the old lady, it’s d, the waitress at the diner, oh my god it when i done yet bertram visits visits the dying. Lady yeah he went. I he went. He visited her because he has this pension for killing people. So he was compelled to go so he’s oller, hee’s fissing them the ladies. Can i offer you a bottle of wine, so she is so excited. Oh, my god, a man, a man, a man. He looks at her hospitals, possible bis because he knows she’s dying. He knows she’s, sick and she says yeah. I have sorosis, i’m dying, i’m dying but hey, and he says i know what you and she s. What do you mean? You know she says i know i know you have bruises on your body in he acts. Or can i see it well? He saw the bruises already sit sooner or later we all die. That’s why he says we need to enjoy life now enjoy it now, so he opens up the bottle of chateau bran opens it up. He said you know what. Let’s have a glass of wine. You know, let’s have a glass of one, but again, bertram has other things planned. Remember, okay! So, meanwhile, after the party alma is confused like hell about who her husband is and what does he do so she goes up. The stairs goes under the dresser when she found the first ticket and she scurries around. Looking looking looking looking looking and she finds this huge hat box and she begins to look at this hat box and she says- oh my god, oh my god, she looks, i mean she looks at the hat box to see. What’s inside words can express right now what she’s going through she takes out these pieces like a comb, these keepsakes a comb with a tag, a pipe last smoked by scott. He die n. I nineteen forty two. So she puts these momentos on the table in the attic. Lays them out. There’s lots of these momentos on the table. She’s scared, like help she doesn’t know who her husband is. So meanwhile he’s entertaining another guest, another notch on his belt, maisie dancing, her last dance, dancing her last dance and she falls to the ground. She says, oh, my god, i feel funny. Oh my gosh. I feel so funny, oh my god and he says o. Let me help you like i’m spinning. She says i’m spinning something’s happening to me and he says it’s just a sedative. I gave you a sedative, oh my gosh, i can barely talk and he’s and he says well what don’t talk? Don’t talk ill. I take such good care of your pets, so i want to take such good care of you. I help the pets and i want to help you so he comforts her why she looks up at him in terror. Who is this man? He says the end will come slowly like he says to the dogs cruelly, but you know what you’ll be remembered. Then he pulls out the big thing, the needle he injects it into her finger into her finger into her hand and remember that, because that is a key point in episode. Five and in bertram his size hm you’re, an exceptional woman, your exceptional woman, you will be remembered. You brought joy. Remember that you will be loved. Remember that and you will be remembered. Remember that and her eyes are wide open. Then he closes her eyes as she slowly dies, falling asleep the secret behind the door. Many secrets many doors, so he decides to do what he does he cleans up after he finishes doing what he does. He wipes everything down for finger prints of course, and as he walks on his way out going home to alma, he does the one last thing he does on every time. He kills someone, he gets them momento, so he picks up the fan that she was using, that she was as she was, a dance girl and a singer, and he takes it. So he takes he momento. He comes home late at night, checkin and almah, the frumpy wife, hoping she’s asleep. Well, yes, she’s asleep. He goes upstairs to the attic. He goes upstairs to the attic, the hidden attic, the secret behind the door. He goes behind the dresser pushes it away and he gets the hat box. He opens the hat box with all his momentoes. He adds one more maisie’s fan october, the sand. Nineteen, a d, forty, nine laze it in the hat box ever so gently as any killer, would goes back downstairs and off of a busy day and goes in bed takes off. His shoes lies in bed. Meanwhile, if looks, could kill alma fil cott is their loving, frumpy wife help me. So did you like that? Well get ready for episode. Two next time on the vibe music, sometime movies, tv and book. Reads: i’m glad you enjoy the show. Okay, i’m glad you loved it and don’t hesitate to tell me about it. Okay, you know so, rather than you have to subscribe to pamela or amazon prime. If you can’t afford it or you just don’t feel like a subscribing any more to anything, you get to listen to a play by play relay a why women kill right here on the digital vibe. I thought you might like that, i’m having some fun doing. 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