Beyond The Vibe Live! Woman In The Window

Woman In The Window

Enjoying the show i knew you would just as much fun as i had creating it. Okay, here’s here’s here, susan cool, though here’s something cool check this out. I know every once in a while right, we all like something, really cool trendy, fresh right. You like that, okay, so check this out. I have something that is so cool, so trendy, you don a love this okay. I just recently relaunched- and i say that relaunched, i shouldn’t say re larch, because it’s not really relaunching you know. Sometimes, when you you’re an entrepreneur, you have these ideas with the idea. Doesn’t really you know you do something and it doesn’t quite that’s not finished chet. You look. It’s like a piece of work. It’s a piece of art i create when i do this show when i do anything that i do and it was a it was a work of art, but it was not quite complete, but now it is, and i want to share that with you. I want to share that with you. It is complete and official beyond the vibe merchant dice. Yes, yes, yes, yes, it is something when you have a vision for for different aspects of what you want, and i had this idea in mine. First of all, was the podcast the show creating the show developing the idea. I mean it went into so many things. It never stops some of cyril entrepreneur. It never stops. Ideas are always flowing, creativity is flourishing. What is a lady to do, or should i say what is an entrepreneur to do? Wow she’s got to do it. You know when you have all these creative ideas and things that you want to see come out in the market place of what we call the world, then you want to do something special, something creative. It cannot be half done, they cannot be half done, so i kind of put it out there before it was ready before its time. You know i was a little bit before its time, but now it’s ready, and i want you to see it. I want you to see what i see when you listen to the vibe baby. I want you to see it. I want you to feel it. Not only the music that streams, twenty four seven, what you have access to when you visit the website, also on this podcast website, i want you to feel it. So i want you to wear it. Okay, so if you love what you’re listening to and you love what you’re listening to, i’m really serious then show your love but buying some of this merchandise. So if you really have a a good time like i’m having a good time doing this stuff, i really am then that’s how you can support the show support beyond the vibe on the digital vive. So if i were to tell you just some of the oh, my gosh, it’s it’s a full store. Okay, the design is incredible and if you’re into music, like i am you’re going to want to get this okay trust me youre gonna want to wear this. Oh you know everybody. When you wear this everybody’s going to say what do you get that they’re going to say that, because you want to wear something totally unique something creative, something that just knocks it out of this world? What d i say right? What woul do i always say? I see? Let’s fly baby you want to fly okay come fly with me, then were the merchandise because beyond the vibe is, unlike any other show on the planet. Yes, you may have listened to a podcast or two i watched a tv show were two but not like this, not like this. So if you really want to express your love and you enjoyment of a show- and it makes you feel good okay, it makes you feel good, then check out the merchandise check it out. You really going to love wearing it, because the vibe is all about music, all about feeling, emotion, positive, vibes, energy, that’s what it’s about! That’s what it’s about! So i as the founder and the creator of the show and also your host, i wanted you know i wanted to do something special, but like every great piece of art, it takes time. Everything takes time. If you want perfection, i take time growing takes time. So i give you my best, because i simply do my best show your love for the vibe check out the march. Thank you for listening, p s. Thank you for your purchase. Guess what we’re going to do we’re going to get back to the show later he everybody hey! What’s going on? What’s going on you doing? Okay, hmm! Are you ready for another fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh rush, fresh and exciting episode of why women kill season? Two episode? Two? Are you ready? You know what, if you thought episode, one was something i’m telling you episode to is something else: okay, i’m not going to recap everything, but i’ll just give a little bit of a recap. It was a secret behind the door. Remember secrets behind the door. The sugar behind the door was that that ami’s husband, her husband, is a killer. She didn’t even know that, so all the while she thinks she’s married to this mile mannered guy and finds out that wait, a minute wait a minute. What have i gotten myself into it’s almost like that marriage thing that you do every once in a while. You say to yourself when you sign the piece of paper and said what the hell am i getting myself into. You ever felt like that. Well, this is what she’s wondering what the heck has she gotten herself into so not only is he a killer, but he’s one of those kind of killers. Like a you know, a silent killer, you know a really silent killer, he looks so mild mattered, you know, and you just don’t figure. Well, not not him. He’s too nice he’s too kind of everybody. Knows him and loves him in the neighborhood. He can possibly be a killer. Well, you see that’s what happens when you looks are deceiving. Remember that that one looks are very deceiving they’re very deceiving so and then we have redicote girl. I don’t know, as a lover in as sign has a husband having the lover followed, but the husband knows that she’s having in fair, but he doesn’t care because you know what he’s bought paid and sold her, so he doesn’t care sheik club, the garden club right, everybody is it’s. It’s that everybody has to be in the in that place is the place of everybody wants to go because everybody knows who you are the garden club centers on a lot of stuff and almas dying and trying to get in there and again, i say the words i emphasize the word dying and trying to get into the garden club we’ll have to see if she gets in there well you’re going to have to keep turning in to find out. You don’t have to do that. So you know what i want to do. I want to get. I want to get you ready for season that season episode to because it’s about to come. So that’s what we left off. We left off where amaponda husband as a serella killer, but you’re going to find out soon enough that well that doesn’t really matter to her because, again, like i said she is dying to get into the garden club, so little old, makin, mile, timid, ama, fil cant is about to be somebody totally different, somebody that you never ex expected. So you have to remember too, though, as i share the story with you, i am going to be often laughed at laughing. Okay, you’re gonna have to excuse me for that one, because i will be okay. I will be there’ll be times that i’m just like. Oh my gosh, we’ll start laughing because it’s so good. It really is so what we left off amil realize it’s her husband is a serial killer, so she’s perplexed. Does it know the man that she thought she married? He said, sir he’s going off to work and she feigned sleeping pretends that she’s sleeping so he’s off to work. So she gets up that morning as she decides to check around the house and look at the man that she married the man that she married several years ago, as she remembered, oh so well back in high school at the dance, how everybody looked at her funny. Nobody gave her a chance. Nobody gave her a look very unattractive and the guy that she thought would take a look at her was busy in love with somebody else, and she had her heart and her eyes set on this really dreamy guy in high school, but he was busy with somebody else. So then, that very night of thee danced the high school dance. She cried and cried and cried because she was rejected, but then guess who noticed her bertram pilco noticed her. The quirky dorky looking bertram noticed her back in high school. She spent most of her life really trying to figure out where she belongs in where she fits in, but the moment that somebody noticed her. She was all in for this. It didn’t matter, so he decided really to not an he noticed her, but he says you know what he then invited her to dance with him, and then she said, sir. She danced with him. She saill dance with you. He said my name is alma by the way almah will came and he said i’ve seen you around in high school. I always thought you were cute, that’s what it this would. That’s a young bertram talking and then she says: oh, what’s your name, then y replies, bertram filka is is missus wilkins. Would you like to dance with me and i, as it is at that moment, that she was so enamored with bertram fulco, her lady to be husband? Then she doesn’t know what happened to her beloved husband. What happened to him? She suspected something was wrong, but she did know quite what she decided to learn everything about him. She went up stairs into the attic looking at the box, completely unprepared for what she was about to see again and again so she held the box in her hand and she grabbed it. She doesn’t know what she expects to see because she doesn’t know who her husband is. She thought this man that she married and met back in high school back in the day. Was this really nice guy, apparently look so deceiving, but there’s still that factor. Why is he the way that he is so whin? She continues to investigate who her husband is looking at these mementos of the deceased. She begins looking at the dates on the tags of those that died. She holds maizie’s fan in her hand who just recently died, and she holds that fan in her hand and just describes it determined to find out who her husband really is, so she decides to go off to find out who he is so meanwhile, ridi castillo and a gorgeous self is speaking with vern. The detective. Remember him she’s having her lover, scooter, tailed, doing everything she can to keep her secrets secret and in fern kind of coenis ly, asked how’s your husband do when i heard about him. Well, she wasn’t happy, so she really doesn’t care whether not her husband dies. So it doesn’t really matter just upon in her plan in her game, but that’s what it’s all about a game, so she could visit him at the hospital seize carlos lying in bed. Oh honey, charles! I want to speak to you. She says i’d kill for a cup of coffee, then his daughter walks in this is when we get introduced to her daughter, his daughter. Her name is catherine and she vehemently hates rita, because she knows what read is all about and she just flewn from texas to see her father, but she knows there’s something up with reader. She loves her father dearly, but really couldn’t care less. So they have this run in two women. One loves one: doesn’t why carlos lies in bed i’ll, be taking care of you papa? That’s what she says i’ll be taking care of you and i’ll be here as long as he needs me, and then rita’s response was oh, oh because you see catherine has her eyes on her as well as carlos. While he lays in bed. He knows what read is all about. He knows read his number. Okay, he’s figured it out so back at the diner, remember, d d and scooter or hooking up and vernal in the door and ver knows that she knows that he knows she knows he knows. What’s going on so she kate us to vern vern. His figured her out. Remember vern had his eye on her m. He kind of liked women that have had a little bit of a trashy sharp mouth. Well he’s telling her. You know honey. You could do better than that. You can kind of see where that’s going with that relationship, then the answer: why do you have to do all that get up and all that hiding? I know, that’s you men is you don’t know me an explanation for what you do. That’s your life, it’s not in my business! It’s none of his business! Really it’s none of his business. What she does and then she says so what’s complicated said you don’t understand, you know what’s going on and he says you know what i don’t get why a smart girl like you was settling for a guy like him and humiliation. Why do you do that and and then you know and then de says well deep down inside, he loves me, but he doesn’t because scoot is in love with himself. Okay, i couldn’t can care less about de just like he doesn’t care about rita. So meanwhile, alma is in the neighborhood maisie who just died, lives she knocks on her door. This is where i gets crazy: okay, she knocks in the door walks inside and she’s, knocking at the door, anybody home and she walks into her home you’re, not going to believe this, but maizie is left on the couch and she notices maizie’s body on the couch drained because she’s dead rigomer, as has set in and she’s looking at her dead body o. My god are you sleeping. Are you asleep? So she shakes her body touches her hand, missus morian, oh my god, that she jumps back. Oh my god! Oh my god. Oh my god, she looks at a picture on the wall. She holds the fan in her hand that bertram took she said. That’s her fan that belongs in the wall that my husband, bertram, loving kind bertram, took before he killed her and it fits perfectly on the wall o, my god. Oh my god, whom i ever married. Oh my god, oh my god this this! This doesn’t make sense. She said she’s like this doesn’t make sense. What is going on. This is crazy, so she gets herself out of the house walks out the house. Bat at vern’s office he’s taking care of the animals some of the ladies in the garden club. They have animals and he’s takin care of their animals, luckily, for them they’re not dying, but when they do bertram’s going to be there to pick him up. So one of the ladies in the garden club has come to like her, so she says you know what that was a lady that gave me t the pan. You remember the lady with the brooch, the lady with the broch. She said. Oh my gosh, my aunt died four years ago. That’s her brooch and almah was kind enough to give it to her. Remember that that very lady also has a pet that bertram was taken care of, so it gets really scary, because the very lady at the garden club reminds bertram that my aunt, oh you’re, not going to believe this. My aunt gave me this pen, that’s the pen that bertram took from the lady that died, the garden lady’s daughter died four years ago. It turns up again here full circle, they’re, both in the doctor’s office and bertram’s. Looking at the very pin that he stole when i killed the garden ladies aunt, so he’s kind of getting a little bit nervous because something is getting really too close, then he asked well. Where did you get that from he says? Oh, i got that from your lovely wife. Your lovely wife he’s getting nervous because alma is about to find out what he really does other than being a veterinarian, so he tries to play it off and now he’s scared as hell, and he wonders why his wife didn’t tell him well now you see why so he’s nervous, so he scurries home. Okay literally takes his behind home walks into the house and guess who’s sitting at the doorstep: hello bertram. She says we need to talk. We really need to talk. She wants to know who her husband really is. Who is this person i married? Who was this person? She had no idea that this timid guy back in high school, this timid young guy, who was so shy but invited her to dance, would be a killer, a serial killer at that, when you think you know somebody and you think you marry somebody’s like. Oh my gosh. Sometimes you really don’t know people so she’s trying to figure out and who is this guy who’s, this guy i married it gets crazier. It really does because now that they’re going to have to sit down talk and the talk, would you like to know more about what heyre going to be talking about? Can you can you just imagine what they’re going to be talking about? Well, first things. First, she asks him well who are you so then they have the discussion about what are these momentous on the table? Oh, he says well, no, they they just mementos. I took from friends patients. People have met people who are now dead, they no longer alive. They’re, just harmless, keep six and then she said wait a minute. Is this what you do? I just saw a dead woman, a dead woman. Yes, a friend maisie, i saw her home your latest souvenir. I wanted to look up her dress. I wanted to talk to her alma as but it was too late for a chat, oh and then he tries to play it off hold. Let me get you a cup of tea. Well, i think she needs a little something more than a cup of tea. Okay, where were you last night? She asks i just went out for a stroll. You know just a walk in the neighborhood and i just hope that there’s a perfectly good explanation for all this says alma, because i don’t believe this is possibly true. Tell me what’s going on what is going on, who are you? Bertram maisie was very ill and she needed some help and alma says what from natural causes. What happened last night, she deserved a beautiful death and i gave her one what it’s why i was there to help her die peacefully. What do you mean help her with an injection? It’s the same drug i use on my dogs. Wait a minute you put her to sleep like she was a dog. Well, she was suffering so very much they all were. They all were. Yes, each was dying, alcoholism, heart disease, cancer and when there’s no possibility of a cure, then i bring them. Peace won a minute. You killed all these people. Yes, i helped him. What did they ask you to sesame? Well, i’m like, oh, my god, what’s wrong honey, i can’t i can’t breathe. My heart is pounding. Well there you need to calm yourself. Really. You need to calm yourself from what cut myself for what you are so crazy. She gets away from him because she doesn’t know who this guy is she’s in total, complete and utter shock. You kill people for a hobby, you kill people for a hobby, that’s what you do. They were sweet sobs. I helped them. They were alone and scared, nothing to look forward to unimaginable pain and suffering. I could no longer see them do that. I allow them some mercy. The first person i helped his way she asked me too. She begged me. You should have seen her face afterwards. Oh it was a way ever since then it’s been my calling o. So he calls it alma. Are you listening to me says: bertram shoot i ain’t listening to nobody. I was busy trying to get out of the house, so she snuck through the window, gets out of the house walks away cats the hell away from bertram, so he’s pleading and begging at the other door. Meanwhile, she has escaped going into the back end of the house. Saying don’t come near me, don’t come any closer. Where are you going? Where are you going? Don’t come me closer? I’m going i’m getting away from you, i’m afraid, i’m afraid of you, i’m a please don’t go. He says, please don’t go but she’s living in fair for this man who’s her husband, who’s, a killer. She gets away in her car drives away, leaving bertram dismayed of it at the doorstep. Meanwhile, rita and scooter have some scooter time, they’re having some fun time and he’s just so enamored with her. But now you know what it is he’s enamel with her money. I mean she’s gorgeous for real okay, there’s no doubt about that, but he couldn’t care less, sometimes about that. It’s the money that she’s giving him so you know have a little boy toy in the side had a love. I have a little something something something to pass the time away from dealing with carlos. You know, you know, when you have a car lose in the house, you want to have a little something on the side that makes you feel like a vibrant woman right. So that’s rita. Okay, that’s rita! So she’s talking to scooter about the cleaning. Lady remember the cleaning. Lady is remember. Vern give her the information. There was a cleaning, lady and he’s wondering who’s the plain she’s one she’s asking scooter who’s the cleaning. Lady, you i don’t know who what cleaning lady you’re my lover i wouldn’t mess around on you, who is the cleaning lady so now scooter knows that he’s being watched. Because d is the cleaning lady, so why they figure out what they’re going to do in their relationship. Carla’s going to hopefully die soon. She hopes all that money. You’ll. Have you can be a chauffeur with me. Rita tells him you could have. You can have big things with me boy. That’s what i want you to be just say what i want you to say and once carlos dies all the money goes to her, so the sex gets even hotter, so on the other side of town alma decides whether she should, as she stands by the police station, to turn her husband in then get so. The cat hip drags in redicote comes up to her and says: oh hi. How are you you know? How are you doing now? You know rita, doesn’t like alma, okay, so she’s going to play it off and say: hey my friend grace at the garden party. That’s the lady who almah gave thee a pin to likes you. So she says you know what i’m going to give you a little bit of a nivy because of grace now you know that rita doesn’t love alma for no good reason, okay, she’s just using her and then alma begs. Oh, do you think i really have a chance. She says: well, you’re, not my first choice but hey i’ll, put in a good word for you i’ll put a good word for you. So so guess what, though, reda reminds alma that, in order to get into the garden club that you have to have a spotless record, that means your family has to be spotless as to be no issues with them. You know no police issues, no criminal issues. Now this issues, all these different things so as alma looks perplexed at the police station and she hears this from rita and you know she’s dying to be in the garden club she’s, rethinking whether she should turn her husband in you have to have a spotless reputation so wa that good kind alma is deciding well. Let me think again about this. Hmm, maybe i maybe i won’t you know. Maybe i won’t life’s just not fair. You know it’s not fair when you try to do the right thing and your husband’s doing the wrong thing and then as rideal away shin salzar and please, by the way, don’t wear that frumpy outfit to the garden club acceptance. So ama changes her mind. She decides not to turn her husband in simple minded. Alma is going to play the game like everybody else, is playing the game, so she’s playing the game to her liking to her advantage, but that’s what everybody else in hollywood’s doing we just doing it scotis doing it everybody’s doing it. So now, if everybody’s playing this game, what happens when you play games often times what you end up? What what tell me tell me you end up what losing the game, but when you see a person like alma, timid, alma housewife board at home, going nowhere doing absolutely nothing you’re, not going to believe once she made that decision not to turn her husband in after knowing that he’s a serial killer, if tim and alma can turn to somebody that she’s not wow, because she was the last hope of people doing the right thing in the neighborhood, but it’s because of the garden club so dying to get into that club so going to do whatever she needs to do has to do want to do to get into that at all cause. It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter at all. That’s how bad she wants this. So meanwhile, back at the carlos and reda mansion, well she’s talking to her maid about scooter, scooter, her lover and guess, is at the door. What are you doing here? Oh i brought you a present. Your husband, hey, papa carlos just got well with daughter in to well it’s a miracle he’s doing well he’s at home now rita. To her dismay, no carlos is thing he’s going to be here for a while and she is like what so carlos is well and, as the doctor said, he could live alone. Another twenty years, but remember catherine, is moving in. So she says yes he’s going to live here, because i can give him better care and keep an eye on you rita, because i know what you’re up to i don’t trust you and then guess who’s downstairs schooner is downstairs at the same time, women at the same time that carlos is coming home from the hospital with his daughter, catherine dan. That’s bold! So she tries to play it off. Oh this guy! Oh, oh, who is this guy? Oh he’s my dry, cleaner in front of catherine and the maid. Now the maid knows the full story. There’s always somebody that knows the full story. The maid is a nose he made. She knows everything going on so she says that that scoto now he’s a dry cleaner, so catherine is watching her as she tries to play it off and but she knows a something’s, not right here, she’s suspicious from day one, an older man, her father with a young thing on his arm sums up. She said i know you’re ap ye after papa’s money. I know you don’t love him. She is everything that papa. Does it’s my business now so she’s moved in his business is her business. So you know what i’m here on his behalf to take care of him. I don’t care what the hell you do, but i’m going to watch you be okay. I i don’t want. I don’t need papa’s money, that’s what she says, but she says you know what, but i ah i will always have an eye on you, my eyes on you. So it’s crazy, it’s crazy, because then she still invites scooter into the house scooting into the house. That’s crazy! She’s! Bold! Won’t to bring her lover into the house at the same time, her husband’s coming home from the hospital and the maid knows of the maid in on it, so the maid is trying to cover it up, but meanwhile carlos looks out the window and guess what he sees his loving, hmm adorable, beautiful woman, half his age, wife, kissing lover, boys, scooter m, and he looks at his wife. Meanwhile, at the diner de and alma are talking mother and daughter having a little bit of a chat but she’s not going to disclose to her daughter who her father really is a what he is so she’s asking. Are you are you and daddy? Having problems? Are you are you having marital problems? Is everything? Okay is is dour, your father is not the man who i thought he was. Is there another woman and then she looks well yeah. There was another woman maisie who just died, and then she says i’m so sorry. She doesn’t know what to do. I love every thing. I’ve ever dreamed of i put into this man everything everything i put into him and if they found out that she’s not telling deem what the problem is, but if they found out my whole life is shattered and a daughter kindly says, put your needs ahead of everybody else. For once in your life, be selfish. Put your knees in front of everybody. Else’s needs, put your knees in front of everybody’s else’s needs because you’ve always done everything for us. Then d says what happens now. Well, amma response. That’s a good question. I don’t know what to do so at the carlos and rita mansion, with catherine thrown in the mix. Rida and catherine have another talk, another run in so they’re having a little tetety. This is, i know you. I know you. I know you, i know what you’re about says. Catherine. I know what your story is: young girl, rich man, older man. I know your story so rita with a glass in her hand walks upstairs to visit carlos while he’s taking a luxurious bath, and she says, is the temperature in the bath water, worn enough honey. Now you know he had just had a stroke, so he can’t say too much his eyes are doing all the talking she says. Well, you know what you got to bark in when you got me and you know what he she begins to do. You’re, not going to believe this. She says she goes over to the water, the tub, water and she’s about to drown him literally with hot bath water. I- and he says she says please for little for me for rita. Please he’s she’s drowning him. Oh my god, she’s just literally drowning him in the bath water and as he gasped his last breath. Oh, she looks vindictively and viciously, as only rita could do catherine comes in rita. Well, she pulled the plug on the water s. Oh my god. I thought you had the beth, what it just wor, i’m sorry i didn’t realize it was so hot and then he looks at her. He says a well, you know what maybe i’ll get it right. Next time as she looks at carlos and then carlis looks back at her and says you crazy bit, you i’m gonna, kill you! There’s a lot of love in that relationship. If looks, could kill? Okay, wow, so are you liking it so far? Huh, okay, wait this more so at the at the felgate. Bertram is just wondering what to do himself now that his wife has found out what he does. So we decide to have a hard to hart talk with his daughter to see if everything’s, okay, but you remember, almah, said that he was having an affair and she says daddy. Why are you having an affair and he has to play it off? I’m not! Oh! I didn’t mean to do unaffable. You remember, alma can not lose her chance, her spot at the garden club, so she had to make up a lie and say that he was having an affair. So bertram nows know that alma is a little bit on his side, because she’s willing to keep the secret that he has to get what she wants. So she’s willing to cover for him and d, is in the middle caught in the middle confused thinking that there’s an affair going on when there was none so bertram still deciding. What is it going to do next, so he’s crafting this letter, dearest, darling almah by the time that you read this, i will be as he sets the needle and everything else on the table. What is he about to do? What do you think he’s about to do? Do you think he’s about to to stop and give up that pain that he’s carrying? Because that’s what it is is he is he deciding that he’s going to stop doing this for living, because he feels he feels like it’s is calling to do this. What do you think is going to do? Well, his conscience is getting cricked a little bit so he’s having to decide whether to give this up, which he perceives is a calling which is a guilt trip on himself for whatever reason, because there’s always a reason. But what is it going to do? He has to decide so on the other side of town. Meanwhile, vern the private investigator is investigating scooter still, then he sees d. Now d is no longer dressed as an old woman because she knows she’s being followed. So there’s no point wherein the get up, so she she’s out there in the middle of the rain, knocking at scooter’s door to let her in. But can you believe this cooter says? I don’t know you who are you? Who are you i’m sorry? I can’t let you in here he locks her out of the door after he gets what he needs. So she’s left standing in the rain, but she’s about to get a saviour in vern. This is come on in here. What are you doing, walking in the rain you’re going to get soaked you’re going to get sick? Are you following me says d? What are you doing? He said: don’t stay out here all night in the rain. You could get sick. I i thought you were telling scooter. He said yes, i am but get in the car. No, no! I won’t get in the car. You are going to die to your death walking in the rain vinces. So she finally complies and gets in and he looks at her and the way that he looks at her is a man. That’s loving her because he truly cares about her. He knows she could do better. He knows she can do better than settling for a guy like scooter. So since i got a question who is scooter’s, lady friend, do you know who she is, and he says yeah i know, but i’m a private investigator. I can’t tell you, i cannot tell you it’s my job to be discreet and i cannot tell you who it is. Is she pretty? Is she gorgeous to wish she? I cannot tell you for inces, but verus is, like i said, really concerned about her. Why do you put up with this? Why are you put up with a guy like scooter? He says the days that men didn’t want me. People refused me and then scuda came along and gave me some attention when he gave her sexual attention. That’s not the attention that she really needed, but that’s what she got at the time so he’s trying to befriend her and being the guy. That cares. Why do you do this? You know these guys, don’t care about you. Why do you do this to yourself, because it’s just a form of attention, so he helps her out, gives her place for the night, not his place, but a place to stay for the night, because it cares about her, but de just continues to go on what is her name? Who is this mysterious lover that scooter has bern says i can’t say it wouldn’t be professional and then de says: do you think he loves her? That’s not for me to say says for that’s not for me to say, but what should it matter to you? He says why should it even matter to you what he does so he gets out of the car and he opens the door for a lady. That’s how we see her. So she says what are you going to do with that rich lady you’re following well, i’m going to keep following her. He says you know what vern your special. They have a heart of goal. She said, ah, was wrong. You’re, a good guy. Everin starts to laugh. Vern is a good guy he’s a good guy. You think something going to happen there. Hm well, you’ll have to see you’ll, have to wait and see the next episode what’s going to happen, because i’m not going to tell you just yet so alma at home in the rain, walking home comes home. The next door neighbor that very old lady, the next door. Neighbor starts to wonder: are you okay? So she starts to get nosy like a typical nosy neighbor does, while alma walks into her house, hoping that bertram’s not home, hoping nobody’s there, don’t know what to expect any more because she’s afraid so bertram she said bertram. He was sitting at the table so the letter that he wrote by the time that you read this. Is this a suicide note. He was about to kill himself. You really are the most selfish man that ever lived said alma. You are the most selfish man because that’s the easy way out of your guilt, so the nosy neighbors listen to them. While they’re having this argument, it’s a pretty loud argument because she can hear. I love you, you still my birdie. He says she says i should say: well they decide to wash a dishes together. He said i thought you were going to turn me into the police and she says no, i’m not going to do that. What is it you want? Almah? He says i want my life back. I want to pretend that none of this ever happened. I want to put it behind us. Let’s agree to never speak of this again. The killing has got to stop, but meanwhile the old lady is listening. Atop a ladder while they’re having this argument never again broke bertram, never again, bertram i’ll, never kill again. He says well in that case you know what i want you to do. You won’t be needing this hat box in the attic any more. These are going in the trash okay. So she takes the hat box with all those mementoes and throws it in the trash. While the nosy neighbor is listening beside the house, i will not any longer spend any time in bed with a murderer: the nosy neighbors listening. All this is going on in the rain. So guess what the neighbor does. Oh, she can’t get enough. She decides to dig in the trash with a hat box with the mementoes and sees hat combs and combs tagged. Oh my god. These people are murderers, the murderers, so she gets up the ladder in the middle of the night in the middle of the rain, while bertram and alma are having this fight about stopping the killing, and she decides to do some investigating on her own. So she steps up the side of the house, the bertram’s house, and she slowly takes her old behind up the ladder. While it’s raining to find out more see, that’s a true gossiper man, okay, a true gossiper is a person. That’s willing to go to any length to find out everybody’s business in the neighborhood okay. She is willing to go up the ladder in the middle of the night in the rain. This lady is an old lady over seventy years old to find out the gossip about who these people are. Who are these neighbors? That’s when you know that’s, when you know, let me tell you something audience. I love you guys. That’s when you know that’s a true and authentic gossiper m, it doesn’t get any better than nat. Let me go on so they’re having the fight they’re still having their fight and she goes up the ladder and the latter, and then she listened to them. Oh honey. I don’t mean to kill these people. Yes, no you’re, not you’re, not an adultery, just a killer. Take a pick. You have murdered people’s dreams. He said i wouldn’t call that murder. I help people to die now, you’re a murderer, you murderer, you’re, so cruel honey. He i’m just trying to relieve them of their pain. I’m trying to help them then look away, walk away, don’t do anything walk away, but the old lady on the ladder couldn’t get enough. She said i will turn you in. If you keep doing this so take the pillows. Take the blanket and sleep down stairs. Oh and she closes the window. She closed the window. The lit the old lady’s hands were in that window. Get it the window drops the window. Sill drops the ladies hands are in there. They get scrunched. She falls to her death. Then guess what it’s not over, yet the two killers realize the old lady is dead after listening to their gossip. Oh my god. What are we going to do so now? They both become chillers. So whether almah wanted this or not she’s, now stuck with a killer and they have to cover up a killing. Oh my god. What are we going to do? Well, let’s call the police wait, wait, wait, wait i’ll hold up. We need to call the police but alma wait a minute. This is alma saying this. If we call the police they’re going to wonder why she fell time, almah filka is covering it up. We’re going to have to explain what happened. Why did she go up the ladder? A seventy nine year old woman, climbing a ladder for what there’s going to be so many questions says almah. We can’t have that all over town remember her spot in the garden club. We don’t need that kind of scrutiny. We don’t need it. So guess what they decide to do. Bertram sky start to scream out and say alma l what we going to do w? What are we going to do? Oh honey? This is what we’re going to do as she looks outward towards her garden. Guess what she does simple minded: frumpy housewife, alma filka. It’s now a libit of a killer, so she looks out into her garden said. This is what we’re going to do: bertram she’s calling the shots now! Oh, this is what we’re going to do. We’re gonna have we’re going to bury the old lady and our garden in a beautiful, lovely garden. We’re going to bury the old lady. You thought you never knew alma fil cut. Well, let me tell you something: this is what happens, but you literally want something more than anything else. Well, she’s going to get the attention right, but she’s deciding what type of attention she’s going to get so now, thig kills and gring. Her desire to be part of the garden club is means more to her than anything else. I mean it’s more to her than anything else. So if you like that episode, if you love it, tis more episode, three coming up next time, you’re gonna have to tune in for that you’re going to enjoy it. You’re gonna enjoy it. So before i close this episode, this is what i want you to do. Okay, i want you to do this every time you watch not watch, listen to the show. I want you to do this. I want you to snuggle in your favorite, blankets, have a cup of coffee or some tea, whatever a glass of wine. I want you to enjoy. This show okay, but i told you this was good. I really did and you’re going to get more you’re going to get more next time. So this is your little getaway okay. I always like to to call it and get away because it’s a breakaway from the get a way of life that you can sit back, relax and enjoy to so next time episode. Three! It’s about to get funky up in here. It’s going to be even crazier, alma filka, a killer, wow, okay, anyway, next episode next time. 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