Beyond The Vibe Live! Scene Of The Crime

Scene Of The Crime

Enjoying the show i knew you would just as much fun as i had creating it. Okay, here’s here’s here, susan cool, though here’s something cool check this out. I know every once in a while right, we all like something, really cool trendy, fresh right. You like that, okay, so check this out. I have something that is so cool, so trendy, you don a love this okay. I just recently relaunched, and i say that relaunched, i shouldn’t say, re large, because it’s not really relaunching you know. Sometimes, when you you’re an entrepreneur, you have these ideas with the idea. Doesn’t really you know you do something and it doesn’t. Quite that’s not finish. Chet, you look. It’s like a piece of work. It’s a piece of art i create when i do this show when i do anything that i do and it was a it was a work of art, but it was not quite complete, but now it is, and i want to share that with you. I want to share that with you. It is complete and official beyond the vibe merchant die. Yes, yes, yes, yes, it is something when you have a vision for for different aspects of what you want, and i had this idea in mine. First of all, was the podcast the show creating the show developing the idea. I mean it went into so many things. It never stops some of several uncreed ur it never stops. Ideas are always flowing, creativity is flourishing. What is that lady to do, or should i say what is an entrepreneur to do? Wow she’s got to do it. You know when you have all these creative ideas and things that you want to see come out in the market place of what we call the world, then you want to do something special, something creative. It cannot be half done, it cannot be half done, so i kind of put it out there before it was ready before its time. You know i was a little bit before its time, but now it’s ready, and i want you to see it. I want you to see what i see when you listen to the vibe baby. I want you to see it. I want you to feel it. Not only the music that streams, twenty four seven, what you have access to when you visit the website, also on this podcast website, i want you to feel it, so i want you to wear it. Okay, so if you love what you’re listening to and you love what you’re listening to, i’m really serious then show your love but buying some of this merchandise. So if you really have a good time like i’m having a good time doing this stuff, i really am then that’s how you can support the show support beyond the vibe on the digital ive. So if i were to tell you just some of the oh, my gosh, it’s it’s a full store. Okay, the design is incredible and if you’re into music, like i am you’re going to want to get this okay trust me, you gonna want to wear this on. You know everybody. When you wear this, everybody is going to say: where do you get that they’re going to say that? Because you want to wear something totally unique something creative, something that just knocks it out of this world? What do i say right? What woul do i always say? I see? Let’s fly baby, you want to fly okay come fly with me, then wear the merchandise because beyond the vibe is, unlike any other show on the planet. Yes, you may have listened to a podcast or two i watched a tv show were two but not like this, not like this. So if you really want to express your love and you enjoyment of a show- and it makes you feel good okay, it makes you feel good, then check out the merchandise check it out. You really going to love wearing it, because the vibe is all about music, all about feeling, emotion, positive, vibes, energy, that’s what it’s about! That’s what it’s about! So i as the founder and the creator of the show and also your host, i wanted you know i wanted to do something special, but like every great piece of art, it takes time. Everything takes time. If you want perfection, i take time growing takes time. So i give you my best, because i simply do my best show your love for the vibe check out the march. Thank you for listening, p s. Thank you for your purchase. Guess what we’re going to do we’re going to get back to the show later, hello, everybody? How are you? How are you doing? What’s going on m? What’s going on another day in a life i’ll be on the vine well annette another day in the late, so hope you’re enjoying the show? I hope you are pretty cool huh. You didn’t think that housewives were that crazy, huh. Well, some of them get that way. You know some of them get that way. Well see i’m not a housewife, so i don’t know what it’s like to be desperate. I don’t know i don’t know, don’t want to know, don’t want to know, but it’s interesting though it’s a very interesting show, i’m glad to to be doing it really, because i really find fun in doing something: that’s simply dark a little and comedic a little. So it’s a kind of a blend of the two with fictional, true crying now i said, i said one time i was not going to do true crime in any kind of way possible. I did say that you know i made that commitment to myself. I said i’m not going to do true crime. That way, i’m not gonna do everybody else is doing it. Well, guess what right never say what okay never say? Never so i’m doing it i’m doing it, but i literally promised myself. I said i would not do true crime there’s too much crime going on in this world. You know, and i just kind of wanted to stay away from it, but then i said wait a minute. A lot of it is the non fiction. Type i’d rather stay away from that okay i’ll be fictional i’ll, be fiction at. So that’s why i decided. I said: okay. Well, if i’m going to do this, i’m going to do this fictional fictional, because i can’t i can’t do the other way. I can’t even watch that stuff. I don’t know if you do, but i don’t. I don’t watch crime anything hardly and when it comes to shows tv shows in very limited on the the shows that are related to crying there’s enough crime going on in this world. I mean i’m a serious note. There is so i tried to distance myself so much, but somehow, if the show wasn’t this good but fictional crime, fictional, true crime, so that’s the kind i really rather do so rather than the other kind. I’m not i’m not a fan of doing something that i i really don’t enjoy doing and it’s just not. You know it has to be enjoyable for me. I have to enjoy it. I have to really want to do it. I have to feel that it’s something that i really truly want to do as a creator of a show and if i want to do something, i’m going to do it, but i have to feel it. That’s like everything i do. I have to really feel it and if i don’t feel it for some reason, if it’s something that i really don’t want to get involved in a d get into, then i won’t do it. I simply won’t do it. So that’s where i’m at that’s. You know, that’s why i do this. For that reason, so, last time right, you want to get into the show. That’s what you’re here for right? Will you have for everything else too? You should be. You should be here for everything thing, it’s a great show and i hope that you’re in listening mode, you better, be you better, have your blankets? If you need it, you better have the things like your snacks and everything else that you need, because this is a show. So i want you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show and have all your favorite goodies, all your favorite goodies. So whatever you have as your favorite goody doesn’t matter what it is whatever it is whatever it is. This is better than a movie by the way. Okay. Well, that only does it not cost you anything, but hey, you’re, really, really, you know getting some dish, some dish, i’m going to dish it here, i’m going to dish it out. You don’t even have to watch the gossip channels or listen to the latest gossip on the news. So last time we left off right. What do we live off? Well, i remember, let me remind you, we left off when the old lady in the neighborhood, the nosy neighbor got too nosy for her own good. Yes, she got to nosy for her own good, so she met her demise. She met her demise. She was so nosy that she had the audencia to climb up the ladder up the stairs a stared ladder. That’s on a side of a home that was back in the a one thousand nine hundred and forty nine, who knows they might still have them to day vintage homes who knows won. That was the last time she was nosey. Huh she’s not going to be nosy any more. So i think it’s definitely done for her. So she’s no longer with us. Lo kay daily departed, missus, nosey, neighbor, missus, nosey, neighbor gone gone, no longer, so guess who wakes up the next day after the treacherous in rendus evening amapilcan and the phones ringing and with eyes wide open. She answers the phone, oh, my god, who could this be calling this early the morning at nine o’clock? It’s grace grace is, on the other end of the phone and she says what’s wrong, because nine o’clock is very early for some of us. It is she says. Well, i just wanted to call you and give you a heads up on the garden club. They are convinced that you are garden club material. So this is what i want you to do. I want you to be prepared because guess what they’re coming over to your home, what my home, i’m not ready for this! Oh my god! What do i do? What do i wear? Oh my gosh, but then she says to grace you’re a true pal and then she makes a promise. Grace says: don’t tell anybody. Don’t tell rita that. I warned you because she’s going to know you were prepared by me. So guess what alma does? Oh, my gosh, she looks at her house. Oh my god! This is a horrible looking home, it’s filled with drab and shab and a typical housewife, stuff oak old. You know you know old stuff. Drabby, like you know the archy bunker. You know back in the day the archy bunco home look typically like drab from pe typical housewife stuff, same old stuff. So guess what she does guess what alma does she runs across the street to the old ladies home and she takes her. She takes her. She takes her. She takes her her, oh my god, her wares. She takes her everything in her house. Oh my gosh, everything all ter furniture, well, not an ferniture, but all the the trinkets on the on the on the thing on the table. She takes all of that from the old ladies home. But meanwhile, okay, there’s something else. That’s a little bit worrisome here, you’re, not going to believe this. The detectives are now on the scene of where alma and bertram pushed the old lady’s car into the lake they’re investigating this, because somehow something gave him a heads up on something’s going on because it was reported as missing, because you remember she never showed up. Okay, the old lady is dead, but alma was pretending to be the old lady, but when she took that phone call, you remember the phone call. The phone call was a relative saying: are you coming up to visit us, but she never made it because you remember, the real person is dead. So apparently they reported her aunt is missing, so the car is missing. So now investigators are on the scene of the crime, so they’re investigating. How could this happen? How how the investigatin the fact that that you know they think that the old lady drove herself into the lake and killed herself, but that was not the case. We know that and guess what they discover footprints in the muddy dirt. Well, they said looks like the old lady had company, but they don’t know which lady had company there was a lady in the vehicle but which lady was the leading the vehicle and she had company and that company was bertram. So as we get on with the story, the filhos pretend that nothing has happened just last night, so he comes home, say alma alma. Where are you honey? Who are you she s? I i don’t lot to do. I don’t have time to explain i’m trying to get ready. These people are coming over to the house from the garden club to interview me. She just tell me what’s going on, what’s going on, what are you doing? The ladies from the garden club are coming they’re coming to our home. That’s why i’m in the old ladies home, taking her stuff, i’m taking the finest china, the finest porcelain that i can possibly find, and i need to bring that over to my house, because i need to make a good first impression and the candlesticks will do good too. So she takes all that and bertram is looking at her perplexed and confused as to what is she doing honey? This is what i want. This is my time. This is what i want, so i want you to be patient and i’m going to do whatever it takes to make a very good impression. So let me take what i need from the old lady’s house and everything will be okay, so bertram’s just sits back watching his crazy wife do something that he doesn’t really understand and get, but to ama. It’s a different story: she’s trying to get into the garden club, so she’s going to do whatever it takes. Meanwhile, back to the scooter story, scooter and rita. Well guess what scooter now finds himself living on the on the street? Reda says no more! Ah, ah i’m done with you no more! No, i pity enough for you. Oh, come on no come on. Have a heart, have a heart might wait baby? Please don’t do this. I know i messed up, please. I know i messed up. Then she slaps him and says: oh well, i don’t care. You are interested in a fat girl, a middle aged woman and then she says, wait a minute, catherine. What? Yes, i want you to seduce catherine. She still wants him to seduce catherine. After all this, please don’t do this to me, but catherine will destroy me. So then she convinces him to seduce her, because if it doesn’t happen she will be disinherited. So in other words, it’s a little. It’s a little bit of a double edged sword. Ferida, on the one hand, rita wants to be able to have control. Do her thing? Have scooter and everything else, but she knows that catherine now knows what she’s that something’s wrong here. She knows that so does carlos, so she’s willing to put up with scooter and his adulterous ways. No, i wouldn’t call it adultery but his ways to be able to get catherine on the other end, so she’s kind of stuck in the middle she’s kind of stuck in the middle of these two things betwixt and betwixt. She stuck in the middle of this whole situation, so she doesn’t know what to do so. She’s willing to give him everything back. If he would do that. One thing, and that is sleep with katherine and then she said, scoop senior acting. He says: i’m not a horma actor, no, not says rita. I’ve seen your acting you’re, not you’re, not an actor. You not an actor. You get paid for what you do by me. Then she drabs off his towel exposes himself and one of the ladies in the neighborhood says dan ye fat ouch, so interesting, she’s willing to forgo all this just to get catherine because she doesn’t want to be disinherited. So the lady has an agenda so meanwhile vern the detective is being investigated, the investigators being watched and guess who’s he’s being watched by he is being watched, but a former person that he was investigating. He was investigating this couple and it turns out that the husband did know his wife was having a fair and vern was the investigator on the on the case. So he was investigating that. But now this guy calls him with a threat. He said, if you exposed me with those pictures you took of me, and you tell my wife, i will kill you, i will literally kill you so now he has a threat against his life, so the plot gets so twisted here. Doesn’t it it gets so twisted, but won’t you know this scooter had so way to the diner and guess what he does he hands over to the diner to see d and ask her for money. Now he’s begging the same so b, who told ye. I just want you for certain things locked her out of the door locked hour out of the door when it was raining and toll and said that i’m not interested in you- and i could do better- is now begging for money, because why reader through a mouth i’m desperate, i could end up on the streets, oh boy and then de get. You know what she does. She gives him the money she gives him the money, after all, he’s done to her. Finally, he says thank you. Then he says i never meant to upset you. I never meant to hurt you yet. Yes, as they i know we were just having fun. I never meant to hurt you you’re, a really nice lady, i’m sorry! Well, maybe things will turn for the better and then these as well. I believe some things are going to turn out for the better. She starts grinning with a smile thinking about none other than vern she’s got vern on the brain, so at the fell cut home they discussing what’s coming up next, so she’s cleaning up her house getting ready for the garden. Ladies from the garden club they want, you know she wants to look her best, shek stylish. You remember what old lady said to her the old lady that fell at her demissa. You have to make a good first impression. Well, she and the stuff that she took from her house. She took this painting from her house took down the old painting of her and birdie crazy. She literally went over to the old lady’s house. Looked at her picture, looked at the painting and said: hmm that would look nice on my wall. I don’t want them to see this old tacky picture of you and me i want to. I want them to see something like a bin somewhere. So she goes over to the old lady’s house and she takes that painting off her wall and takes that painting and says this will look better in my house. Come here. Bertie help me help me. Take this panting down. I want this up in my wall then, should grab some. Please have so desperate you’d better do this. I could never dream and imagine being part of the garden club, but now i have a chance. You better do this or else well, bertie, does what any husband would do who’s desperate. He runs over. He takes the painting off the wall, while the police are on the outside of the home in front of the old. Ladies home. Oh my god, oh dear, what do we do? What do they do? Well, you have to wait a little bit and see what happens next, because i’m going to tell you what they’re going to do the police are outside the door. They’ve come knocking. It led them to the old lady’s house. Remember their investigating the old lady, so they’re inside the old lady’s house and the police is at the front gate. What do you think happens? What do you think happens? What do you think happens? Well when you look at to want to be crime, people crime, whatever they don’t know what to do. They’re new at this game? Well! Well, then again, maybe not bertram isn’t bertram isn’t, but bertram is a new at it, but maybe alma is so while the police are outside there inside the house. What do we do? Oh, my dear! Oh, my god, okay, look! Let’s get ourselves out of the front of the window, so they won’t see us then we’ll try to ditch ourselves some kind of way we have to make it look like we’re, not even in this house, because you know what if they hear us they’ll think somebody’s in here robbing the house. So the police look in front window, you see anything. Nope, don’t see anything. So they kind of literally scrunched up on the side of the house. Well alma hits the floor behind the sofa telling him you be a diversion for me. Well, i go this way. You go that way because i’m going to go out the back door, the side door and pretend that i am coming from my house- pretend that oh, the neighbor is so there, so he does his diversion, while she’s crawling on the floor getting out of the house to go to her house and he’s watching her from behind getting this getting all jacked up, because nothing’s going to happen and the police are still looking in the window, they’re still looking in the window, then, as she scummed over to her house, she goes out her own back door and comes out the front hey who he ho over here: hello officers, offices, hello, hello, hi. Yes, you, hello ma’am. How are you are you looking for the lady next door who used to live? Who lives there? Well yeah. We are well she’s been gone for two days and her relatives are looking for her. So then, meanwhile, in the house, bertram is stealing the painting off the wall. So all of this is a diversion, so i was playing it off. She’s talking to the police- and you know talking about her vehicle and the moment that bertram takes the painting. He takes the painting, he’s he’s coming out of the house, but guess what happens as any crazy show. He stumbles and fumbles with a painting in his hand and falls with it in the paint in the yard and he falls down so then alma has to do and pretend she’s fainting. Oh help me. Oh somebody helped me so the officers are looking at her like okay. Are you? Okay? Ma’am? Are you okay? Oh i’m, just look. Hey, i’m just a little bit emotional! Well ma’am! You seem pretty emotional here. Oh yes! Well! I am you know, i’m going through the change. You know you know what the change is and then the police office as well. We understand. Okay, we understand so back to the old lady’s story, so they found some footprints two sets of footprints at the river. So they think that the lady is still alive. So ama plays it off. It has to still pretend knowing that the lady is dead, so they give the police officers give. We said, if you find anything if you find any information, let us know so they hand her off the their phone number and you know if they see anything, let you know let her know, but that’s not well. He did it was so funny because amas, you know she reacted so emotional when she’s so bertram she fainted she felt like she fainted said that she was going through the change and some of us know what that is, so the police officer hands off his number give sir his number in case anything you know happens and the old lady happens to come back home. But then the young police officer said this ma’am, it’s okay, my my mother is going through the same thing. The change. I understand that was so funny she’s going through the change. What i understand she gets sweats too. All that night wet and she says: oh, that’s, mighty gallant, a you, so she trust his back over to her house. So now, meanwhile, back at vern’s place verds place. He gives the a call at the diner and says i you know what i’m coming to see you, which you know, let’s have lunch, hmm it’s starting to date. She you know she thinks of him as her boyfriend and he says what pay, what wait a minute, what a way we’re just going out for some friendly lunch, that’s all and an rita walks in the door. You call yourself a detective you’ll call yourself a detective, a twenty one year old lading, a wig. Why didn’t you tell me? I try? I trailed the girl, but you didn’t tell me she was dressed up like mock kettle. What’s her name burnses, i can’t tell you that she humiliated me. I want her to be punished. No she’s, just a kid leave her alone leave her alone. Mister loomis tell me her name and i’ll, make it worth your while nice try, lady, but i’m not for sale. Every one has a price. Well know, not me: how much does mister castia pay for you hm? Oh. Well, yeah. I understand you just married pretty little thing he meets you. You meet him you’re, just a sex toy. How much does he really pay you because you’re for sale, but i’m not so you got yourself a giggle says vern. You fool yourself into thinking that he loves you, but now you know that he doesn’t and so you’re starting to panic, because you’re financially scared that carlos is going to cut you off and the young guy scooter is only interested in your body and your money. You can’t speak to me that way. Oh yes, i can. I just did no one speaks to me that way. Well then, i don’t need your help says rita the pot calling the kettle black huh so wow. Meanwhile, back at the fico home, alma and bertie are still disgusting and havin a little fight about what to do after they just had to run in with the police. Well, you know he’s kind of mad and angry, because why do you want to take our picture of our family off the wall and replace it with something else? My family means so much to me says bertram and you want me to take off the picture off the wall. That kind of hurts him, but again remember alma’s, willing to do anything at all cost to make an impression make an impression on the garden club. Ladies, so vern and in d are having a date and ver doesn’t know how to carry himself because, while they’re sitting at the table she’s enjoying herself, but he doesn’t know how to act, he is pouring way too much salt on that sandwich way too much. He says i’ve never done this before it’s been a while. It’s been a while, since i’ve dated i’m kind of like getting back into this, so you’re gonna have to forgive me and excuse me: he says that doesn’t make sense a nice guy like you so nice i mean i would have thought you had. Someone special well says vern. Well, i did. I once had a lady who were engaged, but then you know then the war i went to war and i wasn’t the same guy. When i got back well, you must have seen a lot of debts. Huh yeah i’ve seen a lot of death, said vern, so but that’s okay and the fact that you came out of the situation you’re going to be okay, so you’ve seen a lot of debts but you’re, okay, you’re here, that’s the whole point you’re here she kind of makes him feel that you know what you went to that difficult time. We all go through the difficult times, but still you still here, you survived, you lived, but guess what, as for having their delicious lunch, the embattled husband, the one who threatened vern is sitting across the table from where the and verner having some lunch. He is determined to kill him, because what he knows is going to expose his infidelity to his wife. So he will kill anybody at all cost. So, while they’re sitting on having a really nice lunch at the cafe he’s over across the table, he meant what he said when he was when he threatened him. He meant exactly what he said. He says i am going to kill you i’m going to do something about that. So vern obviously didn’t take the threat to personally he kind of said. Well, you know what you know. I don’t think you’re going to do anything about that, but he was a little bit nervous because he never obviously had a threat before, but he got one now so the husband is seeing right across the table. They haven’t seen him, yet they haven’t seen him yet, but he’s looking over at them saying hiding behind a newspaper, i’m going to get you i’m going to get you for what you did so as a story in folds and it doesn’t fold who knows what’s going to happen next, who knows? Well, i have an idea what’s going to happen next, but i don’t believe that the beginning of a relationship is going to end quite just soon, so we’re at guess we’re at we’re. At the field cut home where alma, just not alma rita, is at the door step of the field cut home getting out of this lujo one thousand nine hundred and forty something i don’t know what the car is, but it’s gorgeous. So the ladies are at her arm as she walks up to the stairs in front of the fill cut home- hmm, lovely garden, you know snumming down already and then grace is saying, give her a chance, give her a chance leave her alone. Okay, we were alone, so what alma alma opens the door hello. Ladies, oh, what a surprise. I know you expected a formal interview but read it and i decided to just come over to your home. We decided to just just jump in oh okay, all righty. You know well! This is me here i am come on into my home, so they look around her house snubbing down at her home. Did we catch out a bad time? Well, no, i was you know, just cleaning cleaning and what in fact- and then we just says come on. Oh, i was going at the church later after i finished wearing this cute toutit, but then rita knows better than that rita says: n’t come on. Oh, this is a perfect timing and then ride says well yeah, as she looks at grace too perfect, so she pours every one, some tea. So every one can get to know alma. Well, this is not a large property says rita. This is kind of small well, but you know what the ladies don’t seem to camp, but somehow rita has a whole lot of criticism. Okay, so the ladies, you know she says you know they look over her house o. What of the ladies says? Oh i used to play the piano. You play the piano. Oh yes, i did. I used to play the piano so then the other ladies start to talk, and so the conversation begins and guess who walks in bertram, of course, walks in and the hello. Ladies, how are you and then she of course introduces her husband. Everybody knows who he is he’s a veterinarian in the town, the gorgeous picture. Oh my god. Oh yes, then they start to notice a picture, the picture of paris on the wall. Oh, so they noticed a picture in the wall. Oh my gosh, it’s a lovely picture. You’ve been to paris, you been alma says. Of course i have. Of course they have now. Let’s be honest: what is the lady a housewife with little of no income living off her husband going to do in paris, so she’s pretending she’s in paris, so the pictures up on the wall so now she must play this, so she has to play off this line. Oh reda says you’ve been to paris where, where have you stayed in paris? I know several of the hotels now we know reda been there right. Where have you been? What did you say? Oh well? Well, well, we always bertram. What do we stay? What do we stay in paris, hotel, plateros? Oh, yes, the hotel, peter nos, oh, it’s so charming! It’s so charming! Yes, the hotel petara! Well, i think you know something like that. Well, so it’s like okay, it’s like she’s got to play this thing off. So then the door bell rings and guess who is at the door? Well one of the garden. Ladies, her old, dar ole mother. She said i found this lady in your car. What was this lady doing in your car, but it’s another it’s this lady who apparently is related to another one of the ladies who happens in p. Part of the garden club happens to be her haunt. So can you you know the inviter in they might a red. You know i didn’t almost as i don’t want people to see that i’m running a lady party with old. Ladies now, okay. So meanwhile back into dino vernus having lunch with d. So as they finished her lunch, she pays, but he looks over across the table and guess who he sees he walks over to him with a limp leg. This is what are you doing here? How do you do mister lummis? Are you following me? Doesn’t look like it? How did you know i’d be here so obviously followed him. Then he walks over and tells de we got to leave this place. Do you have a back door? Yes, through the kitchen, let’s get through there, because he’s about to follow me, so they walk out the back door of the diner and he reaches for a knife. So his threat was serious. So then, again at the back door, okay, he’s one of who is this guy, says de who is he one of my clients? Okay, oh and they meet him right there he pulls out the knife. He is okay, all right! I don’t want any trouble. I don’t want any trouble it’s well. I met i’m mad at you because you’re going to get me to some trouble. Well, you should have messed around on your wife. Then he wheels the knife and takes the knife punches. Vern out takes a knife and slashes his leg d jumps on his back, trying to fend him off. He reaches for the knife. Again takes the knife and slashes his leg. Again, oh my god that an officer is watching. At the same time, officer officer, says d: this man he’s trying to kill us, so the officer runs after him and i guess what happens de runs over to vern and seized his leg. The very leg that was damaged during the war and sees that leg was cut open. Oh my god. He he just he covers it up and she looks at it. Oh my god. Oh, my god and then he’s like embarrassed and he’s in terror at the same time covering it up, that’s his demon he’s dealing with so back at the party, the old lady, not the only that got killed, but the other lady she’s sitting there talking to bertram. You know she said you know kind of say i don’t know why my why my niece wants to be part of this garden party. So she’s talking to bertram, now hear this old lady. It’s going to disclose something to bertram the last person in the world. She wants to disclose anything to, but she doesn’t know that yet so they’re having tea sipping tea, but they want something a little bit tougher. They want some wine because it’s about to get down and dirty with the gossip, so they’re talking about the things my son wants to marry. This lady says one of the ladies at the garden club she’s, thirty, two, the but thirty something years old. No, you know wait a minute now her son is twenty something and- and she is almost fifty so the gossip goes on. My son wants to marry this lady. That’s twenty something years old, so that’s nothing on rita, rita has nothing to say here. So young girl, you know it’s crazy. So then they start to gossip some more a little bit more. So then rita can’t obviously take it, because you know why it hits too close to home because she is screwing scooter, but nobody in the garden clubs. No, but none of the ladies know that she is that’s the secret that she’s keeping quiet. So she has nothing really to say about this. Other lady, that’s in the club whose son decides to marry a lady that is younger than she is because she’s almost fifty and their son is wanting to marry. Somebody, that’s you know t you know that’s younger than that, a thirty something year old difference, so it makes her feel old because she’s almost fifty years old but rita, can’t take it any more rita says i can’t take this, so she walks out of the room while they continue to gossip and she walks into the kitchen where she meets alma. Now this is where could it be that alma and rita have something in common? Could it be that they’re coming together? Could it be that they have something in common? Let’s find out so she said, i need something stronger than just some wine give me something stronger, so she gets some whisky. So she says, are you just having a bad day says alma? No, no! She takes you know she takes the whiskey, she doesn’t drink whiskey, but she took you know she takes the whiskey anyway, and she says you read a castillo a bad day. My gosh you’re, so beautiful it’s so gorgeous and she says: do you have anything other than this whiskey give me some ginger rail, so alma hurries over to get the ginger ral? He says some people, you know you take your look for granted. I don’t have those kind of looks and then vita says. Well, you know. Beauty, like you doesn’t fade, says alma you’ll have that gorgeous ness until a day you die so read us just eating this stuff up just once says alma. I wish i could look like that. I wish i could be somebody just once just once and then she as er. What do you think of me? Well, then, rita says as she sizes her up. I think you’re, a very nice lady, then an ama laughs, probably too nice for this club, but but you seem to have a little bit of tricks up your sleeves and she says how do you know that well lays back reader, because i know paris and i know you’ve never been to paris come on. I know you were just putting that on. You knew all the time so alma. Yes, i like the dress but come on sweetie you’re, never going to clean in that dress. I barred it well good for you says, rita. I love a woman who reinvents herself, but but let me tell you now: it’s always going to be somebody smarter, prettier and stronger, but you know what this is. What you can do, play the game and then alma says. Well. You know what i have so much to learn from you rita. I could learn from you, you you. You know the masterful art of pretending to be somebody that you’re, not so i can learn from you. Well predates her ego was about to get stroked. Well, maybe i will teach you a thing or two. You could be my next project. Yes, i can give you a makeover. So then you look you let me into your club. Well, she says well under one condition, bet you get something a little stronger than whiskey. He has that so scoter is still not finished. Doing his scooter things. He visits the castillo home while read, of course, is not home because she’s busy at the garden party, so she bat. He begs the maid for money. So he’s looking he’s into the house while catherine is upstairs and so he’s playing it off. Have we met. I don’t think so. I believe we have. I don’t think so. Oh you have the dry cleaner and then scooter says. Oh, who are you? Oh? I am catherine carlos’s daughter. So then the maid, you know the nose he made knows what scooters up to, because they all have that secret gives him some some money and then catherine walks down the stairs and gives him the pan to take to the dry cleaners, bring it back. No accidents, please press this way. Press that way to scooter he’s not a dry cleaner under disguise. Yes, ma’am i’ll bring your pants back as good as new, so you see he does act after all, and then he looks over at the maiden says. I believe you want me some money, an extra twenty dollars, so the maid looks at him with disgust because they know each other’s secrets and then he walks over to catherine m. By the way i love that scarf you’re wearing that’s a lovely scarf. Hmm, so catherine such a said, o my lovely, charming young man and then the maid knowingly knows what’s going on, says so he’s about to because she knows the secret he’s about to seduce catherine. So, back at the party lots of stuff going at the party, the old lady begins to confide confide in bertram. She tells him her story, she’s been suffering in pain. Remember, that’s! Not the guy! You want to talk to she’s suffering, you know she’s a suffering, lady and then she says to bert. Why do you want to talk to me? I know sand bag like me. Well, i enjoy talking to people who are about to die so they’re having a great conversation, but the other conversation, meanwhile, is going on the back room. So this continue to gossip about each other’s husband. Well, your husband. Let’s talk about your husband and the gossip goes on and on and on and on and on, but that’s what the garden club is all about. It’s about nothing of pure gossip, so they also talk behind each other’s backs. Okay, it’s a fun, it’s crazy! So meanwhile, so they start to what talk about exactly what’s going on when the party starts and what’s going on with the party when the big event is so almah decides to um, you know she’s, not bored, but anything they do. She said i could listen to you guys talk for ever and ever and ever and then she starts to walk. Look over it rita and says: wait a minute, rita it’s giving her! This look s. I can listen to you. Ladies talk all day long, because you know the conversation was getting kind of boring. So then rita looks at her and says: do you like the conversation alma and then alma has to play it off and say? Well, yes, i could listen to you. Ladies all day long. Your conversation, intrigues me and then rita gives her a look to say that’s what i thought you’d say so they’re having a good time, because obviously the game is pretense. We’re all pretending here: okay and then the old lady in the other part of the house, as it looks like your wife, is getting along quite fine with the garden. Ladies and then the dog is marking outside. Remember the dog, the old lady’s dog, so bertram and almah go out to get the dog and he’s digging up the garden. He digs up guess what he digs up. He digs up the hands of the old lady. The dog knows its owner, so he digs up the hand a hand is coming up off the ground and they’re. Looking at this a dismay, oh mg moment, what do we do? What do we do? Well, i’m not going to tell you what they do not just yet, so you have to just wait a minute. So are you liking the show? This is what i’m here for to entertain you. You know. I always thought that why women kill was an outstanding show. I thought the writing was incredible, simply credible, because i’m a writer and i thought doing this show was so damn cool that i watched it. The first season, but i loved it so much. I was watching it and i had to decide it was, i think, two thousand and twenty which so i was going to do because there’s plenty of shows. I watch no, no. I shouldn’t even say that i don’t watch a lot of tv. You know you have your go to shows. So i have my go to shows and my go to shows my goaty ship were a couple of different shows, but they were all mostly kind of female lead shows, but my go to shows always had drama my go to shows always it was a dark show, but the writing. The writing on these tv shows was the things that drew me. So i like the concept of why women kill, because why do women kill? Why do we kill some of us do crimes of passion, crimes of love, crimes of whatever it is, but i didn’t want to like i said i didn’t want to do a true. A crime show a fit a nonfictional one because i never lived in. I don’t live a true crime situation, but i know a lot of people do, but i don’t i’m not caught up in that kind of stuff. I don’t even listen to the shows of the podcast ill watch it on tv. So i thought the creativeness of this. The concept of the first season was so incredible and so creative that that was it and then other shows i watch. I still watch other shows on tv, but i looked. I was watching the first season, so i said you know what i’m going to do, i’m going to do this season and then have it streamed. So that’s why i decided to do it, so you know, but i was i was practicing how to do this. How am i going to do this show and don’t want to do this? You know as a creative person, so i decided to do this because solved so i decided to do it so i’m doing it. So meanwhile, right let’s go back to the story enough of my story, so the dog is digging up the hand of the old lady. What do we got to do? What are we goin to do? What we going to do, what a good dog we got to get the dog, and then we got a. We got to cover up our story, so ama goes inside. The house bertram goes at is outside the house and she has to play it off. You know, let’s do something diversion again diversion well rita, says: no wait! A minute! We’ve seen enough. Your house is precious, we’ve got to go, we’ve got other things to do. Okay, and i read, it- looks at almond says what the we got to go but almas as wait. A minute wait, a minute. Why would you guys just stay a while? Let’s have some treats? Are you in for some sounds, so the diversion is trying to get them away from the window, because bertram is out there digging up the hand of the old lady. The dog is and bertram’s trying to cover it up and get rid of the dog. So then they go over to the one of the ladies who plays the piano. Let’s entertain, says alma, so she gets as she sets and she gets to the piano. Anybody know any good songs back in the old days and then, when i know this song well, i know this song because i did know the song, but i’m not that old, but everybody joins in anything goes: okay, that’s the name of the song, so bertram is in the back yard why the dog is barking at him, because the dog knows you killed my owner they’re sitting in there having a party everybody’s joining joining the song. Anything goes so he’s trying to tie up the dog and do something she’s inside trying to get them to have a ball and they’re having a ball even rita, so he’s covering the hand up with some more dirt, because the hand was so visible but remember anything goes. The show must go on so there they’re creating one diversion after another after another after another. So let’s get started in song, says alma fell god. Let’s do some songs. Let’s say a why, ladies, let’s saying so, they sang for a little mile so across town in the back alley the ambulance takes care of vern the dot. The the medic says you’re going to need some unico going to need to go to the hospital because you you look pretty bad, so i’m not going to any hospital so the walks over and, of course, she sees the leg. She says you know what is this? What you’re trying to hide all along is this. Is this? Is this what you’re hiding you don’t want me to see? He was ashamed. Enver says you know what i served my time in the war. I served my country, and this is what i get so he was a little bit bitter and who wouldn’t be, who wouldn’t be when you come home from something like that: you’re, not the same person physically mentally, sometimes emotionally. Yes, i served my country, he had a wife, she was proud of me, but she couldn’t handle the pain, i’m not the same woman. She saw she couldn’t the said that she couldn’t handle it. No, she couldn’t handle it, so she laughed but you, but but you know what is that, why you haven’t dated anyone else. Is that the reason why he said well, i couldn’t stand to see another woman’s face. I couldn’t not the way i looked, and then you know what the says. Look, i’m not going anywhere i’m here for you, i’m fat girl and then the same officer that was investigating the crime of the old lady comes out and apparently vern and him they know each other. So he steps out and says: hey is this guy, bothering you and then they look at each other in this smile? So they know each other. So then they look. They can have this look at each other and he says of course not no, so they introduced themselves. They used to work together. As i’m d, i m ama filka daughter, and you know what he says a oh who are you the polite’s officer said looking at vern. I miss girl, i’m his girl, then she reaches for his hand and he says yeah she’s, my girl. Well, the party isn’t over just yet oh ama, we have such a great time says. Grace and rita, says you know what i’m still not absolutely sure just yetbut you’re on the list and grace says yes, so i was pretty happy bertram, so so so bertram decides to take the painting of paris off the wall. We said of nothing enough of this. What are you doing? What are you doing says alma i’m taking the picture off the wall? I don’t know why we have to pretend i want my family to be the way that it is i’m tired of pretending, i’m tired of pretending now how we going to explain this. How we’re going to explain this to everybody! I want our things back. She said i don’t want that life anymore. I’m done with that life, i’m keeping the photograph i’m putting it back on the wall. What are you going to do about that? Well, bertram’s, getting tough but alma’s, getting even tougher. Jesus. Look i’m no longer happy with the scraps. Okay, i want my seat at the table. I don’t want people looking down at me any more. I don’t want him looking down at me any more. I don’t want the scraps, i’m tired of it, so meanwhile outside the home, guess what happens? You’re not going to believe this. Just when alma thought she was going to be invited into the garden club, guess what happens her dreams are about to get smashed. Okay, our dreams of being a part of the garden club, the it society is about to get smashed. Yes, it is guess how remember i always said these things intersect with each other. Each relationship is intersecting. With this, scooter is intersecting with catherine intersecting, with d intersecting, with reades to it’s all connected so now, as bertram and alma fight, she wants her new life. He wants his own life, so they’re fighting on which life they’re going to have. He wants it his way. She wanted her way, who’s going to get that way, nobody’s going to be happy, but she she figures. Well, i put up with you and your treacherous ways for twenty plus years. So it’s about time that you put up with mine what her dreams are about to get scotched as the ladies go over to their respective vehicles, going back home to their husbands. Guess who’s walking up the sidewalk. Yes, who’s, walking up the sidewalk as they get back in the vehicles. Talk about. We had such a ball at the field cut home alma is our next gal she’s. The next one and reda says oh yeah. Perhaps she is until cass who walks down the sidewalk, none other man berns new girl, who’s, also alma yeah. You got it and bertram’s tater, remember rita knows who the fat lady is until she didn’t know until now, but now she knows who she’s related to and then rita with this face that only i don’t know what you can imagine shrieks with evil with evil, like the look that she gets when she used to play once upon a time no indictive vicious bitch. She looks at it and she looks at her. That’s not happening. What i see is not happening before me. She looks and sees d with her parents with alma, but she sees d d is who she really sees and she sees them hugging and loving on each other and loving on each other. But the moment that d saw, i mean, read a sow alma and bertram hugging and loving on each other because they compromised, they said we’re going to compromise as any happy married couple would do, but not crazy, like that she sees them coming together and rita, looks and says i wish i had that, but that that that jealousy turned to rage when she saw de and the moment that she saw d. That was it. That was it that acceptance into the garden club hm don’t know. If that’s going to happen, not with rita on the prow the moment she saw d hug her parents is the moment that she knew who alma really is, who the the connection she knew. The connection, oh, you can imagine, so she is going to do whatever she’s going to do because d destroyed her play, what’s scooter and everything else and how could scooter mess around on her with that fat woman? So you think now all is going to get into the club. Perhaps perhaps not you’ll just have to tune in next time. You just have to tune in next time, because i’m not telling you so i’m not going to tell you that’s not what i do. It’s a mystery. Okay! So next time season, two episode, five look me up: okay, you’re gonna. Look me up you’re, going to listen in put those airs on get into listening mode, have a glass of whatever you want, doesn’t matter. What you have with me doesn’t matter as long as you’re, okay, you’re chilling, and you enjoying this show that sound that matters so check out. My twenty four seven streaming media show be on the vibe. Nothing, but music yeah check it out on the website at www, the digital five get it be on the vibe com. That’s michele baby! That’s all we’re going to have for today, but next time tell all your friends sign up for the news letter and check me out next time see a