Beyond The Vibe! They Made Me A Killer

They Made Me A Killer

Enjoying the show i knew you would just as much fun as i had creating it. Okay, here’s here’s here, susume cool, though here’s something cool check this out. I know every once in a while right. We all like something, really cool trendy, fresh right. You like that okay, so check this out. I have something that is so cool. So trendy, you don’t love this okay. I just recently relaunched, and i say that relaunched i shouldn’t say, re large, because it’s not really relaunching you know. Sometimes, when you you’re an entrepreneur, you have these ideas with the idea. Doesn’t really you know you do something and it doesn’t quite that’s not finished chet. You look. It’s like a piece of work. It’s a piece of art i create when i do this show when i do anything that i do and it was a it was a work of art, but it was not quite complete, but now it is, and i want to share that with you. I want to share that with you. It is complete and official beyond the vibe merchant dice. Yes, yes, yes, yes, it is something when you have a vision for for different aspects of what you want, and i had this idea in mind. First of all, was the podcast the show creating the show developing the idea. I mean it went into so many things. It never stops some of cyril entrepreneur. It never stops. Ideas are always flowing, creativity is flourishing. What is a lady to do, or should i say what is an entrepreneur to do? Well, she’s got to do it. You know when you have all these creative ideas and things that you want to see come out in the market place of what we call the world, then you want to do something special, something creative. It cannot be half done, it cannot be half done, so i kind of put it out there before it was ready before its time. You know i was a little bit before its time, but now it’s ready, and i want you to see it. I want you to see what i see when you listen to the vibe baby. I want you to see it. I want you to feel it. 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Thank you for listening, p s. Thank you for your purchase. Guess what we’re going to do we’re going to get back to the show later hello, everybody glad that you can join me for another streaming episode of beyond the vibe, or, should i say the show of a show of the show wheres why women kill season two. Are you ready for some more excitement? Have you had a chance to listen to the episodes and ben j on that huh? Well, you’re going to really want some more because here’s some more right guess, what’s up episode, five, and i guess what’s next right after five or six- and you know how that goes right. So this is this is going to be something because last time when we left off you remember that d and in vern work were confessing there, boy and girl love for themselves, and they were letting the world know that they were in love. Okay and she was his girl and he was her guy. So that’s where it left off the interesting thing about that. Is it brought them closer together? The fact that vern had this major major injury brought them closer together, so that’s kind of cool and we discovered that there was more secrets more and more secrets and, as the story goes more and more secrets, more and more lies, that’s how the story has been weaved sex lies and money scooter and his problems with rita, read it with her problems with d fern, with this problem with rita and alma still trying to get into the garden club, but finds that that’s not going to be as easy as she thought it is, or is it bertram still with his wicked ways, bertram still on his guilt trip to kill people so there’s so much to the story is going on. So my question to you is: are you ready for episode? Five? Okay, you want to get down to it. Let’s get down to episode five. So when we begin episode, five, we go back to the story of who is bertram and we find out that bertram has this complex because it’s a guilt complice because of his mother. So before she died, she was ill and her illness was was arthritis. She gave him this kind of story that this is where he got his killing ways from okay. She gave him the story that you’d be simply doing god’s work and we all have a time on this earth and some some of us have a short time. Some of us have a long time, but that’s when he starts playing the music, because bertram didn’t just become a killer. All of a sudden, you can thank his mother for that. I could thank his mother for that. She was the one that started him on his killing ways. She was the one that planted the seat of a guilty, complice complex in his mind, so she wanted to be free. She says i want to be finally free from this suffering, the suffering that i’m feeling this pain that i’m feeling i want to be done. I wanted to be over because nobody should suffer this way. So bertram is witnessing this as a child of six or seven years old and his seeing his mother die before him and she’s compelling him and pushing him to do what mammy wants him to do so she tells them. Let us begin, let us begin the act a few than of euthanasia and then she tells him. You know what son i would. I would do this myself, but i’m too weak. So then he as a six year old boy, injecta needle into his mother’s arm and as he watches her and she watches him. She says what you’ve done is a glorious thing. You’ve done to night- and i will always remember that remember my heart is always with you and then he gives his bewildered grin as a six year old boy who as totally confused and then he takes his mother’s wow. He takes his mother’s scarf for cloth or napkin that she kept. So he had a pattern of that, but it started with his mother and that’s when he started taking momentums momentos. Excuse me from people from all of his victims. He would take a piece of them, but that’s how it started and he would keep them as momentos and put them in the box. But his mother started him on that journey of a crazy, bewildered, confused young man, and then he grew up to be white and guilty. Well, let me say it like this: a man with a guilty accomplice because of his mother, and he never got over that. So as a story, an falls. Bertram has a vision at night of his mother and that’s su vision that he sees every single night, a vision of his mother and then he sees a vision of the old lady. Remember the lady, you remember the lady. That said she was very ill. She was at the garden party where alma was getting ready to be inducted into the into the club, or so she thought he started to get a vision of her and he saw a night vision of her with her arm pulled out and that terrified him so much. But he saw this night vision of his mother and then the other lady who was at the party, and he was terrified he doesn’t know he doesn’t really understand, as he got older what his life has become, but it gets worse before it gets better. Then he he tells his wife that honey. I couldn’t sleep a wink. Last night i had these very bad dreams, and so i was explaining to his wife. You know honey, i don’t think i’m okay and then she says: well, you know what i had a perfectly good time and then he talks on and on and on about the old lady who’s seriously out, because he’s just dying to kill her and then he confesses to almah. She wants me to kill her and then alma says what nina you cannot do that stop this killing! Stop this murderer spree on whatever it is you’re doing. You need to stop and she’s a simply tired of him because he goes on and on and on about this lady. He really deeply inside wants to kill. He wants to put her out of her misery and then alma says. Are you out of your mind? The risk is far too great. His honey you’ve got to stop this compulsion to kill people you’re killing people for no apparent reason, she’s trying to help him, though, but he’s beyond help, so he’s fighting these demons, but he just can’t seem to win so he takes a visit right. He makes a phone call to his priest that he knew as he grew up as a child, and he makes this phone call to the priest and he says, can i come over to your house after thirty something odd years, so they are about to get reacquainted because he realizes that he does need help and maybe the well. Maybe this one person can possibly help him get him through his pain. So meanwhile, back at the castillo home rudas having this simply delightful conversation with the ladies at the garden club, it saying that alma would be a great addition to the club and then the maid walks in and the maid looks at redan says boy you’re, looking mighty evil to day and well. What is the evil lady to do? Huh? She says: why do you do what you do in killing people? Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to humiliate someone so she’s, just as confused as i was, so carlos is getting a little bit better and guess who the cat drugs drags in guess carls is having this conversation with his daughter, catherine and then scota just pops up now. You know some one just doesn’t pop up out of nowhere, so he pops up conveniently now. Carlos knows that scooter is hitten. His wife but catherine doesn’t know that. But she knows something’s up, but she doesn’t quite know what it is, and carlos knows that the boy is the one i screwing his wife, so he has to do whatever he has to do to keep himself from getting up off the thing getting up off the bench that he’s on and he’s squeezing this ball. He squeezing this ball, and this is a dry- is driving him crazy, so he’s holding on to this ball and he squeezing it trying to get his daughter’s a tention to say this guy this guy this guy. So he continues to squeeze the ball and then scooter makes a play for catherine. He makes a play for catherine and boy. She falls for it hook, line and sinker as any old lady wood, who hasn’t had a man in quite a while, and so he he’s making her feel like white, a woman and she’s so enamored by it. She is so enamored by it and she just looks over you know and then then then scooter displays his physique in front of her and she’s. Just looking at him, looking at him, looking at him and loving every minute of it and loving every minute of it and she’s, just like oh my gosh she’s, just loving it. His body is like on something to die for so she’s just enjoying the show, and she says i’ve been dying to see this he’s inviting her out to go to a movie, and she says you know what i’ve been dying to go to see this movie. That’s playing, you know, and you know i want to go, see it so he’s inviting haroun on a date, and meanwhile carlos is looking over at him so vehemently as if to say. This boy is messing with my wife and then before he leaves now that he’s made a date with catherine before he leaves guess what he does. He taps carlos on the arm and carls just crushes that ball, because he knows it’s scooter it’s having sex with his wife, but you know who’s happy out of all this catherine is, she looks at she looks at her dad and says: oh, my gosh is squeezing the bow so hard. Also hard. You’ve got your energy back daddy and she hasn’t gotten a clue. Oh papa, yes, you’re gaining your strength back and he has this grin. Oh my god looks catil. She hasn’t gotten a clue of. What’s really going on so at the fill got home the mail man comes by, he delivers a telegram. I was getting ready to say mail, but a telegram back, one thousand nine hundred and forty nine a telegram. She opens it up and says you invited to day at two o’clock at two o’clock to the garden club and ah she’s, so excited ama runs into the house des right. There. She hands me the letter o, my god. Oh, my god, oh my god, inviting me to the garden club. Oh my god, i’m in i’m in! Oh, my god. Oh my god. What am i going to wear? I don’t know what to do. I got to do with here. I got a million things to do and i don’t know where to begin, but then something happens. Remember the letter that bertram left he left the letter for almah on the desk of the kitchen table. She says, oh de says: daddy, daddy, daddy has this for you. So she reads this letter as she goes off to her day and she doesn’t know what to think it’s the letter stating that he was going off to me to no friend, so he meets his old friend, which happens to be his priest of, like i said thirty something years ago. Of course everybody’s gotten older, but he still is in the same home and he asked him why the visit, why, after thirty something years you’re visiting me now strange, but there’s a reason for this, but we won’t get to that just yet. So meanwhile, at the diner someone is making an anonymous phone call as vern get some breakfast and of course this is waitress. Somebody makes this ananymous phone call. Now it’s not it’s an anonymous phone call and nobody knows where it comes from. I don’t even know but you’re not going to believe who it is not just yet so she and vern are talking it up and having a good old, chummy time and kind of you know, given this banter back and forth she’s into him and he’s into her and they having a good time and he’s loving it. But dese manager is responding to this telephone call from this person on the other end and the person, the other end is saying that d treated her so badly when she was there to dine her last now. Can you imagine who this might be m? Who do you think it is? Who do you think it is? This very lady sounds like a very vindictive jealous envious woman. You got it rita, casto, on the other end of the phone making waves for d and, of course, her boss is taking it very seriously and saying you know what i’ll look into this i’ll see what i can do and as only reda can do and her sheek style. She says i want that matter. Taken care of and fast and de is still chumming up a storm with vern unknowingly, no, not knowing that she’s about to get possibly fired. So meanwhile, at the garden club right at the garden club of the century, alma walks in remember the two o’clock reception something’s going to happen, this big news going on so she walks in sauntering her way to all of the ladies as they look so sheik and she is about to get the surprise of her life and, as grace looks over at her, she says- oh my god in surprise, looking at almah in dismay. What are you doing here? Oh i mg moment so grace is looking at her and then here’s alma ranting on and all of the other, ladies, are looking at her in dismay. Who is she and she’s going on and on? Oh, i just i just i’m here, i’m here you’re expecting me, i’m here i’m happy to be here, lovely garden club. I am so proud that you made me a part of your club, but guess what happens next grace walks over to her trying to relieve her of her embarrassment is telling her alma dear. No, you are not part of the club, you were not invited and then she almost as wait a minute. I got an invitation. I got an invitation and and then and then grace said well. We already chose somebody we o. We chose rida, coy and then alma looks on with dismay, but i got an invitation. You, you kind of guess where i’m going with this. So then alma looks over in total embarrassment. Say i received a telegram is said, congratulations and you know to come for lunch. Who could have done this thing and then we look at none other than oh dear read a caste to go. Oh, i think i might have made a mistake. I think the messages got mixed up and i just don’t know where that one went. I had a mixed up. I am so sorry almah now was she really sorry? I don’t think so. I think she was wanting to humulene her because of d. She said: well, you can take some food if you like, but when you finish getting the fool, get out of here, humiliating her again in front of the garden club. Ladies and she says you know what i don’t want any of your food, i think i should go m. I just think i should go, and so she left and then grace looks at rita and rita. Looks at grace and rita, says i don’t know what happened, i don’t know and then, as she walks out the garden club their eyes meet. She looks over from the outside of the window again, while the ladies are on the other side, where she’s dying to be and then rita, sits down giving her a look from the other side of the window. Saying i got your number don’t mess with me. I know what you want and you’re not going to get it as long as i have something to do with it. All of this i’m telling you vengeance is something else huh. You know when you are so angry you’ll go to no ends. Reda went to no end to prove a point. She says you mess with me. I’m going to mess with you, i’m going to mess with you, i’m going to mess with your family. I’m going to do everything to hurt you because you hurt me wow. I don’t need to say anything more than this is just really good stuff. So my question to you is: are you enjoying the show? Are you good stuff huh? You know i love it. I love it. So i love it. So i really do so. If you haven’t listen to some of the other previous episodes, you need to listen to those to so you know get an opportunity to binge on this stuff. Okay, bing on it enjoy it, do it have fun with it and you know always tuned for the next episode so, but i’m glad i’m glad that you enjoying the show so, but let’s get on with the show. So as d hurries she’s wondering she hurries over to the diner and wondering what happened what’s going on and she said she’s wondering what is you know who this phone call that i’ve received? So all they said the person said on the other and it’s a fat girl, so she knew immediately who it was because it’s a very statement. She said fat girl when they were at the diners, scooter, ride and d. Sis, who is this fat girl, you’re dating your dating her from me so now she knows she has an idea who it is so, meanwhile, we’re back with bertram and his former priest and they’re having this lengthy discussion about his past, and how did he get this way? And why did he get this way? Well, this was a priest had apparently he’s now an alcoholic apparently says he’s off the wagon he’s, not drinking any more after thirty something years. But after what bertram is going to tell him, i think he’s going to a get back on the bottle, because he’s thinking bertram is okay, but bertram is not okay, birch mast say i have a problem: have a problem he’s about to tell him that he’s been doing the serial, killing and he’s on this this this this guilt trip of killing people and he the priest, said, know why he came all so far to to discuss this with him, because he doesn’t have a clue. What’s the connection, and then he says, bertram says whether we’re having a cup of tea. You know i killed my mother and then the priestess in shock. Oh my god, it drops the cup of tea to the ground. You do what he didn’t know that he didn’t know that so he’s making confessions. He said i killed my mother yeah. So meanwhile, at the castillo home, rita, catherine and carlos or having this discussion they’re playing some games and guess is at the front door, none other than scooter, not by design, but by surprise, or is it so he comes by the house right and then carlos is looking at him. I mean it’s so bold because he’s coming by the house, he knows daddy’s home, but he doesn’t know that carlos knows that he is read as lover, so he’s just saunters his way into the house as if nothing’s ever happened, but carlos knows all the truth. So he walks in okay, like it’s nobody’s business and then munis is what are you doing and he says well: well, i’m gonna, i’m gonna! Do catherine literally i’m going to do catherine. Isn’t that what you want it for me to do her and then carlos is watching all this happened to the corner of a si. While he’s in the wheel chair who just had a stroke, i can barely speak and it’s like this is crazy, so they’re having this little thing right there in front of carlos and they but o the kissing about. Oh my gosh in front of him and having this little moments in front of her husband, she says we got to keep on with this plan. I want you to wine and sign her and make her forget some things. Okay, use her as a diversion. Okay, so catherine is feeling so hopped up and she’s feeling so great she’s about to go out on a date with scooter, but the crazy figures she’s about to go to date that they both set up. That rita, wants to happen, but the crazy thing is carlos is sitting in the background where all of this is happening and he’s watching his wife, while rita cestio just has this grin of a vindictive b and having a ball. So she you know what and then then the maid comes up. She says the makis. What are you doing? She says i was feeling something delicious is about to happen and i’ll tell you later all about it, so the maid wants to know she wants to be in the now read as a plan. She has a plan and carlos is playing scrabble and in the scrabble board game he’s starting to etch out something, but we don’t know what it is yet. So the confession of bertram, meanwhile, is going on he’s confessing to the priest. All of the stuff that’s been going on so then we go back to when bertram was a little child and he’s talking to the priest. Now, thirty years later he speaks to him again, but he’s talking to him and saying that your mother loves you and he’s saying that. Does god want if we kill somebody, do we go to heaven he’s asking that question is six years old and then, of course the priest says no, we shouldn’t be killing people, because that’s on what god would want, so he’s tried to tell him then that something and he’s trying to tell him at that point by ask him that question by saying: if we killed somebody, do we go to heaven and of course the priest says well, no because well god doesn’t want you to do that. So perhaps now so, then that’s when young bertram at six years old reaches over to the priest and says i have something to tell you. I need to tell you a secret, and do you want to know what the secret is? He killed his mother, so that’s his secret, but it just doesn’t stop there at that secret. This is where a thirty year old, thirty year old person, not a thirty year old person, but a person who has been alcohol three for thirty something years is going to take a huge step backwards, because what bertram is about to tell him is nothing compared to what he told him thirty years ago, he’s about to tell him that he’s been killing people for quite some time, but wait we’re not done here. Meanwhile, alma is wondering why why did vindictive rida humiliate her in front of all the ladies at the garden club? Why is she doing that? Why is she doing that? She doesn’t know why so she’s, looking over the pages of the garden club, the elysium garden club is its name and just over the years, she’s always wanted to be a part of the club. The ladies that have walked in that garden club and come out of the garden club have been sos. You know they they’re just like treated so differently. She always wanted to be a part of the club because it makes her feel like somebody. It makes her feel so good about herself, so she’s, looking over the years of the pages and wondering to herself what could have been the reason that i didn’t get into the club and then de walks in the says mom. How are you doing? Are you o k? No, the lights are off, so obviously she’s, not you know, and then she says well mom. I thought you be on cloud nine or you’re inviting to club. Aren’t you and then, of course, alma says well, no i didn’t get in. It was a prank and then de says what a prank. What prank? What are you talking about? She is rita, deliberately humiliated me to day i’m trying to to figure out. Why she’s doing this, i don’t know why and then guess what happens. Oh m g moments as she’s perusing, the mementos in the book club and looking over the pages she comes across a picture and that decays hold up wait a minute, stop mom mom. Who is that? Oh, that that woman, oh that’s, rita, castillo, and then he says, oh, my god and says you know how do you know her? Oh my god! Oh my god says d. Yes, oh my god! That’s why that’s why? The reason why rita’s doing the things to you and humiliating you? It’s because it isn’t because she hates you mom it’s because she hates me me. She hates me mom and of course, she hates her because she is messing with her guy in scooter. So all of that vengeance and anger and pain she’s taking out on alma filka, because alma is like confused and dismayed as to what what she could have done, but there’s nothing that she did. It wasn’t anything that she would have known so she’s, just as bewildered as any one else who would be bewildered by wondering why, in the heck i mean you know, i’m doing everything right. What did i not do? Do that say something that i do something, but all the while there’s a reason behind it and rita has a vindictive reason behind it. So now she knows that it wasn’t her, but it was d in actuality, so she’s using d to get to her. It gets even juicier, because bertram is still confessing and confessing to this priest that he’s known for thirty something years, everything that he’s done and it’s like the priest reaches for the bottle. He takes the bottle in his hand, and he says i’m going to need all of this while bertram is trying to tell him. No, no, no don’t do this. I’m do this and he’s taking the bottle in his hand and he’s about to go backwards. Meanwhile, scooter and catherine are having a ball yeah they’re on of a date and she’s excited. You know i hadn’t been on a day. Nobody noticing her in quite some time so she’s having a ball, and she feels you know hey this now she’s nervous, because she’s never been on a date for a long time, nobody’s really noticed her until scooter came along, which was a set up, and you know they’re having a discussion. That’s a about rita, so ended. Having a discussion about rita and catherine says: rita has a jingal, o and she’s talking to the jingaan. She doesn’t even know it so back at the fill cot home dees explaining to alma. This is what she’s been doing. She knows that you want to get in her club, so bad. That’s why she’s trying to hurt you and then alma is like in dismay alma is in such a dismay, but wait a minute. It’s at this moment that d discloses to alma that there’s another secret going on mom. Did you know that rita has a lover, so de is telling her mom she’s the reason why you’re not in the club she’s trying to get back at you through me and then, of course, mom wants to know what what’s the reason and the reason is because schooner because of scooter and then of course something creepy happens now. I didn’t see this coming, but then again it’s like wow. If it didn’t happen it it’s just too good not to happen. Then details her mother. That rita, has a lover and she says what rita has a lover and then de says oh yeah, and out of work actor wow. Well, you know hm so now, she’s thinking of using it is this information to her advantage. So no longer is it no longer? Is it oh she’s hurt me, but now it i have something i can use against her. So i can play the game too. I can be just as vindictive as she can be so now game is on and so rida hates her. So much because as alma says that i’m your mother and she hates me for that very reason. But you know what but then she’s afraid of what i might know, and then you know and then and then and then de says well wait a minute mom. You should tell reader some of the things you know now and then now you know then o no mom says no. You know he’s no and then he says well mammy. You must be forgiven. You must be forgiving person, you must forgive you supposed to and then it’s like all of a sudden, this chagrin comes over almah and she decides to yes to be very forgiving. You know, and she goes i want literally goes into this thing where she just like. Oh my gosh, she is about to be come, not the simpleton of ama pilco in the housewife outfit from pe. No, she is going through a evolutionary process. She is now going to be a notorious woman that turns to the dark side. So she says: no, you know what the bible says. The bible says we should love one another and if somebody spurns you, he suppose you know you pull oil on their head and she goes in this to this restitit of the bible and it’s so beautifully played by alison tolman. So well done, but it doesn’t just stop there because there’s so many moments that she is now on the dark side playing this evolution of timman amal fil cott to her advantage, so she’s literally transforming before our very eyes into this, not frumpy housewife, whose timid shy, but now this vindictive bitch, okay she’s about to become that now, so she says. Well, i hope you know that what i learn here that i can possibly help her. I will forgive her and perhaps the lord i will possibly one day reward thee for doing the right thing. You remember but wait a minute. I’m al was tired of doing the right thing now. She’s gonna try to wait a minute here, she’s not about to do the right thing, don’t be fooled, but she goes into this. Oh, my god, this recitation of the bible. He says that i still love the bible. It’s so funny, so alma is having not alma, but scooter and catherine are having a good time they’re having some ice cream or what katherine thinks is a good time. She doesn’t. You know for now, but they’re having some ice cream and they’re enjoying this ice cream, so scooters playing at sexy. So he wants her to bat. You know he’s going to play like a little shy boy and has some ice cream on his nose and puts a little bit of an ice cream thing on his nose and says. Oh i, oh i made a mistake. I made a booboo and some ice cream is on my my nose and then catherine wipes it off and he says: oh poor, you lovely boy, you know it’s like. Oh my gosh, it’s go crazy. It’s a crazy! But oh my god. It’s so crazy. So at the a the priest can’t believe what he’s hearing. He cannot believe that, after all these thirty something years that bertram young bertram as a six year old child is not on this killing spree and he says: that’s your wife now he said yes, she does well. You know what leave it here. Nobody knows any more, it’s just between you, i and god and alma, and that’s it so he said you should stick with alma because she will give you keep you on the right track, he’s trying to stop him from doing it again, and then he tells him. He said, like you know what he thought his mother was the last person, but he told him hey wait a minute that was not the last person because he he said you know he said, wait a minute. Your mother’s, not the only one who you killed and then and bertram’s telling him well come on, come on father, there’s a few others and he says what others and the e we just want the model again. Others really others and he did help them. He said i helped them. I wanted them to leave the world a better place, so i help them as so. The priest has no other choice but to reach for the bottle again with all that information. What is a priest to do but reach for the bottle? And he says i need a drink. He couldn’t handle it any more, he could not handle it any more. They couldn’t believe it so, but meanwhile tess us having dinner guesses. Having dinner vern indeed are having some dinner. Remember. There was a promise that vern maid that he said he was going to make her some dinner, so the is going on and on about getting fired and all the things that are going on in her life that are bad but vernis. Just watching her and saying oh, my gosh, you know she says i’m pouring my heart out to you when you just looking at me with this grin and he doesn’t care. He just said i was just. I was just thinking during the war. You know everybody had a guy, you know everybody had a lady, another guy and everybody did so many different things and he you know he said i never expected something fancy but to be. You know to you know: everybody wanted a fancy, girl and stuff like that, and then you know he said you know i got hurt and i could no longer. I never felt like a man again and he says it didn’t look bright. The future didn’t look bride for me at all, but now that i’m with you dear, i don’t feel sorry for myself any more. That’s you know that. That’s the reason why he was smiling. I don’t feel sorry about myself any more and then and then the says here i am going back, go you know going on and on about my problems and here’s. The man has been off to war, whose body lays in shambles he’s just happy to be with someone who loves sam who likes him. Who takes an interest in him that he couldn’t care less about the problems of the day. He feels like a man again just to have somebody look at him and care for him and be interested in him, and then these going on and on about her day. So carlos is still were back at the carlos home, he’s playing he’s playing the game of scrabble and guess who guesses at the door while none other than alma newly renewed fil, cont, bold, alma, fil, cott and ama walkon is, is hello, mister castelo? How are you- and he just looks at her because he can’t move an inch. She reaches out to touch his hand and give him a hand shake. He can’t shake her hand as she says. Well, i just you know. I heard you had a nasty stroke and i hope you’re doing well and then carlos, isn’t it’s not having a good time with the board game, he’s pitching down little scrabble pieces on the ground. So then the maid walks in and says. Okay rita will see you now, so she walks upstairs the amazing incredible home, while carlos is still working on the board game. Trying to spell out something he’s trying to send a message in the scrabble game, so alma is now in the presence of ridicalous is when the this is one is the plot thickens. This is worth it because she says so alma walks in you have a beautiful room because carlos and her don’t sleep together and they discussing what happened today and she says you know i apologize for today and she says you know what ama looks at her smiling. She says you know. I understand i was wrong. Alma says i was wrong and then she says you know what you know. I understand that’s, okay, that you made me look like a fool in front of all your friends, but you know we all have secrets. We all have secrets- and i just happen to have one of your secrets so she’s now playing the bargaining chip now with the already seasoned redact. Now you can’t play ball with read up because you have to know what you’re doin when you’re paying with red a so she said you know. Well you know i can you know in order for us to keep our friendship, and you know i know that you know i have this secret, that you have and we can still be friends a you know, and you know i will honor my promise. If you honor yours, so i won’t tell on you if you get me in the club, you know open that seat at the table and give me a seat for a friend, says, alma and then read a chuckling she’s laughing. He says, oh, how wonderful you are well, you don’t know who you’re messing with you. Really don’t? Okay, you think you can waltz in here into my home into my room with threats. You i’m not looking for your friendship! No! I am not and then almost says timidly stop speaking to me. That way, you know almas she’s, trying to wear the pants of a vindictive person has gone to the dark side, but she’s not quite she’s like taking baby steps she’s, not quite in the motion of it of playing. You know the conniving woman like read: it is so used to playing so she’s trying to get used to this she’s kind of fumbling and stumbling along the way. But rita has this thing all down patch he has his altogether. So she says why do you think i embarrassed your lunch to day. She said. That’s just the beginning. I was making sure that if you spread the word about what i am doing, you know what i can do. I can do it in more. What i did to your daughter, i can do more and then alma says grace will believe me. You know, grace grace was always on her side. Grace will believe me and i read it, says: honey. Please grace hang on back you up. She will not back you up, because i’ve known her longer than you have i’ve been manipulating all of them for such a long time and grace has an affair. Grace has something going on. I have grace’s number and she says you know what and ami said what and- and she says you know what i have everybody’s number there- everybody that’s in that garden club. I have a secret on them. They don’t know anything about me. They don’t know anything about it. So you see she says, look alma. You can’t possibly hurt me because i got secrets on everybody, but she said i can hurt you. She says you think that thing that i did to your daughter. Oh yeah. I got her fired and i can do so much more, i’m just getting started. You know she says. Well, you know what i can spread so many rumors about your daughter. I can do so many things. I can destroy you, how horrible you are says alma how horrible you are this is, i think, your livin over your head. I want your fear and now that i have it get the hell out of my home and then alma just pushes back and says she’s still trying to fit into those shoes of a vindictive lady. She doesn’t quite have a chete and then the maid kindly escorts her ound the door, and she looks up in in such timidity and fear. She literally lost all of that energy. She walked in the door of the castillo home, hoping that she could still get into the garden club with the secret. She has that she says i can play ball. Just like read a can what the information she has. So she said i’m willing to hold that information and not tell anybody that segret, if you’re willing to let me into this garden club, so she’s, trying to bargain with unknown vindictive mone was she’s not really ready for that. Yet, okay, she’s, not ready for that. She still has to call before she walks so she’s still trying to know. You know she’s still trying to fit into this. These shoes that she’s not quite ready for because red doesn’t reda, has already seasoned those shoes. Okay, she already knows how to walk that walk. Okay, so bertram confessors to was priest is former priest. The priest cannot believe the craziness of what bertram has done over the past thirty something years, what a show it gets better and better and better. I mean after thirty something years he tells his precis confession: confession not just killing one person as a child as a boy, but almost thirty people he killed driving the priest back to his bad habit. So the family has gone crazy, that they’ve gone they’re gone mad literally mad. I mean they’re literally just going from bad to worse and from worse to literally out of their minds. So back at the castile home, carlos is almost falling off to sleep and then the maid hurries in and guess what carlos has that the mad just discovers. Well, no, she did not. She said boy is rita’s lover, that’s what carlos was putting on the scrabble board boy is cats is rita’s lover, but the maid hadn’t seen it. She grabbed him away really quick to get him into the upstairs bedroom. So she didn’t see the message that message was left for catherine. So then, as catherine comes home that very night with scooter on her arm, she, you know they’re having a really great time. He says you’re, really nice he’s asking her. Do you want to go out again and then he’s just you know kind of giving her the thrill and saying you’re such a lovely woman, kissed her on her cheek she’s feeling like a woman, you know, can i call you to morrow yeah? You can please. She feels like a reborn woman again over at vern’s house, for it as a little kind of a hideaway place, he’s washing the dishes. How can you get a guy to wash the dishes like that? He’s washing the dishes so d? You know they wash dishes together, so they’re, literally on a date and they’re having a ball so he’s kind to he’s trying to avoid her in some ways he shy and she’s just getting in his way she wants. She wants to be kissed by him because she wants him and he’s playing it off. No, you know thanks for coming over, it was really good tonight and then she says: does it have to be over meaning hey? Do we have to? I want to see your bedroom? Oh, what? Oh? Hmm, i don’t think. That’s a good idea says fern, it’s not you! It’s me look i haven’t. I haven’t been with somebody since, after the war, okay and i’m embarrassed- you know i’m embarrassed- i haven’t been in with a woman in a while. She says you know what that doesn’t matter that doesn’t matter to me. So she grabs him by the arm and they walked into the bedroom and she’s, taking off his clothes and he’s looking at her like he doesn’t know she says. Look i want to warn you. She said, don’t speak hush and then his wounds are laid bare and, as she watches all these wounds all over his body, she says no, that doesn’t look so bad. She takes off his top. She closes his lips. He says she just looks at him, touches his wounds all over his body and she looks at him and she doesn’t even see that all these scars from the war and he’s crying inside and she kisses his wounds and he just begins to weep. Tears fall from his eyes and just grabs him by the face and kisses his lips. He kisses her back so then she turns around and they kind of see where that’s going so they culminate the relationship. Is it or is it over for bertram? Is it over? Well, the priest is drinking again. Bertram is still confessing to every last, almost thirty something people he killed. The priest says how many people did you really call, so he has to say it over and over again how many people he said. Twenty sixty drinks from the bottle. Again and again and again he says you were a child. He didn’t know the right thing back then, but then you continued to do this is, is promise promise let yus stop. This you’ve got to stop killing people and bertram said i you know. I really don’t want to feel this way. I really want to stop, but i think i’m relieving people and pull putting them out of their pain. You know the eyes tell me that they want to die. I want to relieve them of their suffering, so i want to help them in the same way that he was trying to relieve his mother’s pain and then the question is the presas, whose torment are you relieving when you do this you’ve got to stop that because really he’s on a guilt trip he’s guilty because of what he did to his mother, so he’s taking it out on all of these people, and even his wife ama was telling him that you’ve got a stop. You’ve got to stop this he’s been carrying this thing around for thirty something years and she’s been trying to tell him. You need to stop stop killing these people because of this guilt. Complex you’ve been even having all these hears. So that’s what she’s been telling him all along you’ve got to stop the killing. Stop. So will he stop well we’ll see? You’ll have to see that in the next episode, so meanwhile, rita and catherine or having this discussion upstairs in the bedroom, the maid brings carlos carlos in and carlos is looking at his dead beat wife. Knowing what she’s done- and i guess what happens you remember- the board game? Okay, he finished the message. There was a message he was trying to send and kathri there saying capas getting better he’s, squeezing the ball so now, she’s, scared and terrified that perhaps he’s going to get better after all. So as carlos looks over at his wife with these evil eyes- and he said daddy catherine says, are you wanting to say something papa? You want to say something but paul he’s trying to talk. So he squeezes the cane he’s, holding and he’s pointing towards the game, and then katherine is saying: oh the game, papa the game, that’s something at the game, papa! So he’s trying to motion to her the game he’s pointing at the game, so rita gets over to the game before everybody else does and he’s trying to get her to get to the game. But reda sees the game and she sees the board. That says boy is rita’s. Lover and rita sees it. She looks over at carlos and she tips the board game and then kathi is what are you doing? What are you doing and then the maid and confusion doesn’t know what the heat going on and then reda looks at carlos while she walks out the door with this. Look that says hm don’t mess with me, because i could i could. I could see that you’re you die that you die before your time. So the secrets out carlos knows and rita knows that carlos knows, but carlos is trying to get catherine to know what the secret is but read a beater to it. So back at the felcar home alma is having a discussion with d and with tears having a discussion about how much she wants to get into that garden club, then the phone rings guesses on the other end, not her father, but it’s the doctor. The doctor has something to tell her and she says so well doctor. You know that bump on my head, i’m feeling fine and then the doctor says. Well, that’s not the reason why i’m calling you i am calling you, because i have something to tell you d. Are you aware that you’re pregnant, oh my god, so as alma walks out the front door, sniffling and crying? She picks up the newspaper and she sees a rose on the ground? A cut rose with a thorn and she looks up and she looks out and guess what she sees a beautiful amazing, incredible, garden completely and utterly destroyed and as she walks through every part of the guard, she turns around and looks to every side of her beloved garden ruined and torn to shreds. She picks up this note and the no rats, don’t you ever miss with me, because i can make it like pure hell for you and your family and then for moments. We witness alma the timid, alma, begin her transformation, that’s just enough hate to get her started. She fondly remembers me she’s, taking all this in her garden being destroyed by none o o en ridi castillo, so she’s about to really step into those shoes, a vindictive woman. All of a sudden she remembers. I have something to my advantage. It may not be that secret that i have about her and scooter, but yes, who i have- and i have him in my back pocket guess who none other than my dear loving birdie a serial killer. Well, i believe alma has something up her sleeve and she has a secret weapon that she can use that no one knows about tim and alma, not so timid, any more! That’s enough of this episode episode. Five next time episode sex, you must tune in you must tune in for the next episode. So, let’s see next time we’re going to have some fun because it gets it gets even more devious, because now that alma has really come into her stride, honey, you’re not gonna, be able to recognize the former alma she’s, not the same anymore. Okay, she’s about to get really wicked, so the timid alma is not timid any more. So, oh guess what guess? What i think i mentioned earlier in my show that i do now have submerge a the vibe. Has some merchandise? Yes, so if you really want to support the show support the show with what i have available, my brand did merchandise yeah. I just thought parted with spread shirt to come up with some really cool ideas, and i came with his design. It was a design that i designed for the podcast, but i redid it again. You know to make it really really really shine so check those out, because i believe something there. You love okay, so if you really want to support the show, that’s how you can not support the show. 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