Beyond The Vibe Live

Beyond The Vibe Live

A okkak a enjoying the show i knew you would just as much fun as i had creating it. Okay, who’s here, susan cool, though here’s something cool check this out. I know every once in a while right. We all like something, really cool trendy, fresh right. You like that, okay, so check this out. I have something that is so cool, so trendy. You can love this okay. I just recently relaunched, and i say that relaunched i shouldn’t say relage, because it’s not really re launching you know. Sometimes, when you you’re an entrepreneur, you have these ideas with the idea. Doesn’t really you know you do something and it doesn’t. Quite that’s not miscou. Look it’s like a piece of work. It’s a piece of art i create when i do the show, when i do anything that i do and it was, it was a work of art, but it was not quite complete, but now it is, and i want to share that with you. I want to share that with you. It is complete and official beyond the vibe merchandice. Yes, yes, yes, yes, it is something when you have a vision for for different aspects of what you want, and i had this idea and my first of all was the podcast the show creating the show developing the idea. I mean it went into so many things. It never stops some of seral increpet. Never stops. Ideas are always flowing. Creativity is flourishing. What is a lady to do, or should i say what is an entrepreneur to do? Well, she’s got to do it. You know when you have all these creative ideas and things that you want to see come out in the market place of what we call the world, then you want to do something special, something creative. It cannot be half done, they cannot be half done, so i kind of put it out there before it was ready before it’s time. You know i was a little bit before its time, but now it’s ready and i want you to see it. I want you to see what i see when you listen to the vibe baby. I want you to see it. I want you to feel it. Not only the music that streams, twenty four seven, what you have access to when you visit the website, also on this podcast website, i want you to feel it, so i want you to wear it. Okay, so if you love what you’re listening to and you love what you’re listening to, i’m really serious then show your love but buying some of this merchandise. So if you really have a good time like i’m having a good time doing this stuff, i really am then that’s how you can support the show support beyond the vibe on the digital live. So if i were to tell you just some of the oh, my gosh, it’s it’s a full store. Okay, the design is incredible and if you’re into music, like i am you’re going to want to get this okay trust me, you gonna want to wear this. I you know every when you wear this everybody’s going to say: where do you get that they’re gonna say that, because you want to wear something totally unique something creative, something that just knocks it out of this world? What do i say right? What what do? I always say i see: let’s fly baby, you want to fly okay come fly with me, then were the merchandise because beyond the vibe is, unlike any other show on the planet. Yes, you may have listened to a podcast or two i watched a tv show were two. What not like this not like this. So if you really want to express your love and you enjoyment of a show- and it makes you feel good okay, it makes you feel good, then check out the merchandise check it out. You really going to love wearing it, because the vibe is all about music, all about feeling, emotion, positive, vibes, energy, that’s what it’s about! That’s what it’s about! So i as the founder and the creator of the show and also your host, i wanted you know i wanted to do something special, but like every great piece of art, it takes time. Everything